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  1. I suppose all contracts are different but there are quite a few managers who have been put on gardening leave to see out their contracts after being sacked or walking out. Megon for example loves his Gardening leave, this is often done so that clubs can continue to pay monthly when compensation cannot be agreed. If you sack a manager you're paying what's stated in the contract, 9 times out of ten that's the salary amount what would have been due for it's duration.
  2. He's obviously used some of his 1.7 million salary to have his Lugs reduced.
  3. He's gone for the money simple as that, don't be fooled by the he's on less that he was here bull sh it. The guy now has a three year contract that will of course have to be paid in full when he inevitably gets the sack.
  4. There were mumblings several weeks ago which seemed to calm down with the start of pre season. There were strong rumours that Bruce was ready to walk, i took about 72 million negs for posting said rumour. He's obviously told his agent to get him the Newcastle job after it became apparent loads were turning it down. He's used us as a stepping stone, he knew what he'd signed up for and knew our financial predicament, unfortunately we have to take the compo and move on. We're not the first and won't be the last to be fc uked over by this c v nt of a man.
  5. Not been funny but how many more players are needed?? How many other championship clubs could rock up at Northampton with two separate coaches for the players. We need to get a new guy in to Finish what Bruce had started to do, I still think we’ll see a few departures which will hopefully allow us to strengthen the midfield which is woefully short as it stands.
  6. He needs to be fat, have ginger hair with a Kevin Webster Moustache, must have lived in Portugal for at least 10 years and dreamed of being John Toshack playing in the cup final for Swansea.
  7. I personally think Bruce has met his match, I think he thought by resigning it would force DC’s hand. I get the feeling DC would rather see Bruce on gardening leave than be done over, I’m not sure that’s a good thing or not, sometimes you have to take one on the chin for the better outcome in the long run. There clearly some major disagreement for this to be dragging on so long, we need it resolved, Bruce will come un stuck sooner rather than later, we need stability and quick.
  8. If Newcastle had paid 4 million Bruce would be on a plane to China, there's no way you send millions of pounds until the contracts are signed and sealed, unless it's an email from a Nigerian Prince requesting a Western money transfer then you send it instantly.
  9. So we've received 4 million from Newcastle for the services of Bruce? If that's the case why has he not be confirmed as their new boss?
  10. He said yesterday money had been paid for Bruce, today he's saying Sheff Wed. Worth noting that Newcastle offer for Bruce AND his team has yet to be accepted by Chansiri. He knows fcukall.
  11. We'll Nixon is a proven bullshitter, he reported yesterday that MA had sent over the money.
  12. Someone’s Tekkin the wee wee Surely.
  13. Not sure but he's been erased from the official site and twitter.
  14. We desperately need to get some of our fringe players out on loan to get them used to league football. Playing U23 football week in week out isn’t bringing them on, league football is a massive step up, they need taking out of their comfort zones but far too money are happy to earn a decent living playing reserve football.
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