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  1. Hey mate are you dead or whats going on? nobodys heard from you for ages

  2. i bet those guys have done some ******** depraved stuff over the years
  3. anyone know good sites to buy retro weds shirts??
  4. yeah mate that bloke reading gazette de la sport in some cafe making jokes was great, then a game on a Sunday. Think this was made more special by football not being on the tv that often (before sky we just had this champs league on itv and the fa cup on bbc) People say money has made the football better but has it? A load of soft sods diving all the time now, doubt we will see again The hatred Man U and arsenal used to have for each other Id like to see a cap on foreign players to be honest, but maybe that’s because I’m a xenophobe hows the footie in South Amer
  5. 5 grand Kilmarnock let’s ******** goooooooooooo
  6. Transfer deadline day isn’t the same without Natalie sawyers massive ********
  7. Kayo has championship games (not always Wednesday) that you can watch whenever, we’re on once a month about
  8. Thought it was obvious that he was doing that but apparently not?
  9. Aye still living off that goal against palace a few years ago
  10. Haha he will probably do the talking before and after matches in a tracksuit but the match commentary in a suit whatacunt
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