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  1. Kameron

    Some analysis

    You don't need a chart to workout we will be relegated unless Chansiri makes the change. Unfortunately I just don't see it happening.
  2. Kameron

    Still dicraceful

    What service did Fletcher receive last night? He worked hard for the team as he always does, but how he’s expected to be affective as a striker in a team set up like that I do not know.
  3. Can see em bettering the boxing day result tonight.
  4. He’s already said I’ll si thi to about 75 million quid, you would hope he has an exit strategy that sees him recoup what he can but leaves us in a position where we can pay HMRC, that would keep us out of administration. The only consolation for us is that he currently owes his sen probably around 45 million by now.
  5. Kameron

    The silence from S6

    Relax he’s had a plan since the transfer embargo was lifted. His plan is to gain promotion this season, it’s very exciting isn’t it?
  6. Kameron

    When is enough - enough?

    I'll stop going when D Taxis hit the road and Elev8 sports drinks hit the shelves. Until then I'm in.
  7. It's the chairman and Doyen that need to go, no point in changing the manager whilst these are still controlling the club.
  8. Kameron

    Heading For The Trapdoor

    It's in the air, there will need to be some major changes made if we're to prevent another visit to league 1. Chansiri needs to hand over the day to day running of the club, I can't see him doing so but he'll lose a shitload more dimes if he doesn't. I'd go and ask Wilko if he'd be prepared to take on a part time advisory roll until then of the season, I would then issue a statement saying I've made mistakes but am going to put them right, leaving the day to day running to Wilko I'd then go and find a buyer for the club who can take it forward, that won't be easy. I would task Wilko with finding the best available manager used to working with limited funds because come January I'd be recouping as much as physically possible to try and avoid further FFP sanctions, this mess could just be about sorted, it will be a difficult few seasons but he could get supporters back on side with some shrew positive decisions. If he continues as he is, it will end in tears for him and us, at the end of the day no one forced him to buy us weeing millions down the river don in the process, he's taken a gamble with daddies dimes and failed miserably, thanks for trying Mr Chansiri do us and you a favour and sell up whilst we have a club.
  9. He is part of the continued failure, absolute waste of space.
  10. Kameron

    Chansiri kicking off

    You reap what you sow.
  11. No, use disciplinary procedures to end his contract, if he’s refusing to train then he’s in breach of his contract. If his contract is up in the summer he’s two months away from being able to negotiate with a new club, we have to pay him while June, if he’s so troublesome why not pay him up and send him packing? It doesn’t affect FFP because it’s all in the same financial period, a wealthy owner like Chansiri could quite easily pay up in order to get such a bad egg out of the club. I personally do not believe he’s refusing and have seen nothing to back that theory up, I be heard whispers about a bust up after the defeat at Birmingham last season but you hope there were one or two bust ups after such a performance as it shows they at least care, if Jos has sidelined him because Westwood refused to train on the Sunday then Jos is at fault, a fine was in order, if he’s constantly refusing to train he needs getting rid of.
  12. Then he should be fined a weeks wages each time he refuses.
  13. If that's the case he won't last long.