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  1. Yep, harder than Jimmy Saville when in the mortuary at Stoke Mandeville hospital.
  2. To be fair Reach gives him a run for his money, especially when going in for the tackle.
  3. Oh and anyone thinking FF is a premiership player is just as crackers.
  4. McCabe would rather eat a plate of his own sh it than hand us a penny of his lottery winnings, there’s only one place that money is going and it ain’t on players.
  5. Why cast the net further when the Northern General is 2 mile up the road. We must be able to fine loads of crocks in there that will sit around doing f**kall for far less than the likes of Hooper, Abdi, Lee ect.
  6. The accounts are now showing overdue.
  7. Of course it won't he's just flogged Hillsborough to Evapor8 sports and the accounts will show a £25 million operating profit. The accounts are a little slow reaching companies house as they were sent via D-TAXIS.
  8. Not any longer, like us they can attract decent support but have been left behind by the riches of the premiership. Take a look at the top 6 in the league above, we used to complete with them year in year owt, we now get giddy when we draw one of them in the cup.
  9. Big clubs don't spend 20 years away from the top division, we are older I'll give you that but to say we are better is currently not true. Since the late 1990's we have been completely mismanaged by various chairman, we've had a few decent seasons but overall we have been shi te. Even more recently despite chucking millions at it we have been abysmal baring the two PO seasons. We are now at a crosswords under the current chairman, yes he finally got a top manager but will he be operating with both arms tied behind his back due to the P&S punishment that is highly likely.
  10. We owed it to him to try and get him fit after he was brought back to early from his previous injury. However we owe him nothing now, there is no way he should be offered anything other than a pay as you play contact but as already stated there’s no way he will accept that so unfortunately he goes.
  11. Get rid as with all the other injury prone players, and lets be honest these same players failed twice in the playoffs, despite millions spent and the highest ticket prices in the league we’re no better off. It’s great to lee making a comeback but there’s no room for sentiment, give him a decent send off next week and let someone else take a chance on him. I sincerely hope he achieves what Hutchinson has since been written off but we simply cannot afford to take the chance.
  12. Not really it's over, the Stoke and Villa results saw to that. Bristol and Villa have games in hand, our next two are against the current top two. Winning all our remaining games would see us on 74 points, it won't be enough.
  13. some of our supporters are going to get a real shock, we have absolutely broken the bank and will see a further transfer embargo and possible points deduction unless Chansiri can find the cash to buy the stadium from himself. He stated himself on numerous occasions we are up sh it creek with no paddle unless we are promoted this season or club 1867 raises around 20 million quid.
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