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  1. You play to the strengths of players like Jordan Rhodes not ask them to become something they will never be, if you want a goal scorer that does nothing else then don't sign him. Unfortunately & wrongly the modern game demands more from strikers, they are now used as the first line of defence but not by putting defenders on the back foot. If we returned to basics and put the ball into the opposition box in the right way he would score goals, you don't have that kind of quality and not know where the box is. Of course he has aged and is not the player he was 5 years ago but launching b
  2. The longer the better for me. It will give him the time needed to tun the club around and sides at all levels playing the same way.
  3. Big clubs don't spend twenty years away from the top division.
  4. It's like listening to Donald Trump, anyone and everyone to blame but himself.
  5. No football club that spent money bringing in players or increasing existing player contracts during this pandemic should receive any kind of financial help.
  6. The lack of goals is not entirely down to individuals, we create nothing and constantly chop and change the front two or the front none Garry likes to play.
  7. One home win in a calendar year, that is down to the manager.
  8. What do people expect, from a second rate manager and second rate players, many of whom have injury records longer than penistone road. The only consolation for me is that I haven’t had to make two 200 mile round trips in a week to watch it. It’s a complete re run of the early 00’s only to make it more fun we start -12.
  9. Needs a little more time and he’ll definitely be for a ballon éclaté.
  10. First game I’ve seen for a few weeks, different players but same old. I genuinely believe a half decent manager who get far more out of this squad of players.
  11. Shouldn't be hard to track down, can't be many grown adults wanting 12-18 month sized boots.
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