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  1. 2 hours ago, rickygoo said:


    He isn't Lev Yashin. He might not even be Bob Bolder any more. His time may well be up here. He may be the best, second best, third best goalie on the books currently but at his peak he was our best, most consistent keeper for many years. I just think he deserves a bit more respect than he's been getting from some on here regardless of whether he should be in the team or not. 

    Exactly this 

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  2. 9 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


    So he's just a moneygrabber then?
    Who knows that by staying it cripples us in how much we can spend on new players/wages - effectively risking relegation for the club

    Thanks for the clarification

    Crippling us really !!! yes you don’t like the bloke , so you would move on for much less to help out ? Seriously . You could argue ALL players are money grabbers and why not it’s a short career 

  3. 1 hour ago, Sticky Micky said:

    Westwood was diabolical before he got dropped 

    But rather than sitting on the bench and fighting for his place

    He got another 'injury', just like when he didn't get the Ireland number 1 


    The guy as a p155 taker 

    He was diabolical !! Goodness me , ok you don’t like the bloke but is there any need for such strong condemnations ?  

  4. 13 hours ago, Sticky Micky said:

    If he had any self respect 

    He'd be banging the managers door down to get in the team or a move away 

    But he's quite happy to collect his wage and dance about like a b3ll3nd on social media


    The guys taking the p155 out of the clubs and fans and yet people still defend the moron 

    Got any  proof have you ? , the only b3ll3nds as you put it are the clowns paying him to do nothing , . How do you know he’s happy ? , you are throwing accusations around on what grounds ? . He’s not taking anything out of me it’s just your take on it . 

  5. 2 hours ago, Jack the Hat said:

    His replacement Kachunga laboured around the pitch today and midweek.


    Who in wednesdays squad is capable of scoring a hat trick the quality of which Rhodes scored against Forest less that 12 months ago?

    who was the last wednesday player before Rhodes to get a hat trick?

    rhodes has been a disappointment since he came here, but who in our squad is more likely to score more than him? 
    Windass has to play either way because of his energy but who is this imaginary squad player who will score more than Rhodes. Don’t insult me by saying either Kachunga or reach 

    who is this mythical beast?

    We haven’t got a striker who can score on a regular basis , who we can rely upon to get us a goal and that includes Rhodes , I just don’t see why you think he’s the answer , you have seen his  performances  haven’t you ? we are still searching for a striker to take us forward , Hopefully we get one soon . 

  6. 36 minutes ago, N0rtherner said:


    Oh no, is this something like when kids finally discover Santa's not real?


    Yes, yes, Harry Potter is real... head down to King's Cross and run full force into one of the pillars between platform 9 and 10. When you're being treated for the concussion afterwards, we can pick up this conversation again lol

    So 4 privet drive is fictitious ? 

  7. 57 minutes ago, A12owl said:

    And the right(wronguns) players have left. 


    I don’t know anything about that and I doubt you do either , I don’t deal with speculation just on my own instinct and it was clear to all we needed to change big time . I have to say the players that have left recently all contributed in our run ups to the play offs for me . 

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  8. 31 minutes ago, The_Limit_Owl said:

    Would anybody agree that mistakes have been learned by the club hierarchy?


    I know it's early days but the culture seems to be much more positive.

    I think we are still a bit wary of the way D.C. runs our club , he needs to change his ways and learn from past mistakes , just like anyone else .

  9. The only reason for me that our belief in Monk faltered was the run after Christmas and the diabolical performances we put in . Every manager needs time , he has to be allowed to get his players and back room staff in then lets see where we go then .UTO 

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