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  1. Annoys me people saying you have a choice , we have a choice yes , pay up or stay away , is that really a choice for fans who have supported our team for decades and now find it financially hard and morally wrong to attend .Im presuming you are aware of our attendances not budging beyond low to mid 20 k why do you think that is ? . Play offs and the trip to wembley were a one off . I find it extremely difficult to support my team on a regular basis anymore because of our chairman . Glad you don’t have the same problem .
  2. Hmm many examples of sides with less money than we appear to have had , that play good attacking successful football You aren't suggesting we pay more than any other championship side to compete are you ? . Seems to me we are having to pay for the errors you stated and that is not right is it .
  3. Does this mean next years new kits are being released on the 3rd November ? Only kidding !!
  4. I think it is an interesting offer , ok it’s a minimum spent of £120 but with Christmas round the corner . Has to be applauded doesn’t it ? .
  5. Can’t you see the reasoning though , we charge them high prices so ......
  6. Sounds like you are justifying our prices because we weren’t first , Mr Chansiri didn’t have to out price many fans home and away , but he has .
  7. Thought about a username change ? Just wondering like !!!
  8. Excellent point , well done sir . Perhaps I didn’t check thoroughly but it was more a generalisation and I did say obviously it wasn’t included didnt I ?
  9. You suggesting they are all schoolboys , school bags haha
  10. Yes first half we made more noise , it went fairly quiet after half time , not even the usual singing shenanigans in the concourse.
  11. You think we should have sold out then ?
  12. I actually thought he did ok last night , growing into that position .
  13. If you’re good enough you are old enough they say
  14. Murphy knew it was he was having a fit with the ref But he wasn’t giving us jackshit .
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