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  1. Very soft penalty in the first place , was justice done with the miss ?
  2. Yes I’m sure he loved being injured , he has been top quality for us , you have your opinion of course ,mine is you are very very harsh .
  3. Norwich can beat any team in this division, they have the incentive and they owe us one after we gifted them a last minute equaliser t’other Bank Holiday !!! .
  4. It’s been an absolute joy Snoots thank you for all your efforts , time and wit , player of the season for me ole boy . 3-0 to the massive UTO. Please Norwich do NOT allow that shower the league title it’s bad enough !! .
  5. Fantastic achievement , well done to all our u18’s , brilliant . Can just picture Mr Warnock , “ What we lost to that lot !! 2 of our lads sent off “ !!!!!!!
  6. Quite frankly he has been immense since he got his fitness back puts 100% effort in and I have loved his commitment but no player is Irreplaceable. If we can get better fine , if we keep him great .
  7. It’s not easy to sort a pricing structure that will meet approval , I feel that membership is the nearest solution between season tickets and potg .
  8. So going by your example that’s £340 for 10 games Presume you mean these prices are for the South stand ? Bit pricey
  9. Helped turn the game round , he was brilliant for me , if he was that good all the time he would be playing more , seems better as a change of style or impact player .
  10. Yes I get what you mean and yes anyone who replaces Westwood whilst he is still at the club best be a damn good keeper and match his performances at least . I reckon Dawson is short on confidence and it showed in his general play at Preston .
  11. Great to see him back , lovely cross for Joao too ,
  12. Well in my opinion Dawson is not ready to take over from Westwood yet . The way he was ranting was more for fans behind him than trying to sort misunderstandings I reckon
  13. I would as he is at the moment , why are you even mentioning Westwood ? He is a far better keeper but that’s not the issue .
  14. Yes I know I said at the time , Dawson does not fill me with confidence. He has a lot to learn can you see that ?
  15. Peoples opinions differ , why would Lees head it if he had heard a call anyway , I’m not 100% he heard a call in time
  16. Yes but he couldn’t cut it at Norwich either !! . Best in the business hmmm
  17. Yes I was there for that Brighton game and I agree we should have won that day . We were lacking a couple of players to have a serious shout at the autos for me .
  18. Hindsight eh he should have gone after the play off defeat to udders Carlos a two season wonder then he is a liability . I for one enjoyed the ride
  19. Just don’t see this at all we were never on Newcastle and Brighton’s level , how finishing 4th is fizzing it up is beyond me , Huddersfield was a nightmare I agree .
  20. What about those that go to Preston and went to Norwich but still cant tickets for the fixtures you mentioned ? It’s like you are saying those that can’t get tickets for certain games should be grateful they can for away fixtures that aren’t as popular .
  21. Not many ssssshhhhh t moments lately probably !!!!
  22. Well got my tickets 2 days after ordering them , must have good posties round Dewsbury !!!
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