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  1. Full on Westwood fan eh , arent you ? He’s been a top keeper at this level only his distribution let him down , having said that didn’t he punt a ball straight down the pitch for Hooper to run into and score once ? . I was defending him because I felt he was getting slated I don’t think he deserves that . I like players with character and he seems to have that . I don’t understand the stick he is getting .
  2. Youth maybe , I don’t know and I’m not jumping to any conclusions, I know where you are going and I can see you believe he is a bad influence and very opinionated am I wrong ? If so sorry once again.
  3. Favourites mate , I have them but I don’t go vocal on them , we all have them though
  4. The fact he wasn’t chosen before Cameron or Joe . Why on Earth was he even given a 2 year deal if there was no intention to play him is beyond me , unless of course it was down to Brucie and he was indeed his number 1 ?
  5. Some fans are still sore and believe Westwood is still our best keeper , it’s all about opinions isn’t it .
  6. Absolute howlers ?? Slightest error , Haha talk about exaggerating to emphasise your point and obvious dislike of Westwood . You are expressing your opinion , other fans do in other ways , rightly or wrongly but booing our own players whilst playing can’t be helpful . So who is to “blame“ for Wildsmith playing instead of Dawson ?
  7. I agree with you , it’s obvious we can’t carry on like this but I find it amusing how some seem to know players wages or just make wild assumptions. It’s the clubs fault for handing out big wages , if that is the case ,not the players. The way players are apparently banned from playing is a bigger concern for me .
  8. What a ridiculous load of rubbish seriously !!!! What’s your problem ?
  9. Slightly over the top don’t you think , how fans turn on players on here is quite frankly bizarre .
  10. Just don’t see how getting relegated will benefit us , it’s a setback and we shouldn’t be anywhere near relegation with the backing we have . Sad times .
  11. Got to be the manager hasn’t it , let’s see who plays where next game because you can guarantee it won’t be this line up .
  12. A football match where they win the premier league trophy after so long !!
  13. It’s a “ I was there “ scenario , not much to boast about these days is it !! .
  14. Can you imagine how many Liverpool fans will be at each game it’s frightening .
  15. People banging on about money etc , I just don’t get it , what exactly does the EFL do , what’s right ? It’s impossible to please all teams but allowing them to vote on an outcome is reasonable isn’t it .We have to get this season finished off and done with , 9 games left , don’t understand the problem me and it’s 100% clear why that Barnsley boss is moaning like a good un . If we don’t get a big points deduction he will be blowing a fuse !! . UTO
  16. Getting to a championship play off final , 90 minutes from the premier is a massive improvement on what we have witnessed , I don’t look back on that day as an embarrassment more disappointment but the day out was better than sat at home not being involved . How we beat Brighton over 2 legs in my eyes was a fantastic achievement .
  17. Well that’s a different version , TF never agreed to it so don’t know where you got this from .
  18. How is it embarrassing ? So the last 20 years have been ok then ?
  19. He’s never been fully fit and settled with us as yet , he looks decent and should get a run in the team , if he can stay fit that is
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