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  1. Was it Over the Line?

    Only over by the odd mile or so
  2. Strange but true...

    Looks like Tony Cunningham
  3. Team for Villa

    I don't see the need for a goal keeper against Villa, hopefully Jos plays Wildsmith along side Nuhiu.
  4. Rate jos so far?

    Depends what our plan is, if he’s here to steady the ship away from the relegation places then fair enough. However there’s no way setting up like we are is going to get us promotion. I’ve a niggling feeling things are going to get worse before they improve, I’ve seen some sh it over the past 35 years but this season is up there amongst the the biggest pile. By the way I don’t think Jos is a fault here, the blame is 100% with Chansiri.
  5. Reach, Joao and Nuhiu don't look sick to me
  6. Starting with no strikers despite having two on the bench for starters.
  7. Players with sickness would not be on the bench.
  8. He'd just rested players at the weekend, no excuse leaving better players on the bench.
  9. He's not played his strongest available 11 tonight, he's at fault.
  10. Millwall are winless in eight league matches against the Owls (D3 L5), since a 2-1 win in September 2005.
  11. Late run for the play offs?

    Win all our remaining games and we’ll wee wee em.
  12. Lees back

    He can't be, he's on an unofficial strike with the rest of the squad.
  13. We wouldn't beat a team of blind dwarfs at the minute.
  14. Carlos Curse ?

    They'll be back in a fortnight
  15. The Wednesday boo boys?

    Half time and full time is fair enough, it helps no one whilst the game is in play. The ironic cheering of Wildsmith was twatish and any fan doing that should stay away.