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Community Answers

  1. 32 countries? What's the point in qualifiers ffs, what a rubbish tournament it's become
  2. I like it tbh, Hamilton disrespected the number 1 by not using it and i'm glad to see it back, I'd be over doing it with the helmet etc as well in Verstappen's position
  3. Does Prosts 89 title have a *? Schumachers 94 title? Time to move on now, decision was made, they've changed the rules now. Its a new season.
  4. Depends on the rules in the country they're racing in, they're still wearing masks for interviews in Bahrain so imagine it's still strict
  5. Was only 15 years ago they didnt even have a shirt sponsor because the barca brand was bigger than anything else.
  6. Why on earth didn't get bring Stirling or Jesus on?
  7. Thanks guys, actually Essix and Owlstalk were there for 1 of my 2 trips to london haha! Will look at Soho to stay then, is it a safe area? Will check the sky garden too, will do the obv places Tower bridge, parliament, queens house etc too. Will be my missus first time there so have to do the tourist crap haha
  8. no chance, your talking a big club going to the wall (with the greatest of respect to Bury, Macclesfield etc), nobody wants to see it and FA rightly giving as much time as possible, and would give us or even united as long Its annoying the stayed up over us but really hope they can survive. looking less likely by the day.
  9. 100% it's shitty but every clubs fans would if the owner had bought the success he has
  10. Wasnt the spirit of the regulations to finish under the safety car?
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