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  1. looks good so far better than loovens dont you think
  2. I agree I try to be positive but I have followed the Wednesday far too long to get carried away oh for the team of the nineties !!! I am a little more excited this season which is a major breakthrough for me !!!
  3. yes i was surprised thought they would have pulled in a bigger crowd than that tickets should be cheaper when its on sky simple answer surely ?
  4. yes maybe Leeds are a good side time will tell but we had the lead and let it slip it seemed we ran out of energy
  5. was it just me or was anyone else just waiting for Leeds to score after our wonder goal why do we nearly always need a 2 goal cushion?
  6. yes he was immense today along with Hutch but we need more to really hurt teams in this league
  7. he was really solid today a quiet first half as Leeds concentrated on putting Wiggins under pressure at every opportunity really should have done better with the free header though bad miss in my book
  8. haha nice one Leeds fans really do believe they are the only team that exists the rest of us are mere fodder
  9. Sam it was and still is the line that shuts them up "yes but lads 6-0" !! haha
  10. cant wait for this game love beating the scummy leeds at their place, we are going to win arent we ?? i work with too many arrogant leeds fans nothing better than walking into work having kicked their miserable big team attitudes a good un !!
  11. lots of parking on Elland road its £3 5 mins from the ground
  12. Me and my lad going from ossett 15 minute drive
  13. Totally a Totally agree with you Ryan but I can also see why our fans stay away
  14. It seems the reason for not going to the Leeds game is purely based on hatred of the club so does that mean we shouldn't go to Bumhole lane too ? my point is it's about getting behind our team surely, regardless of the conditions we used to sell out for this fixture too many fans looking for any excuse not to go just don't get that ??
  15. its a right hole the fans are vile probably one of the worst away days in the championship but I don't give a flying f_ck just wanna cheer the lads to victory
  16. we can take massive support at times 42 k to Cardiff in 2005 so when we take 700 or so it puzzles me I always look at other teams scores and attendances of course it helps the money and atmosphere can only be a positive 28 k at Derby 27 k at Leeds and didn't they take 4k to Reading on Sunday
  17. i .share your opinion Ryan we should take more numbers to Leeds . I just feel that a big, noisy following helps lift the team doesn't it ?? hope we can somehow manage to increase our following when / if we reach the premiership, where ticket prices will be even higher I'm going on Saturday because I want to cheer the owls on. shouting at the tv cheering the lads on doesn't help my team much
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