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  1. have you still got a ticket left ?? if so I would like it !!!
  2. Yes mate i got 1600 from a stat table also seen 1791 too on the Fans Forum we may break 1k if we beat Udders!!
  3. Thought the fans played a big part in our second half comeback too onwards and upwards
  4. Reality check I'm afraid , given the right circumstances our away support is as good as any but Norwich away on a Saturday , late kick off and on Sky don't fall into the right circumstances !! if there was ever a game the team needs our support its this one !!! having said that I am working but if I wasn't I would be there regardless of Sky
  5. Some don't sell out at all, some do depends which away game it is for example Derby will sell out before General sale but Ipswich wont not much help really I'm afraid. I have a membership just for this reason but a few don't even reach membership , wonder how many we will take to Newcastle ?
  6. We had some pretty poor turn outs that season . Think our away following has increased slightly but we just don't sell well unless its close to S6 with the odd exception imo
  7. I agree but does that small section hold 1900 ? it was a nothing game for us we lost 2-0 and the full attendance was 26 k
  8. Nowhere near a sell out Mate 1369 there very poor turn out I was there
  9. Its a poor turn out , just like the last time we played them
  10. Feel a lot better with a quality centre half ..... next to Lees, Excited and nervous me !!!!!
  11. I agree cant see many if any potg walk ups . Don't want to harp on about ticket prices but its plain to see why on this occasion we wont pack out the ground this Sunday. 26,500
  12. It would be a big statement to the rest of our league if we top 30k and beat Villa would be a great start
  13. Well after watching Abdi, take my advice and get to this game he is class !!
  14. Hope we re-create the same atmosphere as the last 2 home games last season , its worth a goal start !!! Cant wait !!!!
  15. First game of a new season , new players on show , record season ticket sales Villa sold out , reckon 28,000 at least even though we are on Sky and ticket prices aren't appealing . I'm sure at the right price this would have broke 30 k easily anyone know how ticket sales are going ?
  16. yes that's all in Bed n Brekkie so that's a reasonable price you reckon ? , I haven't been abroad in years so not sure of costs
  17. I really want to go this year but cant get a 4 night stay any cheaper than £900 for 2 is this how much it costs or can get it any cheaper any help much appreciated !!
  18. No No No this has to be nonsense shouldn't he retire ? we don't want or need him
  19. This is our chance to kick on and keep up the level of support for the last 3 games no more negatives just get behind the team , make a big effort for every game home and away, come on, imagine the lift it would give the players , with a bit of luck take us all the way back where we should be . Would be awesome to pack out all our away games and average high 20's at S6
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