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  1. £7m for a sub !! I hope this is just part of negotiations and someone sees sense .
  2. Would this be happening had it been his borefest of a team in the final instead of Derby ? It’s an absolute embarrassment and sour grapes of the highest order , who does he actually think he is , surely this will get laughed out of court . Man City better watch out premier clubs could sue them next !!! Boro fans wonder what they make of this !! .
  3. Don’t most contracts run till 1 June , so nothing official till then at the earliest ?
  4. Don’t Luton move to a new stadium 20-21 ? That’s when they should worry about a visit from the likes of Millwall !!
  5. Love the fact you love it , beats your usual contribution , oh wait though .......
  6. Haha don’t gloat you never know !!!!
  7. So we have asked for this then due to being a bit strapped !!
  8. I would love upgrades and improvements the West needs a total rebuild but it’s last on the priority list until we get promoted perhaps .
  9. Kop facilities could be better , sections need upgrading etc etc but building up the squad is priority.
  10. Haha , Perhaps he’s just misunderstood ?
  11. The school opposite the South is good for that side of the stadium , if it’s still used . Permit only though I believe.
  12. Yes I know what you mean , it’s easier for locals and fans familiar with the area , some talk as though we should know or are incapable of walking , the simple solution is get to the area at least an hour before the game .
  13. She originated from Ossett I believe , her brother taught me at school he was a PE instructor if I remember rightly .NO !!
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