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  1. I’m actually scared , never felt this bad ever before a game , it could go so horribly wrong , but then again ......
  2. Yes it has something to do with ticket prices , only way Chansiri would get away with charging so much and filling the stadium is if we were riding high and playing well , it’s on tv , midweek , fans who have been recently are mentally scarred that’s for sure but £30 in the kop is too much , chance to help out the long suffering fans and as per he’s blown it
  3. You actually think the ticket prices are ok then , really ? Massive mistake in my eyes charging so much as usual .
  4. They probably hope they are .
  5. Will we get a goal ?, have a shot on target ? . Put more than 3 passes together ? .
  6. Haha good old Stones again gifting them a goal , hope he plays on Wednesday we have a chance of scoring with him playing
  7. We are in trouble On Wednesday, just try and keep the score down , we can’t cope with this level of football , City are frightening !!!
  8. It is a bit surprising they don’t sell out with the players they have on show .
  9. Good job you weren’t around in the 70’s then , at least back then it wasn’t wallet busting ticket prices though .
  10. You work on a farm ? Going to need a lot of straws if you hope yesterday was a one off !!!!
  11. The fact still remains we aren’t good enough if Fox is one of our best players . I don’t see how what the pigs achieved has anything to do with our situation but it seems to me it was the system that got them up, don’t like drawing comparisons with anything they do ,
  12. Most improved yes but one of our best !! We are not going up anytime soon then .
  13. Flies , nervous twitch , who knows !!
  14. Hope stones plays he’s worth a blunder or two , always got a chance with him in the side !! .
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