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  1. Great race, hope for more like it! Bahrain always gives great racing. nobody else could have done what Hamilton did there IMO
  2. thanks skyline appreciate your help
  3. I'm only really interested in playing F1, iRacing and GTA 6 whenever it comes out. was gonna get PS5 but as i'm on the road a fair bit Laptop works best. I dont mind paying a fair bit if its gonna last. How come theres such an issue with GPUs etc at the min?
  4. McLaren look really good yestetday
  5. Wouldn't have a clue where to start... What's the best brands out there? What's the best laptop currently? What's the best value for money?
  6. i give up never gonna get one
  7. Yeah thought it was crap. Oh well racing next week!
  8. not being able to go a god send really haha worst part will be relegation but Pulis getting the job was a kick in the teeth cheers
  9. ah look the way i see it were fizzed and were down already so may as well give him a go and hope for a miracle
  10. What we reckon the chances of Silverstone having a crowd this year??
  11. Legend cheers fattybear I'll check Amazon on the regular
  12. Rip Murray what a legend
  13. isnt that f1 full stop? yeah its just pre season testing, just need my fix nowtv any good? seems expensive all I want it for is F1
  14. Anyone know where I can watch testing? dont have sky
  15. How much is the PS5 in the shops, every website I check just says sold out. I found one on gumtree for 500 (with the disc player)
  16. havent played my switch in a while cant find any good games for it at the min
  17. i thought BOTW was crap really boring. Links awakening on the switch is great
  18. He's gone What a horrible little man
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