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  1. Agree why chant his name does my head in ,he don't want to be at Wednesday
  2. Huddersfield fans told me this would happen, the man has no loyalty, why chant his name ???get rid
  3. Nice kit but won't stand out so we haven't learned need something that gives us a an advantage eg man utd vs Southampton
  4. Everything that could go wrong,manager,mediocre signings, shirts,attendance,promotion,George Hirst, injuries, results,has destroyed what should of been a memorable season for everyone, but at the end of the day we need to stick together and put this season (or what's left of it) behind us, hopefully we can sort this shambles out and get some credibility back, WAWAW????
  5. Hi going to Malta on the 16th, just wondering if anybody has got any old scarfs, pendants, signed top trump cards from club shop anything really that they would donate to the bar in Malta will gladly take them over
  6. Think we could of done without the F.A Cup game, it could be that we get a hammering to an inform team,destroying morale and sending us into free fall, yes I am deeply worried
  7. I'll see if I can find a previous post that I put about signing mediocre players and remember you defending the signings
  8. Going out to bugibba for St Patrick's day so looking like the Leeds game anybody else out there
  9. Let's fill Hillsborough and open north stand, new start, WAWAW
  10. Any spare season tickets for next Friday from you attention seeking people il have them to take family down to watch wednesday thru thick and thing get back to me
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