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  1. Not like you to put a negative spin on things ole boy , blame the supermassive black thingy shall we . Really nervous about this one , got a dodgy feeling , I mean which manager will have the best impact , the cow dwellers haven’t started too well have they and we all know what that means !!! . Settle for a draw but we really could do with the win to stay in touch with the play offs . Early days yes , Green shirts at the ready !! anyway bedtime , Night everyone.
  2. And often wrong especially with his predictions .
  3. Mooo ve on I say , yes sorry I know just couldn’t resist !! .
  4. Get Beattie on board maybe turn Dave into a £16m striker then ?
  5. So you find that kind of game ok to watch do you ? .
  6. You good with smells then ? , words of Doom just don’t get it me !!
  7. Tbh fair Leeds do that every season though. Think we should all stop with the negatives , blimey give the man a chance , shouldn’t judge him yet . I know we all have our Favourites and not many went for Monk but I’m optimistic , going to be interesting . Good luck Gary !!
  8. It’s been far worse over the years , All the oldies ( like me ) will say the same
  9. I wasn’t at the game but it appears they were falling over buying free kicks , time wasting , slowing us down , well I couldn’t watch that , it’s not for me I like to watch a game of football played with more sportsmanship than that , Preston were awful the previous week making the game boring and frustrating I don’t want that .
  10. So be best to shut all the food catering then is that your answer ? Just because you don’t bother , does my head in this kind of attitude .
  11. Table looking good just now get another goal and we go 4th , settle for that all day .
  12. You know nothing about me ole lad so please don’t jump to ridiculous and insulting accusations. For the record I have never booed a Sheffield Wednesday player , this club is in my blood so now you know .
  13. So when will he be playing with full confidence because he’s been with us quite a while now ?
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