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  1. 6 minutes ago, HIGHERSTATE said:


    Absolute fknuggets.


    Once you've been scapegoated...that's it...People must be so stubborn that they will never change their mind.  Like they are not even watching whats happening on the pitch.  They must be ready for it all day, getting ready to abuse someone, anyone.


    Booing when his name was announced...groaning and shouting at his decision to pass it inside. Booing when the players went off at halftime.  Jesus get a life, or fk off to the pantomime.

    You sound angry ? 

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  2. 1 minute ago, Lord Snooty said:


    Your right there.

    We love booing a lad for bad games in previous seasons.


    Fox could be 9/10 from now till the end of the season but would still get groaned for a miss-placed pass.

    Just how it is.


    Nice to see Bullen sticking up for him in the interview though. "Course he might make a mistake. You do when with all the groans. Much better second half when people got behind him."

    Funny that.

    Mistakes are expected because he has made many in games gone by it’s like some are just waiting for him to mess up so they can groan and say told you so . Fans have their opinions but booing a player is not helping our cause at all . I see a decent player in there somewhere he has a lot going for him I reckon .

  3. Just now, owls maniac said:

    He was heckled excessively as soon as he made a mistake. This does not happen to other players, especially golden boys like Bannan. 

    My hearing must be bad then , the crowd were impatient when we weren’t going forward at times , there was the odd groan at a misplaced pass but that wasn’t just aimed at Fox was it .

  4. 1 minute ago, Lord Snooty said:

    Decent game yesterday.

    Infact I'd argue he saved us 2 valuable points at the end.


    He's been generally ok in the last few games I've seen him to be honest.

    But once people are in the targets some never escape...


    He wasn't the only one who made a wayward pass yesterday. But the only one who seems to get the groans that more 'popular' players avoid when they do similarly.


    There's always one. Always has been.  

    Some of his past performances are the cause of negativity he has to win round the doubters that’s all , if he’s good enough he will , not sure he can are you ?  

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  5. People are entitled to their opinion , booing is harsh but at half time the whole team got booed . To state he had a mom performance tonight staggers me in fact it feels a bit patronising. Yes he improved second half but I don’t think he is high end championship material . neg all you like . 

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  6. 6 hours ago, 1993swfc said:

    Wasn’t Westwood’s finest moment at all! I’m sure no one even needs to tell him that! He’s had a bad start to the season so far! Reckless at Reading and then Millwall. But there’ll be more games he wins us points than loses, that I am sure. 

    Could this be his last season as a top keeper ? 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Socialist_Owl said:

    We're papering over cracks right now.  We need to be laying a solid foundation now, implementing proper tactics and personnel assignments.  This is going to bite us midseason, if not earlier.


    If it's going to be Bullen (God forbid), just do it.  Or just get a real, available manager in, post haste

    This is it though finding the right manager to take us forward and build foundations as you state isn’t easy .The last thing we need is another 5 minute appointment like Jos . Who would you suggest ? I wanted Hughton  bit  stuck after that .

  8. Just now, Bulgaria said:

    Without wanting to sound too harsh, I highly recommend the banana boxes available at any leading supermarket, they are super thick and make for a cosy nights sleep. They also bend rather easily so perfect for carrying from doorway to doorway.

    As an added bonus, they absorb pee rather well, a must for when the pubs start chucking out punters.

    And do they have a delightful aroma of bananas ? Hmm banana sarnies now your talking 

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