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  1. Will we get a goal ?, have a shot on target ? . Put more than 3 passes together ? .
  2. Haha good old Stones again gifting them a goal , hope he plays on Wednesday we have a chance of scoring with him playing
  3. We are in trouble On Wednesday, just try and keep the score down , we can’t cope with this level of football , City are frightening !!!
  4. It is a bit surprising they don’t sell out with the players they have on show .
  5. Good job you weren’t around in the 70’s then , at least back then it wasn’t wallet busting ticket prices though .
  6. You work on a farm ? Going to need a lot of straws if you hope yesterday was a one off !!!!
  7. The fact still remains we aren’t good enough if Fox is one of our best players . I don’t see how what the pigs achieved has anything to do with our situation but it seems to me it was the system that got them up, don’t like drawing comparisons with anything they do ,
  8. Most improved yes but one of our best !! We are not going up anytime soon then .
  9. Hope stones plays he’s worth a blunder or two , always got a chance with him in the side !! .
  10. It’s an impressive record no one can argue , it’s the “ other “ stuff he’s getting slated for , I’m sure he will dictate play tomorrow until he runs out of steam hopefully.
  11. I can recall he was world class for about 18 months then got injured and never reached those heights again , second highest scorer In the premier isn’t he !!
  12. Christ he was only asking , I was thinking the same the other day , get over yourself , he will most likely be head and shoulders above any other player if he plays regardless of his private life and personality
  13. Holding hands really !!! Can’t see what your issue is , Rangers was a friendly and the support was awesome .
  14. More accidental don’t you think , did he intend to fall over it certainly doesn’t look like it bless him !! .
  15. And the teams above us also fighting for the play offs
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