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  1. Keeping Monk is also wrong as is keeping Bullen. Many players need to go but the manager and coaching staff need shipping out too.
  2. It’s league 1 football for us next season so can’t see with new owners anytime soon unfortunately.
  3. Chansiri needs to hold firm and wave this shower of sh ite tot tar. Hopefully he's learnt a very harsh lesson to stay well clear of mercenaries, if that means a season or two in L1 so be it, it's not sustainable to continue as we are.
  4. No it doesn't, you either have an academy which is properly funded with quality coaching staff and facilities or you don't bother at all. What we have currently is not worth bothering with, it's costly and has produced nothing what so ever. As stated by others United have on a regular basis shown what can be achieved when it's done correctly.
  5. It’s a complete waste of time and money having any academy, we’ve produced nothing for years. It should be scrapped all together.
  6. Hope is off as he’s done nowt for a couple of seasons but that is clearly not the house he was posting the lockdown stuff from, the garden in the pictures had grass, that house doesn’t.
  7. Disgusting really how can they expect them to live on 6000 nicker a week? Hopefully the government will top up their salary’s via universal credit.
  8. The seasons over, the EFL and premier league can stamp their feet all they like. Even if games are played behind closed doors they would need medical cover at the stadium and that has been withdrawn by the government. Players would still need to travel on coaches, 25 man squad, coaching staff, club medics, performance analysts, ass wipers etc that teams in the premier league seem to have. The stadiums would still need catering, cleaning staff and security, once supporters know the games on loads of wooden headed foo kers would go to the ground, police would then be required. People running the game are cvnts of the highest order, they should cancel it now and start making plans for next season.
  9. Don’t see the issue, he’s called it as he saw it. Overall a very decent player for us, our supporters need to learn players are here to do a job, the badge kissing is a load of bo l l ocks.
  10. Fair does I tend not to believe anything until it’s back up, I certainly don’t believe she’d be left at home to fend for herself.
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