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  1. His time shouldn’t be up because he should have never been in charge in the first place, when will we ever fo ok in learn?
  2. We need a manager ASAP or this seasons a write off.
  3. Will say it again he’s not good enough, that first half last night was abysmal, we looked like a managerless side, if he continues to set us up like that there’ll be some proper good hidings come our way against the stronger sides in the division, we’ve had a very kind start to the season fixture wise and big improvements are needed to sustain a top 6 challenge. The squad is there unfortunately at present the manager isn’t.
  4. I’m not getting carried away until we’ve played a decent opposition, Barnsley we’re a poor side but we allowed them to control large parts of the game, one up top is negative football, we need a top manager because as the coming weeks will show Bullen is completely out of his depth. You’ll all be screaming for his head come December.
  5. This is of the clubs own doing I’m afraid. This could have been resolved prior to the season starting had we acted sooner, it’s not just us either Bramall lane issues are being looked at also. This is no fault of Chansiri but things have to change at the Leppings lane end of the stadium, it should have been demolished years ago and a more modern replacement built, it’s needs a larger concourse building over the river to create a wider access and egress point. The issues with the coaches is absolute Bol locks as this was created by the police themselves. This isn’t going away any time soon, we need to work with all parties otherwise our capacity is going to be around 28,000.
  6. Explains why the dingles weren't given any extra allocation, all them extra fingers add up to at least 4000 people, no way were SAG having that.
  7. How many years of that has been spent in management?
  8. You earn a chance and you earn that chance by learning your trade, there is a major difference between in a caretaker role with nothing to lose to what there is having the day to day pressures of being answerable for results.
  9. For a while I'd agree but i couldn't see Bullen fining players for coming back for pre season unfit or having giving out a round of fizzes in the dressing room when required. He has done nothing to warrant being given the job on a permanent basis.
  10. It'll end in tears if Bullen is appointed, he's too close to the players and it's all a bit too cosy. We need an experienced manager, whether we get one is another matter. If we end up with another unknown or if he appoints Bullen the outcome will be the same, we'll be looking for another manager within 12 months.
  11. F()()king disgusting after being found not guilty in the courts. He will not win he appeal as long as he's an hole in is arse.
  12. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/fwa-20192020-season-preview-tickets-64730613006 Description Join the Football Writers’ Association for an intimate 2019/20 season preview at the prestigious Landmark Hotel. Host, Gerry Cox will be joined by former Spurs and Manchester United striker, Teddy Sheringham, ex-Brighton boss, Chris Hughton, Simon Jordan, former owner of Crystal Palace FC and Chair of the Football Writers’ Association, Carrie Brown. With additional special guests set to be confirmed, the evening is sure to be packed with insight and entertainment. Time: 7.30pm-10pm Location: Landmark Hotel, 222 Marylebone Rd, London, NW1 6JQ Cost: £10 (excl. booking fee) each ticket includes one free drink All proceeds will go to Alzheimer’s Society.
  13. 10-12 after a brief flirtation with the top 6. Again we have some quality players but are way off being a team, the midfield is still average at best and we still look weak in defence, especially on the left hand side and will struggle if Lee or Borner have any time out. We still need a clear out but with no manager currently in position the chancesof that happening before the transfer window closes are slim.
  14. Hope not he played for the flying Donkeys so will take an instant liking to Nuhiu and give him a 3 year contract.
  15. He ruled himself out early doors according to the press, I’d go along with that too given he’s not been appointed, if he wanted the job he’d have been here a week ago, if he’s taking this long to think about I’d suggest he’s not the man for us.
  16. My do people think we’re gunna get Hughton when he’s already stated he doesn’t want the job.
  17. Our midfield wasn't good enough 4 years ago and still isn't today. It lacks pace and strength, we'll not be promoted until this is addressed.
  18. We need a Bullen at the club who can step in at times like this, if he gets the job at some stage he's gone. If he genuinely wants to be a manager he needs to go and learn his trade. He's on a hiding to nothing if he was given the job with us, spilt fan base from the off who'll want blood when it goes *** s up. I don't want to see a decent guy go as so many have before him.
  19. Back once again, Back once again with the Lennegade master.
  20. Someone's pulling yer P isser. The reason he's unknown is because he doesn't exist.
  21. I suppose all contracts are different but there are quite a few managers who have been put on gardening leave to see out their contracts after being sacked or walking out. Megon for example loves his Gardening leave, this is often done so that clubs can continue to pay monthly when compensation cannot be agreed. If you sack a manager you're paying what's stated in the contract, 9 times out of ten that's the salary amount what would have been due for it's duration.
  22. He's obviously used some of his 1.7 million salary to have his Lugs reduced.
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