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  1. Adam Reach

    I can honestly say in 40 years of watching Wednesday I’ve never seen a player pull out of so many 50/50 challenges. He’s quite frankly poo , no pace, can’t cross a ball and can’t defend.
  2. Norwich are on an awful run, we know the script.
  3. The Boy Wonder - 50 today !

    He was good but Steve Whitton was way better.
  4. If FFP is the problem, this is my solution

    What if he makes a total b*llocks of the garden too?
  5. Hutch is not injured

    Has he been to the casino with Pudil?
  6. New Advertising Boards and Touchline

    There not high enough, would be far better if they blocked the view of the pitch totally.
  7. A Scheme that would not have to be honoured by any future new owners, if we don't make it to the premiership which will be a real possibility under a transfer embargo, see Blackburn or Forest we could be set back 5 years, in the meantime more and more clubs will be in receipt of parachute payments and it becomes even more difficult to gain promotion. At what point does DC think f**k this for a game of soldiers? At best he finds a buyer who may choose to honour club 1867, worst case lets hope it doesn't come to that. I personally think the cash has dried up, he came in with a set budget and a two year plan which needed promotion, now the pressure is on the wheels are starting to wobble. He has one last chuck of the dice, get a new manager in ASAP because it's just about retrievable another 5 games and the season is over, then the real problems will start. So DC stop blaming the supporters for this that and the other and do what maybe should have been done after the first play off final defeat and what should have been done after the p*ss poor showing in last seasons playoffs.
  8. To be fair goals are pretty bobbar, having to get up out of yer seat put yer phone away, then having to cheer and jump around when one goes in is a real conversation killer. It’s times like these I’m glad I was brought up an Owl, imagine having to go to the lane?? You’d be up and down looking like a prozzies knickers, leave it as it is, 5 shots a month is about right, don’t mind one going in though when it’s cold, the odd goal during the winter months will keep the circulation going.
  9. Watching pigs on sky

    The fixture list has been very kind to them, they have also played certain teams at the right time. They have started very well but there’s still loads of football to be played or in our case loads of paint drying to watch.
  10. Seeing player after player nesh out of 50/50 tackles does nothing to create a positive atmosphere either, CC is losing the plot, it's like listening to pathetic excuses of Irvine and Jones. Does he really expect supporters to get behind a side that created nothing in 90 + minutes.
  11. Second Saturday home game with a 15:00 KO since August, loads looking forward to it after two much improved performances and that utter garbage is served up, pay on the dayers paying the most expensive ticket prices in the league and they don't even get to see a single shot on target, they've every right to show their displeasure.
  12. Carlos "Kieran Lee is 100%"

    There goes the upturn in performances, Carlos won't be able to resist shoehorning him back into the side. It's Lee or Bannan for one position and on current form and fitness It's Bannan.
  13. It's not a police banning order, the application was rejected by the court. He's free to attend any other stadium he chooses. The guy who tw atted Kirkland doesn't do too bad getting in games.
  14. I'd be more concerned with some nutter steaming up Penistone road in a lorry or any vehicle for that matter, they'd take out hundreds if they timed it right.
  15. Kieran Lee Injured

    I never like to see players injured but this could be another blessing in disguise. CC's obssession with playing both Lee and Bannan in the same side is one of biggest problems as it makes us so unbalanced. Last season we went on a great run without Lee and the season before we looked loads better with Lopez in the middle.