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  1. His second goal reminded me of David Hirst what a finish cant understand why we arent raving about it ? I am !!
  2. Anyone got 2 spare tickets ? Only got membership doubt sales will get passed st holders get in early i say !!!
  3. it seems all the £5 London train tickets have gone got mine just in time £23 return a bargain !!
  4. 1000 !! that's poor but theres still time I suppose
  5. Anyone know how many we sold for the Reading game ?
  6. Wheres everyone calling for a drink or two for the Reading game ? Is anyone going early to London for a few or is Reading ok ?
  7. £56 wakefield to reading return for 2 with a 4 hour stop in London sorted thanks for the link Hosschops
  8. Has anyone climbed the wall near the kop and south stand at Hillsborough . I couldn't afford a ticket just had enough for the bus X33 and the footie special buses to the ground I was around 15 years old can also remember doing the same at Oakwell as we had sold out so just clambered over the wall . Should I be disclosing this !!!!!! it was a long time ago as I'm almost 60 now
  9. Tottenham away midweek in the late 70,s was scary fans getting attacked after the game a big gang of Tottenham running down the main road attacking anyone I hid down a side street got back to the tube station stood on the platform a spurs fan had his head stuck out of a train as it went passed needless to say he wished he hadn't been so cocky he got a few clips and I ripped his bobble hat off him haha . I ended up getting fined for not having a correct ticket as I had borrowed my mates British Rail pass which he promised NEVER got questioned !! well it did that night and I had to go back to Tottenham for the court hearing happy days ..... not !!!
  10. Yes Mr Mercury Dewsbury !! my home town a right dive , Also the semi final at Highbury against Brighton went down on a football special train , alone as usual had no ticket but managed to buy one outside the ground once again knew I couldn't get back to Dewsbury but managed to get as close as Barnsley . Stood waiting for a taxi in the centre of town at closing time amazingly with around 6 or so other Owls fans doing the exact same thing all togged up in our colours so anyway tanked up dingles piling out of the pubs giving us some right grief . I recall a young lad with an arm in plaster with a blue owl painted on he got a punch I tried to help him but they turned on me then police just stood and watched was I pleased to jump in a cab !!!! loved the day out though barring the result
  11. Back in the 80,s Arsenal midweek think we lost but the only memory I have is that I knew I couldn't get home after the game so left a sleeping bag in a locker at Sheffield train station , got the football special train and an escort to the ground returned to Sheffield station slept in the waiting room , got the 6.30 train to Dewsbury and went straight to work I was knackered all day things we do eh !!
  12. Oh well maybe Birmingham 6th Feb , saturday 3pm kick off is that any better ?
  13. hope we take a big following to this game replicate the Fulham atmosphere . Such a buzz to see hoards of Wednesday fans at away grounds love it !!
  14. Hoopers best game so far seems to get better with each game but up to the last 3 games he was rightly criticised he wasn't playing like he is now looks a right threat , links up well and his movement is class so wish he had smashed that Bannan set up into the net though !!!! would love him to stay on he is fitting in nicely
  15. I agree with you mate Forestieri was awesome yesterday. at half time i honestly thought we would win 3- 2 we have so much quailty going forward at 2-2 we just needed to get the ball in their half vut they rallied a little and stopped our momentum but overall i was really impressed especially second half see how we start at Mk on tuesday now !!
  16. Why bother posting to say oh i didnt go dont give a s... Leave it to the fans who actually made the effort today FF my man of the match Why bother posting to say oh i didnt go dont give a s... Leave it to the fans who actually made the effort today FF my man of the match
  17. Yes i know its an hour longer travelling time to Cardiff but Mk is midweek and i wont be getting home until after 1 in the morning from this game luckily im not working Wednesday pity the poor souls who are . Now Cardiff on a Saturday isnt a problem to most thats what im getting at !!! UTO setting off in 90 minutes buzzing !!!! Wawaw
  18. Poor turn out really as we have sold almost 1600 for MK dons midweek
  19. Disappointing numbers but we will back the team as always WAWAW see you all there safe journey everyone
  20. Really disappointed with Hooper been a big let down he just doesnt appear to even want to work hard and close down thought he would improve our strike force but hasnt still time yet though ??
  21. Its going to be interesting and we are up there so its a big improvement on last season, enjoy the ride !!!
  22. Why do people think Brighton will fall away ? They have been the best championship side i have seen this season and the win against Charlton was highly impressive i think they can keep up their form all season even go unbeaten . Boro look like they will stay the course Hull have quality but have shown they can be beaten Burnley could be about to start a wobble .Lets just concentrate on us winning more games and see where we end up but at the moment feel we will fall short We really do need to start beating teams above us to be taken serious . Loving this season so far i am convinced that Bannan is key to our success though we do seem different class with him in the side
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