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  1. Doesn’t always work out though does it , Jos tried it and he nearly took us down , experience counts as well .Westwood on his way down , I haven’t noticed this , I am assuming you are referring to his age ?
  2. George Hirst scores or scored goals for fun , Dads a legend, can see the attraction . Time we moved on me thinks .
  3. One less fan attending next season perhaps !!
  4. Reading comments it appears Westwood has gone from being one of the best keepers in the championship to easily replaced , by who exactly who could we get who is on his level ? . If the issue is an extra season surely we need to keep him give him 2 years . If we go up next season won’t be such an issue anyway .
  5. How much was he on then seeing as though you are itk and while your at it how much is Rhodes on ?
  6. So you believe CD is up to KW’s standard then ?, well I don’t . The thing with forums anyone can , if they choose to ,read people’s opinions. I’m in no doubt that the coaching staff and the keepers themselves know where improvements are needed so comments on here won’t be a big surprise to them . I really do hope Dawson and Wildsmith turn out to be top keepers for us because Westwood won’t be here for long if at all !! . But you aren’t worried in that respect are you ?
  7. And if we carry on where we left off , barring QPR, with some new players with pace we may do well . Either way Steve Bruce must be given time , but he won’t get it if it doesn’t start well will he ?
  8. Well I hope he can get all the players he is planning on bringing in all in one swoop but it’s very unlikely , more a building process and patience. I think he spoke about it in the interview after the QPR game .
  9. Steve Bruce also said he doesn’t expect to get 5-6 in this summer , it will take longer .
  10. Well we need one for the squad as back up IF Westwood stays .
  11. I can’t agree with that Dawson is not ready to be a top end championship keeper just yet , he lacks confidence for starters . I will lose sleep if we lose Westwood and don’t replace him with someone as good .
  12. Jos most certainly did freeze Westwood out he told us he was third choice !!!
  13. Sometimes perhaps the berating is justified , don’t you agree , does he believe that his performances are beyond criticism. Blimey ole Foxy should be giving the fans the finger every decent tackle he makes if that’s the case !!! .
  14. When it comes to players wages there’s a lot of guesswork on here .
  15. Yeah well they have slightly better circumstances than we have , maybe we will be up there in a few years !! I live in hope best be quick mind I’m knocking on a bit !! Ha .
  16. So only sign younger players then , players who are a risk , will they reach potential etc etc , We won’t be spending the amounts you quote anyway . I agree recent signings of older players on big wages and long contracts has cost us big time . Think these players were brought in to get us promoted , it didn’t work .so are the club still making the same mistakes since the 90’s ?
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