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  1. Haha know what you mean I’m 62 and overdo the celebrations sometimes and go dizzy and have to sit down , Don’t care who it’s against though
  2. Bit worrrying this luongo absence , he just can’t get a run in the side and now has disappeared totally !!
  3. He had pace on his side and 100% should have gone past the keeper for a tap in , I was a striker too and would back myself to put that chance away , bad bad miss .
  4. Ever thought of not taking it too seriously ?
  5. Be happy with a draw , way we are playing I expect a defeat .
  6. Hope you are right , I’m not convinced it’s suddenly going to turn round . Errors are occurring all over the place !!!!!!
  7. Just can’t see how bringing back Fletch will suddenly transform us back to winning ways , we have been extremely poor lately , maybe if he nets early in a game we gain in confidence and improve ? .Has it all been down to Fletchers absence this relegation form ? Anyway great to have him back .
  8. I’m sorry but that’s a load of rubbish , watch another sport if I want entertainment!! Really . Value for money for me is accepting I have paid more than any other fan in this division but walked out at the end of the game not thinking about how much it’s just cost me so the total opposite to Blackburn , Reading and other games lately . How come other clubs don’t pay so much ? . I have followed our team since 1970 and have rarely moaned about ticket prices until these last couple of seasons , I loved the first Carlos season that was entertainment .
  9. I paid over £60 to watch us get totally embarrassed by Blackburn and Reading , I can’t justify watching the way we play anymore , I put up with it when we were actually winning some games but wasn’t happy with monks style , love this club but I’ve had enough of being ripped off and watching , as you say rubbish .
  10. That’s exactly what you are doing isn’t it . It’s clear to me why Westwood has felt it necessary to release this statement but let’s just make more stuff up about the fella , he has been brilliant for us over the years and deserves better from our fan base .
  11. Why would he like it there , so he doesn’t play in the winter is that what you are trying to say ? Bizarre
  12. Oh dear !! Yes all in all not the best weekend was it
  13. Where does this cocky so and so’s come from exactly ? Quite bizarre what’s coming out on here oh let’s make something up eh !!! , time some fans got real and dealt in facts and leave the imagination well alone .
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