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  1. Bruce ? Whose that never heard of him .
  2. Welcome back Snoots , missed your sense of humour and dedication to a cracking good ole match day thread , cheers and here’s to a successful season , maybe ??
  3. He’s just a conman , bullsh@tting his way through doesn’t have a loyal bone in his body don’t want a man like that managing our club I'm actually pleased he has gone , look forward to watching his demise at Newcastle .
  4. I take it thats a dig of some description if so hardly called for is it banana !! .
  5. Now it’s official he’s a money grabbing un loyal piece of something smelly we can say what we really think
  6. Most level headed Owls fans deal in facts. Not one single fan doesn’t want the best for our great club. I don’t really care what Bruce does or doesn’t do if he leaves good riddance , I just hope we get another good manager instead ,all I care about is my club . We should all stick together , not come out with ridiculous posts slating fans , just my opinion that’s all .
  7. The only way it won’t derail the start to our season is if Bruce stays so I’m all for that aren’t you ?
  8. Well if we do up we will have to rely on most of this squad keeping us up , hopefully find out eh !!
  9. No I’m not saying that but if this squad took us up it would mean they have won an awful lot of games to get there . Obviously we would have to upgrade. Feel you are a tad harsh that’s all .
  10. If he stays we can use him to get promoted then get rid of him , just use him instead .
  11. Best not get promoted just yet then !!
  12. Soften the blow , move on like you say time is of the essence
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