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  1. Anyway what a relief eh now they are nowhere near the first team squad we can get on and play like a team again !!!!!!!
  2. Clear as mud !!! Rotten eggs Christ not long since we were full of praise for both of them now they are banished and slated , only on Owlstalk eh !!!!
  3. How can you say that ? They have been at Hillsborough for years so they now couldn’t care less , just don’t understand that logic at all
  4. Are they ? Well Westwood can’t do any worse then Dawson lately can he ? Doubt Hutchinson would make much difference anyway , prefer a fit luongo really . Why exactly is Hutchinson frozen out ?
  5. Can’t see what that has to do with the absolute dross that the players dish up week after week , Monk doesn’t appear to know how to change it that’s nothing to do with Westwood or Hutch surely
  6. Don’t do drugs old boy , I give my opinion as I see it and I’m a tad bemused by your version of events . I actually said to my lad it seems weird clapping a player sent off . You are way over the top on this by the way imo .
  7. He mistimed it , it was totally not a deliberate foul and so didn’t deserve to walk for it , the first wasn’t a yellow either
  8. Why are you so sure Dawson is good enough and Westwood is past it ?
  9. Been a few exceptions along the way , we aren’t top goal scorers away from home by chance .
  10. Sorry but Dawson is and never has been anywhere near Westwood’s level of performance you are judging them on this season aren’t you ?
  11. That’s going to get sorted we have Boris in charge !!
  12. Haha there was more movement in the stands , no but I just don’t see why a player would bother turning up to then not try , it’s a confidence issue surely , maybe westy and hutch have the right idea ?
  13. The fact we pay more or as much as any club in this division and higher no doubt to support our team is the biggest gripe and totally justified. Are we getting value for money ?
  14. Well I was there against Blackburn but I still stand by what I said
  15. I don’t totally buy that the players aren’t trying , they are low in confidence obviously but I just can’t see any player not trying , whats the point in that ?
  16. I totally understand your pain , it has never felt quite as bad as this , I think it’s the expectation and realisation that’s hurting us so much .
  17. I’m going tomorrow potg , I also left early against Blackburn if it’s anything like that I doubt I will be back this season unless we need a win last game to avoid relegation !!!
  18. That’s very true , I was going to mention it but I’ve moaned about ticket prices till I’m blue in the face !!
  19. We are going up mate Mr Chansiri will make sure we do !!!!
  20. It’s been far far worse than this , Ok it’s all gone pear shaped but blimey we have been a lot worse .
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