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  1. Brilliant Snoots best thing to come out of this thread that intro is up there .
  2. Wonder if he will say that’s my job done im off if we do reach the PL ?
  3. Yes well we have realised a mistake was made there !!
  4. Bit harsh but I agree in a more diluted form .
  5. Perhaps he’s not a shrinking violet , perhaps he’s thinking I will show them boo boys I am good enough Perhaps ?
  6. And get nothing for him next summer ? Thought we were trying to deal more sensibly. You may well think he has been our best player the last 2 games that’s your call , what I have seen is a player who has slightly improved his performances which have been poor up to now .
  7. We were involved in a winding up order weren't we ? , owed HMRC over a million pounds , even now we are losing money . I know Bolton and especially Bury are further down the line than we got but we were heading that way .
  8. We weren’t a million miles off a similar position through exactly the same reason. Milan saved us remember
  9. He gambled on getting us up like other clubs have done it didn’t work , I won’t knock him for trying though . I would prefer to build a team and be in control of spending but that can take years and not always a guarantee of success anyway . It looks like more thought is going into the playing staff this season .
  10. D.C. tried to get us promoted by supplying the finances , at the time I didn’t see such comments as yours . He should be applauded for trying to get us promoted , it’s easy giving it the old I told you so in hindsight . Give the man some credit .
  11. Not sure DC actually has much input other than to fund incoming players
  12. Don’t mind a bit of Whitesnake to be fair
  13. So are we giving him away next summer then ?
  14. If his contract is up next June , we either look to offload or offer him another contract . Isn’t that obvious ? What’s all the fuss , you lot saying keep him are saying if we aren’t keeping him we will get nothing for him , so what’s the option because I’m at a loss here , to say fans should be ashamed of themselves, typical statement but still gets a “ dear me “ from me . So what do we do all you wanting to keep him ?
  15. You are quite cutting lately ole boy , you seem to be on a mission . The thing is we are entitled to our opinions , imagine if we all agreed all the time blimey !!!
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