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  1. Hi everyone i would like to know the best and the worst individual and team performance you’ve ever seen live i will let you include opposition sides and players my best team performance would probably be when we beat Coventry 5-1 at home in the 02/03 season with McLaren scoring from 40 yards, or beating Leicester away 4-1 in 06/07 with 3 screamers in 5 minutes individually would probably be Chris brunt running the show in countless games in the same era thanks Bye
  2. fizz me another season in league 1 wouldn’t be that bad? Being know and a championship/league 1 yo yo club? Have a word. we can have a clean slate at the end of any season
  3. matt hamshaw running length of the pitch vs watford 4-0 league cup quarter final 2001? Good first game to go to
  4. Lol two weeks ago we were a point of playoffs, now we're in free fall. Chansiri has done a lot for this club, remember what it was like 5 years ago
  5. Just the Huddersfield game for me, it was there for the taking
  6. Just the Huddersfield game for me, it was there for the taking
  7. I'd like to see us leave Hillsborough to be honest the atmosphere is crap and it's a relic, but no point till we are in the premier
  8. No your wrong he hates Wednesday and is a cheeky monkey and should never be on telly again
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