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  1. Very poor ref but that doesn’t hide the fact we’ve sat back in the second half trying to defend a 1-0 lead.
  2. Everton are a better footballing side...If we had gone toe to toe we would have lost by a bigger margin..simple as Sometimes its a battle and forget the finery...It was that last night...Good effort against a good side.
  3. Agree to disagree, we have a squad capable of competing, unfortunately we don’t have a manager or coaching staff capable of bringing the best out of it. We’ll face far better sides than Fulham.
  4. Excuses pal, it’s not good enough you know it, and I know it, like me you’ve been going long enough to know today was s h ite.
  5. It’s a awful appointment, give it 5 games churning out poo like that and the fanbase will turn. I have a grip and call it as I see it, I’ve been watching this for 40 plus years and know a bad manager when I see one.
  6. Barnsley went all out attacking and beat them, we’re they simply not good enough? They took the best option, went at em and won. United used as an example of what can be achieved if you have the testicles.
  7. Have a day off pal, are you happy with that performance today? We had 10 men behind the ball, the first priority being not to lose the game, that was like watching the dark days under Alan Irvine, completely unacceptable. You Carry on clapping though.
  8. Each to their own but that was utter poo against a side that was below us. If that is the way forward I’ll post yer me season ticket. Did United go to Everton thinking we start with a point and to come away with one is a good result? Did they f o ok, it’s been almost 20 years since we saw top flight football, that won’t change any time soon until we demand better. That today was utter w a n k delivered by a coward of a manager that was willing to listen to his two bit coach.
  9. What was embarrassing was they way Monk set us up with ten men behind the ball.
  10. And big clubs don't spend soon to be twenty years outside of the top division.
  11. He’s a Shiite appointment and will be gone by May.
  12. Offer withdrawn, you wouldn’t bring the foo ker back.
  13. First thing I’ve got wrong to be fair.
  14. He got there in the end just like he’ll appoint a manager in the end.
  15. Let’s hope so because he’s been a complete disaster, we are going nowhere whilst he is owner.
  16. None from me, he knows he’s not up to it. If he wants to be a manager he has to go and learn his trade elsewhere.
  17. As much as I think they deserve a chance, we’re not the right club for them.
  18. Selecting the right players and playing them in their correct positions would give us a fighting chance.
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