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  1. our midfield functioned better because Bannon played . Lee was poor today and Wallace could have been better if those 2 had been on their game we would have beaten Derby I'm sure
  2. sorry mr Hirst I don't rate Hooper one bit his first touch is poor not a patch on Joao he has no pace, no goal scoring threat, his movement is pedestrian at best we will have to agree to disagree on this one !!
  3. surely no one can possibly believe that Hooper fits in with our system , he was shocking today didn't close down wasn't interested just exactly what does he gives us our goal threat diminished when he replaced Joao . Get rid hes not the answer, move on
  4. Biggest prat ive seen for a long time gave it but couldnt take it cant stand him dont want him anywhere near our team the ex weeds poseur
  5. I couldnt get a ticket as we had sold all our allocation had to settle for the beam back just saw empty seats in the picture that dont appear to be netted off and thought why ?
  6. Yes i tend to agree with you especially just lately but we need to start games as we finish them if we are to challenge for a play off place
  7. How come theres empty seats at the front thought it was a sell out ?
  8. me and my son setting off from Ossett hoping for a decent parking spot for a quick getaway with 3 points in the bag UTO
  9. have any "members " bought beamback tickets today ? have i put that the wrong way ?
  10. has this sold out ? im a member but cant buy any tickets even when I log in ?
  11. Did i jump a season ? Sorry the point i was trying to make was our away following is on the increase barring Elland Rd
  12. So we took 1700 to Ewood park on boxing day last season on that basis the 3k we are taking this season is a big increase It seems our away following is on the up, the way we are playing its no great surprise shame we cant match Middlesboro and Leeds 6k though !!
  13. according to that chart Rotherham took twice as many to Elland road as we did, sky , early kick off whatever should they ever have a bigger following than us ? and Blackburn took more to Griffin park than us !! bizarre !!
  14. A decent following then hoped for a few more as its quite local and a Saturday 3pm ko we took more to Charlton !!!!
  15. In reply to Bladeshater free travel could encourage a larger following I suppose !! , Its a 246 mile round trip , midweek , just a thought
  16. Its a good idea and £20 a ticket is a fair price , just need Wednesday to put on free transport now !!!!!
  17. Upper tier tickets now on sale got 2 today
  18. we got a decent airing on Calendar tonight l
  19. didnt think i could surpass the night in Newcastle but this was on a different level what a night we have just witnessed It doesn't get much better so glad sky showed everyone what we are capable of . I had to sit down , went all dizzy after the first goal couldn't cope with the excitement my 2 boys were bouncing and singing I just sat there in disbelief I'm so proud of my beloved Sheffield Wednesday a faultless , perfect night
  20. Pauli that was by far your best yet love it. i just cant sleep so looking forward to tonight im like a bloody kid but im almost 60 !! Just hope and pray we give them a game after this build up. We have a chance and you never know something tells me where onto something good !! CMON THE WEDNESDAY
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