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  1. Holland would be a good signing I agree. I still think if the moneys right, windass would still be a good signing. He’s found the net for a start, which seems to be a difficult for our midfielders in the past. If we could get both of these in permanently, for a reasonable price it would be a positive step forward. I’d also like us to make Murphy permanent, before the lockdown he started showing why he went for a reasonable amount of money in the first place. Was one of our shining lights in an otherwise dull turn of events. However I feel we might be priced out of that, then again if Newcastle get took over, it could move him further down the pecking order. As for the other loans, I can’t really justify any of them.
  2. That’s alright then, came on in the 88th minute, so did well most of the time!
  3. First half I was poor from most the side (Börner/ Harris aside) but fox seemed to get a lot of abuse for anything he tried to do, yet round where I was nothing was remotely shouted when Westwood nearly cost us a goal. Second half I thought he was quality, quite happy to have him at the club, he’s getting better as time passes in my opinion. Think it’s hard for anyone to offer Harris support as he’s miles quicker than most, like a little rocket!
  4. What a player. Like a brick wall. If he carries on like that then what an absolute gem we’ve found! MOTM for me today, close call between him and Harris. Thought Murphy got better as it went on too! UTO!
  5. Ciaran Clark Lazaar Colback Saivet Aarons Gayle Matty Longstaff Darlow Only ones I could think of, they’ve got a relatively small squad, a poor one at that, with no signings as of yet. Clark wouldn’t be bad, did well at this level, and CB seems to be there strongest position. Colback is good at this level, did well at forest, quite a big player as well to be fair. Quite liked Aaron’s, if he didn’t have his injury woes, he’d be a cracking signing. Gayle, obviously a cracking player at championship level - but I think he’s there only striker, although they’ve been trying Murphy there. Matty Longstaff might be worth a punt, younger brother of Sean and might be wanting a chance to prove himself. Highly rated at Newcastle.
  6. It’s so nice to have the positive atmosphere round the ground, to hear us sing we’re on our way, again. Can safely say a few months back i didn’t expect to be belting that out - not sure anyone really did. Fair play to everyone, that true feel good factor is back for the first time in what seems a decade. Wednesday have again awoke, and it feels fudging ace!! UTO!!!
  7. He hit it too cleanly, scuffs it and it slides in. Unfortunately not got a natural strikers instinct, did amazing to get into position! Was a great ball in too
  8. Get him a new contract! Absolute beast of a performance again, but a Reyt battle in!
  9. If you look at the 3 games since Bruce took over, we could quite easily have had 9 points. Granted it was against lower league teams, but at the same time, they set up to try and fight for every point they can. We grabbed the winner at Ipswich, Reach should have grabbed a winner against Reading, and Fletch had a cracking opportunity to net in the dying moments against Milwall. Those go in, and it’s 3 wins, and 3 clean sheets - would have made for a completely different outlook. It’s all about everyone’s personal perspectives, that’s what keeps forums like this alive and interesting.
  10. Within all this hammer which is quite rightly going to them two, It’s also nice to see Alex Scott getting some appreciation. Tried sticking up for Bruce, but was talked over. Definately one of the better pundits around, comes across well, and isn’t a complete tool. Could easily listen to her as the main speaker without any issue.
  11. Fox for me. Thought up till the last couple of crosses his final ball was decent. in fact on a regular basis I’d say his final ball is probably the best we have from the wing. In the first half alone he should have got an assist, but Boyd completely missed the ball (was funny to watch mind)
  12. To put it into perspective, look how long it took palace to break down Grimsby (who went down to 10 after 2 minutes) To be fair, palace also placed a decent squad. The Lower teams often set up more defensive, to either get a win or a replay, as the money means a lot more to them. Joey Barton hit the nail on the head with his interview after fleetwood went out
  13. I get it wasn’t the most glamorous of cup ties today, but I just don’t get why the club would not open the Kop and instead have us not kicking towards our own fans at any point during the game. (Bar the sideways passing!) Surely if it meant opening it up, but lowering the ticket prices, then that should happen. It might still only bring the same revenue in, but at least the players wouldn’t be kicking towards a sea of blue seats. Am I missing something? (Maybe there’s logic) Side note - fair play to Luton, that was a cracking following!
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