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  1. Fletcher and Hooper when fit are as good as anything at this level. Let's hope we get them both back to full fitness.
  2. Some of our supporters seriously need to get a grip.
  3. Kameron

    Back from Lincoln

    Carlos is the clown but you do have a point about Chansiri. Had he appointed the right manager when he sacked Gray and continued with the origional advises, i think we'd have had a season in the premier league, Doyen came about because of Carlos and we will pay a price for that for at least another season.
  4. Kameron

    Back from Lincoln

    The most noticeable thing for me was the fitness levels, especially in the the second half. The play was a bit rusty but that’s to be expected at this stage. Jos looks like he’s getting the important bit right, add some team spirit to those fitness levels and we’re half way there. If we can get rid of a few more and bring in a couple of quality players we’ll improve on last season, Jos has one hell of a mess to sort out but he looks to me like he knows what he’s doing, hopefully fans are as patient with him as they were with the fo o king clown who created this mess.
  5. Until the TF closes in August we can't really comment, if we sign no quality players then we've been hoodwinked.
  6. Kameron

    That survey

    Who do you think is covering players wages?
  7. They'll arrive once the world cup is over, still lots of players on holibobs.
  8. No need for a statement, ticket prices are remaining high in return for the same level of investment from Chansiri. The squad needs freshening up and it's good to see that finally happening.
  9. We need to be keeping hold of players like Hunt until we have replacements lined up. He's been a very good player for us and is more than a decent championship player, at the end of the day if his crossing was more consistent he'd be playing in the league above. We will not replace him for 1.6 million unless we get lucky and we are not in a position to afford better, Ash Baker may look a good prospect but can he do it for 40 odd games at this level, it would make more sense to offload Palmer and use Baker as Back up to Hunt.
  10. Almost 4 years later and they still haven’t paid a penny.
  11. QPR have been fined fuckall
  12. You need cash to go for it and DC has run out.
  13. Kameron

    Westwood Going

    Bye Kieran
  14. Kameron


    He's like many of our squad, just not quite good enough. We're not going to be promoted until various key positions are vastly improved, we need a top notch back up to cover Westwood. Wildsmith and Dawson are very capable keepers but for promotion we need better. This squad and management needs a total rebuild.