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  1. Ok but last night he was ineffective and should have been replaced by Fletch
  2. Yes they work twice as hard to get the ball back and hunt it down in packs !!! Class act arent they . I have just watched the game again and realise that City didn’t have to play at their best so lacked some attacking intensity but we defended really well it had to be said .
  3. Some of monks decisions are baffling , That Cruz fella was poor all the game .
  4. Yes nearly all our dead ball situations were disappointing especially the corners.
  5. With the ball at our feet we just didn’t show enough movement and support imo , it’s not a moan I know it was difficult
  6. Did you see the pressing they did when we had the ball , they worked their socks off to get the ball back . The one obvious annoyance for me was the lack of movement and ambition on the odd occasion we had the ball . Then again they aren’t one of the best sides in the world for nothing .
  7. Almost felt like a victory for me , i amongst 99% of fans expected a drubbing in the scoreline , it didn’t happen .No one can accuse the players of not trying last night , my only criticism is we didn’t show enough ambition when we had the ball , if Fletch had reached that brilliant cross from Hunt the place would have exploded with noise , fans were decent too . At the end of it all we lost and are out of the cup but we put up a good fight and that’s all we can ask surely .
  8. We are , especially like you who has to travel so far and spend so long ,starting to question is it worth it . I doubt I could ever stop going altogether but I now pick and choose games , will be there tonight all the same
  9. I see your point but it’s moments like walking out after 70 mins 5-0 down against Blackburn for over £30 that hurt me more . I still doubt we would sell out under Chansiri prices week in week out , one off games yes no doubt. There has to be some sort of value for money even if you are loyal surely ?
  10. Lucky you , it’s good you can afford not all loyal fans can.
  11. Lower your expectations, lessen your hope and all will be fine , maybe ?
  12. You lost that loving feeling then !! Doesn’t entering the ground , seeing the pitch make you realise why you are there anymore ?
  13. I’m actually scared , never felt this bad ever before a game , it could go so horribly wrong , but then again ......
  14. Yes it has something to do with ticket prices , only way Chansiri would get away with charging so much and filling the stadium is if we were riding high and playing well , it’s on tv , midweek , fans who have been recently are mentally scarred that’s for sure but £30 in the kop is too much , chance to help out the long suffering fans and as per he’s blown it
  15. You actually think the ticket prices are ok then , really ? Massive mistake in my eyes charging so much as usual .
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