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  1. It seems clear to me that D.C. is considering Lee Bullen if results and performances continue as they are , pretty sure he will be offered the job . Bit of a gamble I’m not convinced he can take us up he needs a good team round him that’s obvious imo .
  2. Millwall well known for what ? er bother causers , that’s about it isn’t it !! . Tough game all the same .
  3. Yes yes ok not the first time time that’s been mentioned !!
  4. The reason we are on here matters surely
  5. What’s the issue with wanting our stadium to look in good nick ? The place does need a refurbish at the very least , stop with the moaning about us moaning about it , what’s up with you all !!!
  6. Sorry about your dilemma but Pecks my head is a good un haha
  7. Not many can see us losing then , we could , but I think we have a fair chance of coming away with a win, with a bit of luck . Wish I was going
  8. Only like a little of that stuff tbh , that commentary is ample for me
  9. I’m in my 60’s and found it funny though , it’s more to do with the posh voice talking trash than the trash words that’s the bit that tickles me anyway , it’s great to be a teenager again all the same thanks !!
  10. I think you are getting a little ahead of yourself and they are no mugs , I really hope we don’t get carried away and start thinking we are there already , it’s a brilliant start and it’s a right bonus winning games and it makes me proud but let’s just take each game as it comes and take it from there !!
  11. I’m not fine with it at all it Mars the sport for me , at what point do the “oh it’s part of the game “ brigade , actually think it’s gone too far , minor I can stomach but out and out cheating no not for me
  12. Blooming marvellous start well pleased me , Work will be a breeze tonight UTO
  13. Think we need a second , but I always think that !! Cmon boys big half coming up
  14. They don’t have to bother though do they so I don’t go along with the that argument , our ticket prices are an absolute disgrace , goodness knows what they will be if we ever reach the promised land !!!
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