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  1. Whatever happened to right and proper and sportsmanship eh , modern footballers pah !!!
  2. I feel the criticism was more through disappointment. It was clear he didn’t suit our style under Carlos so he was off to a bad start there . I thought his time with us was over but if we get the old Jordan Rhodes back it could get interesting. Credit Garry Monk too .
  3. You are maybe right but to say he didn’t deserve the criticism for his past performances is a tad short sighted , he cost a lot of money and we expected more and I bet he did too , today he delivered and every fan is happy and relieved , let’s hope todays contribution continues .
  4. Why did someone say he was poo today ?
  5. Oh so you are happy with Dawson’s distribution and the way he deals with the ball at his feet under pressure ?
  6. Kick off time Snoots ? the game has just finished then has it ? Haha . Can see our good record against these continuing , we are a match for any side in this league and Fletch is on fire . UTO .
  7. Got carried away there ole boy , are 3 points more important than the election ? Too right they are , all as bad as one another , prefer the colour blue can’t go for red just can’t . Take a draw tonight but have a sneaky feeling ........!!! RIP Big Jim .
  8. Got to be said up to now we are doing ok aren’t we, quietly optimistic , keeping it to myself , seen it before but well we aren’t bad are we !! . Up to now that is . Looking forward to Derby should be able to give them a game for once .
  9. Best football I’ve seen in many years . Loved it me .
  10. Think it’s a reference to our fan base ?
  11. Hopefully not no but I hope Monk wants to win this game as much as any in the league .
  12. Regards that shower , maybe little consolation but the Jamie Vardy goal and consequential celebration are what I’m taking from this seasons proceedings , quality .
  13. My sentiments exactly , just take each game as it comes , any forthcoming adversity will just make us stronger anyway .
  14. If this , if that !!! , why can’t we go out to try and win every game ? Why does it only have to be league games , The sad fact is we will probably lose to Brighton and the likes of you will actually be happy about that . Why does it have to be one or the other ?
  15. Why ? What do we gain by that exactly , you want us to lose , just don’t get that one bit
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