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  1. Think the issue is, (in regards to Uniteds dealings, I’ve not got all evening to wave my hands in a looney manner at ours) whenever you go up to the prem, you only see teams do two things You go up, spend stupid money on players trying to bridge the gap between champ and prem, and still end up going down within the first couple of seasons, or being in a relegation battle more often than not for a few years, before you slip back, and become a yoyo team. or, you do go up, try to make small investments and just give it a go with what you have, and chance your luck, again, tending to lead to instant relegation, or battling the drop for a couple of seasons before you then go. Credit to Norwich on this, because they actually kept there manager, and it’s worked perfectly. Trying to become a comfortable sustainable and attractive prem team, after going up from the championship is a hard task. The chances are you’d be looking at mid table at the very best. only wolves really in recent times have gone up and really held there own, which was of no surprise when they brought neves (Alongside grealish one of the best at that level in recent years) and Nuno in for the championship! granted not that great this season, but they’ve been missing what I would say is there main man. Maybe Villa and Leeds might start to become safe for a few seasons, but one has a highly rated manager, and the other has money to burn.
  2. Hope he’s allowed to go back to his old role, and isn’t thrown to one side after todays appointment. Stepped up to try and fill a gap when asked, and despite the recent run of form, most certainly helped with picking up some wins prior. Thanks for the efforts along the way, all the best!
  3. Not the most successful of lists, but I was quite a fan of a few in there, Sasso, Lopez, Hector, Venancio, and Murphy. Infact during his time here I really liked sasso, remember him scoring a brace at hillsborough.
  4. Think it’s gonna be down to NT and what he can get out of the players. I for one will back them, irrespective of what’s going on around them. From what I’ve seen, granted the football ain’t pretty, but we’ve picked up results, admittedly lucky at times, but I genuinely think they have tried to put a shift in for NT. Not adding to the squad further on deadline day or anytime after hutch for that matter Is a sickner, and I really disappointing outcome, even though expected. But from now till the end of the season, the lads will be getting my full support, because we really need them to pull through. Can say what we want about the past, but we need them now more than ever, let’s hope they can effectively pull off a miracle. UTO!
  5. Royston Drenthe was pretty quick when we had him on loan. Surely Gary Taylor Fletcher has to be slowest...
  6. Holland would be a good signing I agree. I still think if the moneys right, windass would still be a good signing. He’s found the net for a start, which seems to be a difficult for our midfielders in the past. If we could get both of these in permanently, for a reasonable price it would be a positive step forward. I’d also like us to make Murphy permanent, before the lockdown he started showing why he went for a reasonable amount of money in the first place. Was one of our shining lights in an otherwise dull turn of events. However I feel we might be priced out of that, then again if Newcastle get took over, it could move him further down the pecking order. As for the other loans, I can’t really justify any of them.
  7. That’s alright then, came on in the 88th minute, so did well most of the time!
  8. First half I was poor from most the side (Börner/ Harris aside) but fox seemed to get a lot of abuse for anything he tried to do, yet round where I was nothing was remotely shouted when Westwood nearly cost us a goal. Second half I thought he was quality, quite happy to have him at the club, he’s getting better as time passes in my opinion. Think it’s hard for anyone to offer Harris support as he’s miles quicker than most, like a little rocket!
  9. What a player. Like a brick wall. If he carries on like that then what an absolute gem we’ve found! MOTM for me today, close call between him and Harris. Thought Murphy got better as it went on too! UTO!
  10. Ciaran Clark Lazaar Colback Saivet Aarons Gayle Matty Longstaff Darlow Only ones I could think of, they’ve got a relatively small squad, a poor one at that, with no signings as of yet. Clark wouldn’t be bad, did well at this level, and CB seems to be there strongest position. Colback is good at this level, did well at forest, quite a big player as well to be fair. Quite liked Aaron’s, if he didn’t have his injury woes, he’d be a cracking signing. Gayle, obviously a cracking player at championship level - but I think he’s there only striker, although they’ve been trying Murphy there. Matty Longstaff might be worth a punt, younger brother of Sean and might be wanting a chance to prove himself. Highly rated at Newcastle.
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