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  1. Blimey that’s cleared that up then !!!!!!
  2. Entertainment value has to be taken into account . Money also talks and we pay a higher price than most for what ?
  3. Haven’t got a clue what you are on about , we were 3rd in the league ,Fact , Steve Bruce was the best manager we have had and was sorting us out ,fact , your comments are naive old lad .
  4. Yes but it’s the fact we have spent millions and aren’t much better than those 70’s days , Think quite a lot of fans , me included thought we were going up sooner rather than later and have realised it’s not happening, it’s just hard to take .
  5. We have a DOF don’t we isnt it Mr Chansiris son ? You’d think so anyway .
  6. It’s ok you being wise but our decline has nothing to do with the EFL or embargo’s in my opinion
  7. I don’t understand this quality of the squad , who have we lost since Christmas when we were 3rd ?
  8. Couldn’t give a flying flip about that lot , we are in a right state and it’s very concerning , I now expect us to lose the rest of our games that’s how low we’ve sunk . We are in a dogfight for survival and we know how well we fight !!! .
  9. It’s soul destroying seeing our club in this situation, we have no fight in us whatsoever, like other posters have said a total clear out from top to bottom has to be considered we are shocking
  10. Not looking forward to this one , thankfully I can’t watch it Preston and that thing in midfield just wind me up anyway . 1-1 draw After dominating and missing various chances as per . That’s a rare one from Stubbs isn’t it ?
  11. How quickly opinions change on here , he couldn’t hit a barn door a bit back now he has to play !!! . I bow to others knowledge who have seen him play since the restart as I haven’t , but that’s some turnaround.
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