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  1. I understand what you are saying and I agree but why trek to Germany set up a game or two but don’t prepare properly.
  2. Well yes I agree but I’m struggling to find a preference .I just don’t like what I’ve seen from a Coleman side , he doesn’t appear to know how to change teams for the better .Think we all have to be open minded though
  3. Regardless of the importance of any game surely the preparation to a game should be the main concern , so are you suggesting a full training session has lessened the likelihood of the team being competitive? .
  4. Still pile 50k fans in regular and travel in vast numbers .
  5. I am basically sick to the back teeth of hearing about Bruce , time to move on wipe the wet wipe from memory UTO
  6. Haha you’ve nailed it there Snoots , love it
  7. I don’t think it matters what device you have , they are most probably not for sale to everybody yet
  8. I don’t want any manager currently employed unless it’s all done squeaky clean and above board , the total opposite to Bruce and his lap dogs . Anyway won’t it cost us more to draft in a manager currently employed .
  9. He hasn’t the know how or ability to make any impression or improvement on our team , really feel we would struggle with him in charge so it’s a NO from me too .
  10. No sorry and the description you portray just makes my blood boil !!!
  11. Makes Carlos look credible that’s how pathetic he is
  12. Welcome back Snoots , missed your sense of humour and dedication to a cracking good ole match day thread , cheers and here’s to a successful season , maybe ??
  13. He’s just a conman , bullsh@tting his way through doesn’t have a loyal bone in his body don’t want a man like that managing our club I'm actually pleased he has gone , look forward to watching his demise at Newcastle .
  14. I take it thats a dig of some description if so hardly called for is it banana !! .
  15. Now it’s official he’s a money grabbing un loyal piece of something smelly we can say what we really think
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