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  1. When will chansiri pull the trigger?

    He won't. Got too close to him. Chansiri has zero football knowledge and is being led a merry dance by Carlos the Conman
  2. What I'd give to have Fernando and Sammy back into this side. Bannan desperately needs FF's help to inject some creativity into the team. And we need Hutch to grab this lot by the scruffs of their necks on a night like tonight, the lethargic play from Butterfield was so frustrating to watch. Sammy is also someone who will call out Lees, Hunt etc for these lacklustre passes, jogging back into position etc. Surprised Westwood didn't get more animated tonight watching some of that
  3. Bannan

    Bannan is so, so good. Cannot believe anyway would want him sold. I wouldn't sell him for £15m. Such a shame he doesn't have similar desire and talent alongside him
  4. Is Fletcher Really A Better Option Than Rhodes

    Forget the stats. The answer to the thread title is yes

    So hard to pick. Fletcher, Hooper, Lee all tremendous but have to go for Bannan who was magnificent. If he could shoot I'd give him 10/10
  6. A little taste

    Of what this side can produce when on their game and unleashed to play on the front foot. Could have easily scored 7 today. Why cant we see that every week
  7. Joost van Aken

    Too early to properly call but I can see something higher level in him. I'll predict he'Il be playing regular PL football soon with or without us
  8. Man of the match

    Lots of decent performances today but I thought Adam Reach was flawless today. The performance of a £5m player

    3 players due for medicals at Sunderland tonight

    Villa fans complaints about Bruce sound familiar...no pace, negative tactics, no shots away from home, playing for a 0-0, conceding all the possession
  11. Half time assessment

    As echoed by many others - Fletcher and Hooper together just works. Play Fernando on the left and stop worrying so much
  12. its only one game

    It's the bigger picture we are all concerned about
  13. Fernando's time to go...

    Best player in the division if we were an attacking threat. It's hardly his fault that we are terrified to attack
  14. Reach - Undropable?

    Nothing to do with the price tag. He's a Carlos player, works reasonably hard, helps his full-back, cuts back or inside every time he gets the ball and has no desire to beat his man or get to the byline. Carlos' blueprint for a winger. Why does anyone think he'll ever sign a pacy, direct winger??
  15. A bit of realism

    Yeah it's not so much the result, it's as you pointed out yourself we haven the changed anything since our first visit there under Carlos. That's unforgivable