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  1. I base my opinion on what I’ve seen. For me Hirsty is quite easily the best striker I’ve seen in a Wednesday shirt . This doesn’t put him as an all time great but he had the ability to be one .
  2. You have seen that comment from the late great sir Bobby Robson haven’t you ?
  3. At least this has taken my mind off the state we are in
  4. I don’t have to give a reason , just leave it will you , and please you really don’t have to resort to name calling it’s silly
  5. I just can’t understand why I should have to explain why I feel Hirsty was a much Striker than Vardy having seen both of them play am I missing something here ?
  6. Well in my opinion he was much better than Shearer but Shearer looked after himself much better
  7. What is your problem ? You should go and have a cup of tea perhaps and calm down
  8. Well that’s down to injuries not talent
  9. Not actually said Vardy doesn’t have attributes as you call them , I rate him very highly and love watching him play . I’m not going to try and explain my reasons , what concerns me is why you even question me
  10. I simply cannot understand why you question my opinion having seen Hirsty play at his peak , I like Vardy l like him a lot but there’s comparison for me I don’t need spreadsheets to tell me that , take the injuries away and we wouldn’t be having this chat
  11. You cannot judge then , believe you me Hirsty at his peak was on a different level to Vardy honestly
  12. No cold hard facts are that Hirsty had everything it’s a tad strange trying to even compare them .
  13. You Seen Hirsty play then ? You wouldn’t be coming out with that claptrap If you had .
  14. Every player has his price , as long as we have a cheaper replacement lined up who can match the outgoing player in ability or potentially can , it’s a no brainier , isn’t it ? .
  15. Nobody deserves it , maybe Westwood for having the most sense and keeping away .
  16. Great potential, like the look of this lad . Good luck Liam . Pleased he’s getting a run out .
  17. Not sure that administration is the reason they are in such a good position now . Any club that ends up in administration has a blight on their history almost shameful in my eyes .
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