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  1. Disgusting really how can they expect them to live on 6000 nicker a week? Hopefully the government will top up their salary’s via universal credit.
  2. The seasons over, the EFL and premier league can stamp their feet all they like. Even if games are played behind closed doors they would need medical cover at the stadium and that has been withdrawn by the government. Players would still need to travel on coaches, 25 man squad, coaching staff, club medics, performance analysts, ass wipers etc that teams in the premier league seem to have. The stadiums would still need catering, cleaning staff and security, once supporters know the games on loads of wooden headed foo kers would go to the ground, police would then be required. People running the game are cvnts of the highest order, they should cancel it now and start making plans for next season.
  3. Don’t see the issue, he’s called it as he saw it. Overall a very decent player for us, our supporters need to learn players are here to do a job, the badge kissing is a load of bo l l ocks.
  4. Fair does I tend not to believe anything until it’s back up, I certainly don’t believe she’d be left at home to fend for herself.
  5. Agreed but to say 40% of people who have or had coronavirus are now deceased in Italy is wrong.
  6. If she was that seriously Ill she'd be in intensive care surrounded by medical staff in space suits.
  7. We’re you getting the 40% from, the current fatality rate in Italy is 7%, if everyone was tested that could drop. No doubt this is serious but the panic is beyond belief. We need calm heads, the South Korean foreign minister who was on the Ridge show is exactly what’s needed.
  8. Seasons over, there are too many implications, what happens to the playoffs for example, once contracts have expired that’s it, players are not insured.
  9. There was a conference call of major chief execs & gov officials last night, somethings coming.
  10. Our company has just given a brief on covid-19, anyone who can work from home without effecting business productivity is do so and go home immediately. We are to be sent DSE assessments for our working area at home, this is going to last a while, Site staff are being assessed and onsite works will be halted when deemed necessary. If employees of large companies are being sent home whether Ill or not I don't see how football matches and other large events can go ahead, I recon all football will be postponed imminently.
  11. A unique opportunity is to be offered to supporters willing to purchase a 10 year season ticket. The first 3 seasons will enable supporters to enjoy the very best of league 1 football, upon expiry supporters will be invited to reclaim the costs of the final 7 years, details of the administrators will be named in due course.
  12. Disagree Bruce saw it, said to his agent get me the fizz out of here. This c v nuts hanging on for a pay day.
  13. His record is absolutely abysmal. Resign you useless stinky flaps.
  14. Ok If things are that bad behind the scenes, resign, that’s what any self respecting person would do. Stop with the cryptic messages, innuendo, diversion tactics and resign.
  15. Anyone who has played any kind of sport Which has a squad environment will understand why very few sports personalities have come out, it’s the same within the armed forces. It can be great fun but when on the receiving end you need rhino skin. Coming out in either of those two environments would take some serious bo ll ocks, one day I’m sure things will improve but it won’t be any time soon.
  16. I hope he's got some deep heat and hot water bottle for his back, it's gunna be in tatters come 22:00.
  17. What’s the point in raking over this again, it’s been done to death. The club is f00ked and unfortunately all we can do is sit, watch it unfold and prey there’s something left at the end. It’s a sad state of affairs but it’s been coming since Chansiri’s two year plan failed, he’s been called out time and time again but the people pointing his failures out were told to f00koff t lane.
  18. When will we ever learn? He’s been a decent signing but he’s nearing the end of his career. Wish him well and move on.
  19. Lowest home crowd I’ve seen for a league game for 10+ years, sad to see.
  20. It’s about time he raised ticket prices so that we can afford a better squad.
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