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  1. It will come in very handy will Millmoor within the next few years. It will give us somewhere to play instead of a ground share with United once we end up in the same situation as Derby. Hopefully the 75 year season ticket holders will get to reserve their seats first.
  2. Hopefully Roland closely followed by Kevin, pair of cv nts.
  3. He’d have been gone at the end of last season if it was up to me but unfortunately he’s here to stay. He simply doesn’t have promotion in him and was never likely to do so via the playoffs because just like Carlos he’s not brave enough. On a separate point this squad is ageing and has numerous players that carry long term injuries, we have to be more wise and let players go at the right time and stop signing players with long records of injuries. Moore has got to learn the level we are at and stop with his ideal way of playing, if he doesn’t we’re going to be down here for a good few years. We need a younger fitter squad with a few older heads in the right positions and we are desperate for a leader, for those who complain about shithousery we better learn to deal with that too because it’s the level we’re at, some of our fans note the word fans actually think these sides should be rolling over and watching us making Hollywood passes around our 6 yard box. Bring on fo o king Forest green rovers.
  4. We played as we always do away from home and got away with it, we could have very easily been out of it. However we’re very much still in it but we are going to have to be as intense as Sunderland were last night and some. My fear is we like giving gifts and if we’re not level before half-time we’ll have to Chuck the kitchen sink at it and get sucker punched. It’s Sunderland’s to lose.
  5. Moore doesn’t have it in him to win cup football. Far too negative.
  6. He's not for me, he's far too negative to get a side promoted. He had the tools to walk this league but chose not to use them and only stumbled on a decent run when injuries reduced his tinkering ability. I will stick with my original prediction that we won't be promoted under Moore as long as I've a hole in my ass.
  7. I’m not into brigades but I’m with you on the rest.
  8. Think a move would be good him and the club. He's a luxury that is not afforded, we are desperate for some athleticism & strength in the middle of the park.
  9. Blessing in disguise especially for the away game.
  10. Sunderland have sold out their away allocation and no mention from them on additional tickets either.
  11. loses now just over 124million, this isn't going to end well.
  12. Our inability to complete with physical sides is 100% down to Moore and his recruitment. This league has always been the same and over the course of a 46 game season you have to be able to bully sides when needed, we are not strong or fit enough when it counts.
  13. Which one of Darren Moores formations sets the team up to create loads of chances for our loan striker? Admittedly there are better strikers in this league but the way we set up especially away from home isn't helping the promotion cause either.
  14. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/owls-confident-of-remaining-unbeaten-for-rest-of-the-season-3593641 ******** idiot.
  15. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/effort-to-help-protect-hillsborough-as-water-begins-to-break-barriers-3577488
  16. It’s now breached the wall into the south stand car park.
  17. How was it unjust? The side scoring the most goals WON the game, nothing unjust in that. People look to much into percentage this, percentage that and expected goals scored. It’s all Bol l cooks, the only stat that matters is the final score and today we rightly lost because we failed to score. Frustratingly we played well and on another day could have won but if you don’t take your chances you don’t win games.
  18. Very good players don't leave their current clubs in January to go out on loan to midtable L1 teams.
  19. Rangers' Easdale brothers set to sell club shares to Dave King for £1.3million - Daily Record
  20. Another hoax the picture is from Ibrox in 2019.
  21. Rangers' Easdale brothers set to sell club shares to Dave King for £1.3million - Daily Record
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