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  1. Supporters who have paid via credit card or finance agreement are in the best position, not just SWFC but supporters of all clubs. Simply contact the credit supplier and ask for a refund, it's up to them to give the refund then chase the club for the money paid out.
  2. No he’s running his club properly and put its future at risk. Season ticket income For future seasons does nothing to help with P&S as it’s allocated to the relevant season
  3. He’s skint, he’s got more tap than a blind mans stick. Constantly tapping up supporters to buy season tickets years in advance is not the sign of a wealthy owner. I believe he had a pot of cash which is now long gone, he’ll be desperately trying to find a buyer to cut his losses, if he doesn’t were fcuked.
  4. He’s lost his way but it’s not all his fault. Football is now at lot less open than it was, too many managers are afraid to play an open game. Probably needs to drop down a level to regain some confidence.
  5. That skint bloke from Azerbaijan Clearly has more disposable cash than Chansiri.
  6. Let back in, have you escaped from Rampton?
  7. Don't worry quality replacements will be here shortly. We voted for a maintained pricing structure in order for the club to maintain it's spending levels, as Mr Chansiri is not a Tory MP we can be assured he's no Walter Mitty or bare faced bullshitter. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/february/owls-thank-supporters/ A) Would you prefer the prices at Sheffield Wednesday across the board, for example Season Tickets, matchday tickets, official merchandise, corporate hospitality, were reduced to previous eras? The consequence of this would be the sale of key senior players, regular promotion to the first team of academy youngsters and a reduced level of investment. Answer: Yes 29.94% No 70.06% B) Alternatively, would you prefer the club to build on the current level of investment, maintain the pricing structure, and extend our ongoing strategy geared towards promotion to the Premier League. Answer: Yes: 70.14% No: 29.86%
  8. Failing that play Reach in his best position, left back at home.
  9. I think now is about the right time to go back to we do best, playing Cricket, only this time use Monk as the f* *king bat.
  10. He’s worthless in his current form.
  11. How’s about telling him to go and play in his natural position, over coaching and constantly trying to out think the opposition is why we’re awful to watch. Get em fit build up some team spirit and find a way of playing that suits the squad, football is simple, nob heads like monk from the school of coaching badges are killing the game.
  12. At least the embarrassment wasn’t Broadcast on live TV for all to see.
  13. Apart from of the top off me bonce. Wallace FF Pudil Abdi Hooper Fletcher Boyd Dave Jones
  14. Can’t have shot himself he’d have missed.
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