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  1. I was responding to your outburst about “ haters “ no need to take the Micky out of me , lowering yourself aren’t you ? I love a laugh just as much as anyone so button it you don’t know me haha
  2. Im aware of our start, I only enjoyed the win nothing else .
  3. Bit disappointing you have felt the need to drag up the past on such a brilliant day for us .
  4. For goodness sakes can’t you leave it out , why do you feel the need to post such comments it’s ridiculous actually. We are off to a great start isn’t that the only thing to focus on goodness me I can’t get my breath !!!!!!
  5. Brilliant start , nothing but praise for the players, great win and a clean sheet . Next !!!
  6. Great read Snoots as always , reminded me of those penguins all huddled together from the snow don’t know why !! . We need to be a bigger goal threat than last week . Just can’t see us scoring many as we are . Take a draw 0-0 I reckon. UTO .
  7. I was out against Blackburn but I’m back in now ,UTO
  8. He had his chances , didn’t take them why do you think that is ?
  9. Nothing wrong with him getting the best deal he can at the back end of his career . He was immense for us and put a shift in every game , I have nothing but praise for the way Fletcher turned it round with us and showed why we got him in the first place .
  10. He was asked , he didn’t volunteer those stories , He obviously likes a laugh nothing wrong with that .Just a bit of fun .Lets be fair here CC and D.C. did rather set themselves up with occasional bizarre behaviour .
  11. Or fans spoilt by the strikers we used to have years gone by . At 34 Sharpe is a tad past it I reckon
  12. I’m sure you understand why I said that , if not I’m happy to pass my thoughts on or perhaps you are happy with the way things are ?
  13. One of those players I hope never plays for us , thankfully he’s too old now , blimey I shudder at the thought !! .
  14. What at 34 years old are you being serious ?
  15. Well for me we need to move on , we didn’t do much last season in fact it was relegation form from Christmas. Start afresh Ideal opportunity, are we aiming for promotion or just a mid table bore fest ?
  16. We are better off without either of them really , fans go on about players getting big wages for doing very little well I imagine Jordan Rhodes is one of them .
  17. If you are referring to the fact he’s hardly ever injured well there’s no real surprise there having watching him play , hardly blood and guts performances are they let’s be honest !!!! .
  18. Thought that Jordan was reported to want to stay at Norwich after spending a season there on loan , hardly being available that is it !! .
  19. Not surprised, we all know sections of S6 need upgrading big time .
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