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  1. Wildsmith

    He's like many of our squad, just not quite good enough. We're not going to be promoted until various key positions are vastly improved, we need a top notch back up to cover Westwood. Wildsmith and Dawson are very capable keepers but for promotion we need better. This squad and management needs a total rebuild.
  2. When it stops p*ssing down I'll go and get one. You ok to translate?
  3. The article will appear in the printed version probably.
  4. I can see us being relegated on the final day of the season. We are in absolute freefall and have the worst manager we have ever had. I don’t blame him for our current predicament but he is appalling, returning players will make little difference.
  5. He could give him tips on how to delay payments to HMRC.
  6. His brother Hugh is involved too according to rumours.
  7. I can't see it going down well sat in the North stand in a Bolton top.
  8. Massive? Really?

    Massive clubs don't spend 18 years yo yoing between the 2nd and third division.
  9. I think I must have purchased my ST from f()()king Del Boy.
  10. In a few weeks...

    Get him fit and fizz him off, unforgivable refusing to play.
  11. Luhukay out.

    We’re not that Luhukay
  12. Pelupessy

    He’s completely the wrong guy, he’s had no impact whatsoever. We’re going to end up going down.
  13. These accounts are absolutely meaningless, did people honestly believe we weren’t going to lose shitloads given the money spent?? I didn’t hear any conversations or read any posts on message boards questioning the state of the club as we walked up Wembley way. What’s important is avoiding a transfer embargo, the gamble has failed so DC has to be smart or gamble even more. The loses are irrelevant because it’s DC’s cash to spend how he chooses, those moaning now are hypocrites saying nothing whilst we were Wembley bound, the same folk now think they have a god given right to a full explanation of how the club is being run day to day. Heres an idea if you don’t like how we’re being run, make Chansiri an offer for the club and see how you get on running the shop. Yep he’s wasted millions, yep he’s dropped some testicles but he was the only one willing to put his money in and give it a go, the proper “Wednesday people” were praying we went into administration in the hope of getting us for a quid.
  14. Does anyone know what time football heaven starts?