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  1. Well should we be getting players in in that state ?
  2. Yes I was going to say the same , I can remember packing away ends back in the 70,s under Jack Charlton
  3. A lot of changes and new faces , hope they click !!! Very brave selection I reckon , could run riot though
  4. Not really as I knew all that anyway , Suspect you knew this ?
  5. Oh dear , keep off the ale before the game me thinks !!
  6. Yes but what if we beat Man City ? You never know , or do you ?
  7. At least D.C. with his upgrade in ticket prices , turns the candle into a Yankee !!
  8. Can’t wait to reach 65 I’m going to have life , no more moans on prices for me then .
  9. We sold out twice at City recently , well when I say recently I mean I can recall it so it must be fairly recent with my memory !!!
  10. I’m sure there are many examples of much fairer pricing than we have with Mr Chansiri
  11. Oh yes , well enough to know he likes us poor fans to dig very deep into our rapidly emptying pockets .
  12. £33 in the kop against Reading . Can watch the city game on tv for nothing , £30 is a rip off but I fully expected it knowing D.C.
  13. Fully booked with leeds fans already with that wonderful song by Joy Division ringing in their ears !!! .
  14. Ok , well if he wasn’t fit he shouldn’t have played . In his defence he changed the game at Leeds the other season there’s no doubt about that .
  15. What exactly are you suggesting ? Let a player run past him ? Really ?
  16. Millwall hooligans shouldn’t get away with it .
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