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  1. I would probably cry if somebody nailed me to a cross as well.
  2. Yes we are so superior that we are playing in the league that Rotherham gained promotion from last season.
  3. I would be happy if I got a threesome with Cindy Crawford and Shakira but that’s not happening either
  4. Just get someone to stand outside your house and shout “programmes three quid” every few minutes.
  5. If BPF is our best ever loanee goalkeeper then it’s no surprise we are absolute dross.
  6. I would go to the game and then buy the I follow footage. That way you get the benefit of watching the great coverage available whilst experiencing the amazing hillsborough atmosphere.
  7. Take my money and go and buy derby
  8. We will be signing plenty of wingers pre season ready for our assault on L1 with the wingback system
  9. I like reading the fake moral outrage on here about what players do in their personal time.
  10. When exactly has one of our youngsters who we developed being plucked from us by a premiership club? You can argue Hirst is one, that’s it. I literally can’t think of anymore in the last twenty years. They have their own youngsters they’re not interested in our crap.
  11. Yes he certainly won’t face top teams like he does here against the likes of forest green and morecombe.
  12. Pointless selling him when we can just release him for free later on. As we have seen with Brentford you get nowhere by selling your players and just shows a lack of ambition.
  13. To be fair our fan base can’t understand the concept either.
  14. Good idea. Store up as much volume as possible for later on.
  15. Which is strange if he got 20+ from playing out wide. We have an absolute spaff fest if one of our strikers breaks 15 for the season.
  16. Big drop down to L1 though. Playing against players who look like part timers most weeks.
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