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  1. Sounds like he didn’t want to be at S6 to me , issues of the mind !! . One strange carry on which cost the club a fortune .
  2. Do we have 8-10 players out of contract every season . It’s the long contracts that have killed us Jordan Rhodes being a prime example .
  3. Don’t like the look of his side kicks so it’s a no from me . He shafted us bigtime Let’s not forget that .
  4. I agree Liam stood out to me too , hopefully he will get a chance maybe next season .
  5. Christ sakes he posts recognition and thanks to the amazing work the frontline staff in particular are doing day in day out but gets ripped to bits by some , is he not worthy of such comments is that what you who are having a go at him are saying ?
  6. Testing is the only way I’ve thought that from the early days before it became a pandemic. How can we possibly beat it without knowing , because without any symptoms we are supposed to be virus free I always thought !!
  7. Well I hope you are ok mate , it’s a worry you can’t get diagnosed for sure so you know how to deal with your symptoms.
  8. Hardly his fault , think a premier league champions medal will soften the blow though
  9. Surely at some point Sam will develop symptoms or can anyone unknowingly have the virus without any knowledge or symptoms, scary if so . Let’s hope he gets through it ok .
  10. Best striker I’ve ever seen , my favourite player , will we ever see the like again .
  11. Yes but some still venture out when they shouldn’t don’t they .
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