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  1. Would anybody miss butterfield if he left tomorrow?
  2. MrMan25

    Wales Online Poll

    I’ve joined the revolution, at 60%
  3. MrMan25

    Young George Hirst

    Av heard it’s off
  4. 2 terrible misses from joao now, if that was Rhodes he’d be hung
  5. Because sky talk rubbish
  6. MrMan25

    Jordan Rhodes

    I feel sorry for him, I think it’s a mixture of not fitting in with our system and having his confidence shot to bits by his time at boro and Carlos.
  7. Last 5 mins was a positive but the rest of the game we’ve been 2nd best. I feel for Rhodes but he just doesn’t look like fitting in with our system under jos.
  8. David Jones is so frustrating to watch
  9. MrMan25


    Totally agree, the first time this season I’m genuinely proud to be an owl, think I might grow a tash in homage to jos
  10. MrMan25


    Big Harry Potter fan?
  11. MrMan25

    Carlos' legacy

    Three words, twenty pound note... but it in seriousness for me he will be remembered as the bloke that brought the good times back for a short period.
  12. MrMan25

    cusomers are always right

    Got my underwater phone at the ready
  13. MrMan25

    cusomers are always right

    My football club back.
  14. MrMan25


    This situation reminds me a lot of stevie mays nightmare here, we were all hyped when he first came then we was all let down by his performances.