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  1. The 2 - 2 draw at the stain after being 2-0 down , when the equaliser went in it was something else !! Can’t remember the year but Jones should have won it for us at the death , now if that had gone in !! Last 2 games at Leeds we’re pretty good too . Our away support is amazing still .
  2. Loving these stories , been following the Owls since 1971 and I have been to countless games , never seen any major trouble at any game not been to Chelsea or West Ham maybe that’s why .
  3. Leave it out , it obviously bothers you , don’t read em then !!!!
  4. I actually feel sorry for any player of ours getting booed , it’s sad and embarrassing even if I agree , booing a player is wrong .
  5. I agree we were the highest scorers away from home for a while , that doesn’t happen by poor performances, I just felt we were a bit one dimensional.
  6. Well I must say I don’t see any trouble at away games , it sad isn’t its Wednesday fans fighting each other .
  7. To concede 5 is unforgivable, I would have been fuming too if I’d been there
  8. Our away results maybe but performances not for me .
  9. It doesn’t help travelling all that way , spending quite a lot of cash , to then witness a shambles , it’s embarrassing too .
  10. We weren’t playing well back then just efficiently, I was bored silly but the results papered over things but now the wins have dried up !!!!!
  11. Yes sack him he’s clueless . I always stick up for our managers and believe they need time but for Monk I’m making an exception, he hasn’t got a clue .
  12. Draws them out of a hat , different every week how can we possibly get a settled side like this !!
  13. Who has BT though ? everyone has BBC . Tv definitely influenced our crowd along with awful performances of late . Not forgetting Chansiri and is good ole ticket prices !!
  14. Oh right , well if that’s the case we need to ship them out ASAP .
  15. Not heard anyone say they are proud are you sure about that ? . Can you accept that going by recent home games , ( Charlton excepted ) where we have conceded 11 goals ,With players accused of not trying , to hold one of the best free scoring sides on the planet to 1 slightly lucky goal is a small step on the road to recovery.
  16. Oh stop being so ballsy , seriously did you believe we could have competed against City really ? Think back to our last 3 or 4 home games and the goals we have conceded , then check who City have beaten lately , get real, for someone with such football knowledge you appear to be lacking a touch of realism.
  17. Oh dear , do you need to calm down ? . Don’t really want to discuss the game with you , but I will say I expected us to lose by at least 3 or 4. Happy you have a vast knowledge of the game though , well done you .
  18. What were your thoughts before the game , how many goals did you expect us to concede ?
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