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  1. It’s not quite as simple as that though is it , there has been tactics since day one . You don’t match up a slow defender with an opponents fast winger for example . I understand your sentiment to just go and attack teams and believe we are far better attacking than defending .
  2. We never looked like scoring till Dave came on , but why is that ?
  3. We are in much better shape and it looks good , the new players are a definite improvement, I’m actually excited now that takes some doing !! .
  4. Haha , oh well good luck on the job front
  5. Mistakes are expected because he has made many in games gone by it’s like some are just waiting for him to mess up so they can groan and say told you so . Fans have their opinions but booing a player is not helping our cause at all . I see a decent player in there somewhere he has a lot going for him I reckon .
  6. My hearing must be bad then , the crowd were impatient when we weren’t going forward at times , there was the odd groan at a misplaced pass but that wasn’t just aimed at Fox was it .
  7. Some of his past performances are the cause of negativity he has to win round the doubters that’s all , if he’s good enough he will , not sure he can are you ?
  8. Not sure where this booing of Fox came from last night , he wasn’t booed whilst playing , there was a small section booing the team off at half time , obviously some felt we could do much better . I never boo our boys I think it’s wrong .
  9. You seriously believe he was our best player tonight ?
  10. People are entitled to their opinion , booing is harsh but at half time the whole team got booed . To state he had a mom performance tonight staggers me in fact it feels a bit patronising. Yes he improved second half but I don’t think he is high end championship material . neg all you like .
  11. Could this be his last season as a top keeper ?
  12. That’s what I’m going with , we were away and created numerous chances so bodes well hopefully
  13. Well yes it can act as a bathroom too !!
  14. This is it though finding the right manager to take us forward and build foundations as you state isn’t easy .The last thing we need is another 5 minute appointment like Jos . Who would you suggest ? I wanted Hughton bit stuck after that .
  15. Winning games gives us more time though , yes ?
  16. Can’t watch highlights when we lose and I don’t want to look at the table till we win next . With such a threat from set pieces you would expect extra defensive protection but not the flap from Westwood By all accounts .
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