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  1. 44 minutes ago, np pontefract said:


    Well I'll stick my head above the Barricade. ...


    I want Jordan Rhodes to be playing and scoring for Sheffield Wednesday next season.


    If the team play to his strengths, he will score the goals..........

    You certain of that are you ? I’m not , he was shockingly poor for us , all this set him up and he will score carry on ,bet I could score if set up too !!! . 

  2. 18 hours ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:


    He'd be a decent squad player for most Championship clubs, and considering his form in the back half of last season, he'd be a starter for most lower half teams.


    I never understand the scramble to criticise or dismiss our own players from some Wednesday fans.

    Do you not think the reason some don’t want Palmer is simply because of how you have described him , a lower half team player !! Think fans prefer a higher league player that’s all . 

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  3. 4 hours ago, james o connor said:

    He should not have been kept on . He’s been knackered since he joined . To put it into perspective ‘super hooper’ scored as many for us in his entire career here as fat boy sharpe did for them last season, en route to promotion. I really hope this is the end of carrying dead wood . We might actually achieve then 

    Say what you like it’s your opinion, we obviously differ on what we like to see on the football pitch . 

  4. 2 hours ago, S26 Owl said:

    Bruce had plenty of opportunities to look at him and decide if he wanted him at the end of the season. If he decided he wasnt what we needed then I trust him.


    However I'd have kept him for a year but I suspect he wanted a longer deal

    So you don’t trust Bruce then ? 

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  5. 1 hour ago, SallyCinnamon said:

    We need wide players. If he's coming in as backup I don't see the problem.


    If we aren't looking for quicker options out wide and Downing is our go to man, I would be worried. 

    Downing is a worry full stop 

  6. 48 minutes ago, Mrmason69 said:

    Norwich won't pay Rhodes 50k a week or anywhere near that 

    Why would a shrewd club like Norwich want a totally washed up has been like Rhodes 

    For goodness sake Wednesday give him away. He's worthless. 

    I believe we were paying 35k of his wages when on loan. Makes semse as we saved 15 k a week and got rid of his troublesome influence for a season

    I also believe that Norwich have offered to pay us 100k for him 


    That's still way too much for this waste of space 

    Bit harsh !! 

  7. 3 minutes ago, Hougoumont said:

    Oh! I don't know...many women find a man more attractive as they get a bit of maturity under their belt, especially one who is earning a fortune in wages.

    Why are you so adamant in wanting Rhodes to stay at Wednesday, what have you seen I haven’t since his arrival ? . Do you believe it’s down to Steve Bruce  taking over ? 

  8. 6 hours ago, legendaryswan said:

    Depends on if we can supply what he thrives on,in the past we havent,hes got goals in him,will he fit into how we want to play going foreward I think he may well do,but he needs to find his touch and quickly to douse the doubters many of whom have already made their mind up,could prove an asset in a side that gets the ball foreward more quickly.

    If Norwich are backtracking on an agreement,id say stuff em and keep him,if Bruce agrees,but if they offer us the agreed fee then all well and good,he moves on we lower the wage bill and look elswhere

    And what happens if D.C. remains stubborn and won’t budge on price Norwich back out , we keep him and his form continues next season . Sounds like the only way you think Jordan Rhodes can thrive is if chances are put on a plate for him , well the game has moved on and strikers need to be contributing more I believe . He has moved his family down Norfolk , he is happy down there , let him go we have enough strikers as it is , his fee and wages don’t warrant the risk of keeping him , Hope I’m wrong but I doubt it .

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  9. 15 minutes ago, Hougoumont said:

    Not exactly


    Don't know pal..

    But it's not "hardly played all season" is it?

    I watched Norwich whenever I could  ( Sky ) and Rhodes was rarely involved , all I’m saying is this £7m isn’t realistic now 

  10. 5 minutes ago, Bouncing Owl said:


    Absolutely! I’d be happy with a £3m fee so we can write off this year’s payment to Boro and of next year’s payment whilst saving his wages. I honestly think this is the best we can hope to get out of any deal.

    He wants to stay down there we want him off our wage bill , anything near £4m settles what we owe Boro doesn’t it ? 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Bouncing Owl said:

    For the good of us and Rhodes, I hope we can get a deal done. He doesn’t want to come back due to allegations of bullying and he is happy at Norwich. We think he’s crap and a striker with a limited skill set.


    We won’t get £7m, even though it may be in his loan contract. £4m would be the top price but I’d really be happy to take £3m given he’s on £35k PW for a further 2 years and he’s surplus to requirements.

    He’s moved his family down Norfolk too , makes sense to let him go cut our losses , wish him well and move on 

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  12. 1 minute ago, oldishowl said:


    Why wouldn’t our starting position be the fee they agreed as part of the loan deal 

    Because he has hardly played all season for starters , if he had scored a hatful of goals and looked anything like £7m fair do’s but come on let’s be realistic 

  13. Would this be happening had it been his borefest of a team in the final instead of Derby ? It’s an absolute embarrassment and sour grapes of the highest order , who does he actually think he is , surely this will get laughed out of court . Man City better watch out premier clubs could sue them next !!! Boro fans wonder what they make of this !! .

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