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  1. 3 minutes ago, londonowl said:


    Paying up front for a player and amortising are 2 different things that are not related to each other.


    If you buy a player for £1m and pay the full value immediately, it would still be amortised which is just an accounting principle to value an asset over it's lifespan.


    If you buy a car and pay £4k up front then use it for 4 years, it has cost you £1000 a year. All amortising does is recognise this in the accounts by splitting your £4000 purchase price over those 4 years because at the end of the first year, you've paid £4k for it but it's still worth £3k so it's only 'cost' £1000 to that point.

    Blimey that’s cleared that up then !!!!!!

  2. 5 hours ago, @owlstalk said:



    Bleating on about Steve Bruce when he was only here 8 minutes and legged it as soon as he could is like referring back to being third in the league at Christmas..>


    Haven’t got a clue what you are on about , we were 3rd in the league ,Fact , Steve Bruce was the best manager we have had and was sorting us out ,fact , your comments are naive old lad . 

  3. 39 minutes ago, Lincs Owl said:

    We're about 14th out of 24 aren't we?   Some of you "fans" should have tried supporting us in the 70s when we were getting thrashed by the likes of York and Cambridge.   

    Yes, it's rubbish but turning your back on the club doesn't help.  

    Yes but it’s the fact we have spent millions and aren’t much better than those 70’s days , Think quite a lot of fans , me included thought we were going up sooner rather than later and have realised it’s not happening, it’s just hard to take .

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  4. 3 hours ago, 83owl said:

    Westwood was dropped after the last Swansea game after dropping clangers. Had he accepted this and just done a few games on the bench he would have had another chance as Dawson’s form wasn’t great. Instead he spat his dummy out again. Nobody to blame but himself.

    Who told you this then ? 

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