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  1. Well yes I agree and I also believe we should loan in a keeper as first choice . It would be a gamble for the club to get George back I meant . Something has to change or we will just continue to tread water but We ought not to be relying on unproven youngsters to fire us to the premier.
  2. Can’t see any point in wanting him back at all , it would be a gamble at least .Leicester City football club is run brilliantly, the stadium is first class , a brand new training complex is being built which looks amazing , the football played at the KP is a joy to watch , they are up at the top end of the premiership, jealous me !! too right . Just can’t see us improving at all in any department just now .
  3. It’s clear like many other contracts offered it was a mistake to offer him a 2 year deal we should have let him go and got a keeper in on loan maybe until a decision on our 2 preferred keepers was made . For me neither are ready week in week out .
  4. I’ve got it all to come on Monday , I work with quite a few . Couldn’t happen to a nicer set of fans could it !!!!!
  5. You see I just don’t understand this opinion of Westwood’s form over the last few years , year maybe yes , maybe it’s because he set such high standards in our better seasons that any error he makes is magnified . Until today I thought Wildsmith was doing ok , hopefully it’s a one off .
  6. ? In his prime are you sure , he’s mid 30’s not 20’s !!!
  7. Can’t wait for next season apparently we are going to be much better , thank goodness because this is shocking it’s relegation form .
  8. So it’s perfectly ok to implode like we do and suffer such beatings , I expect us to lose pleasantly surprised when we don’t that shouldn’t be the case . Why are we spineless
  9. Sounds like we are getting outclassed , sick of feeling like this , I’m gutted we are going nowhere but down . Far far too many drubbings this season for me it’s embarrassing . Try to pretend I’m not bothered but it’s so disappointing I feel sick
  10. Sadly it’s no great surprise we are losing . Let’s see what we are made of now
  11. Oh so it’s all down to “ that man “ is it then ? Whatever he says you will ignore then ? . out of interest who do you trust , Trump , China , Russia . Monk ?
  12. Don’t think it’s got anything to do with that at all , we have moved on but he’s an ex Wednesday player , I for one am interested to see how he gets on . Enjoyed Vardys goal at theirs as well .
  13. Thinking the same , be nice to see Vardy get a hat trick shut them up a bit !! .
  14. Well there’s 420 pages so far bet we hit a 1000 after the verdict , wonder which topic has the record ?
  15. Perhaps I’ve just got used to mediocrity , there’s been too many barren years , I started in 1971 when we were poor but the potential was there , not much has changed really .
  16. Not happy with most of our play , home form is awful , some good results away . We have to give him time and hope for better days ahead .
  17. Opinions everyone’s entitled to them you included , doesn’t mean you or anyone else is right or should get so wound up , chill out .
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