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  1. For every million spent over the allowed £39 million, a million is to be deposited in a holding account in order to cover losses should the owner decide to leave. An easier solution would be to let owners spend what they see fit but don’t allow them to place clubs in debt. The current system is bent in favour of relegated teams from the premier league.
  2. I’d say he’s got to be slightly more concerned than what he has in the three previous Derbies. This time they’re absolutely flying, and credit to him we’d all love to be in their position, however the pressure is with United for this one, we have little to lose but lots to gain, they have lots to lose. A loss for them won’t be season ending but that bottling doubt will start creeping in again. Hard to call this one, despite the massive points difference we can’t can’t be that far behind em in the form table. Tonight is what it’s all about.
  3. He’s done and hopefully he has a decent insurance policy. It’s giving contracts to players like this that has contributed to us being out of the top flight for almost 20 years.
  4. Other than when we’re in the same division playing em twice a season, who seriously gives a f o ok what they’re doing?. Our current predicament is because we’ve not improved the squad for two seasons, the problem is that players know what’s coming, many will be out of the door and it’s not before time, hopefully we’ll get rid of every single one of em and start again. We’re too slow, lack pace, strength and are predictable.
  5. Is there a reason no one signs him permanently?
  6. There’s a reason he’s a journeyman, today showed his weakness, he’s fine when he’s got plenty of time but under press him and he’s not the same player.
  7. He was conscious outside on a stretcher with a neck brace on, didn’t know what had happened, he didn’t look well.
  8. Disgraceful way to run a football club, unless he’s aware of changes to P&S we are heading for some very mediocre seasons. To be fair the rules need changing because their not fit for purpose. However Chansiri is aware of the rules and should be working within them, he chose to gamble but we’ll all end up suffering, paying top prices to watch utter garbage because of said gamble.
  9. He could be quite handy to keep, always gunna need someone to sweep the stands after games.
  10. Why is he so reluctant to sell players, the only thing I can think of is that we would owe a third party a share of any transfer fee received. If we're relying on this to steer us clear of FFP we have major problems coming our way.
  11. No one to blame but himself. he knew the restrictions before he started, his answer at the time was "don't worry we have friends". As stated in that FFP article, he's spent £126 for every £100 coming in, he gambled and failed big time and now want fans to dig deep and bail him out. Heart warming to know we call all chip in and cover the cost of Abdi's wages whilst he sits in the stands until the end of the season.
  12. Season ticket renewals will be announced shortly too, so he’s wanting us to invest in club 1867 and renew season tickets at roughly the same time. Why should we pay for his continued miss management of our club.
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