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  1. Kameron


    It was the correct chairman, I heard him telling all that would listen. He was absolutely certain too.
  2. Kameron

    Jos changing the team

    It’s all about results and nothing else at the moment, a truly awful Cardiff side we’re promoted last season because they knew how to grind out results. Why can’t supporters congratulate a much improved week that has seen us pick up 6 much needed points, some of our supporters are absolute c u n ts. It’s second division football and probably the most competitive league in Europe if not the world, our weaknesses are pretty clear but f u ck me a wins a win and it’s our best start to a season in at least 3 seasons.
  3. Kameron


    P&S is why he’ll be going.
  4. Kameron


    No idea just sharing what I heard, don’t know if he is up to speed these days but it’s what he was saying.
  5. Kameron


    According to our former chairman he’s away on loan tomorrow.
  6. If this is anything like the last one then it's a complete waste of time and effort attending.
  7. Kameron


    I thought it was worth every penny, constantly crashing, loss of audio and kept having to log in as it said I was logged in on two devices. All in all I managed to watch around 12 and half minutes which I was thankful for, can you imagine having to endure 95 minutes of that uttershite?
  8. Kameron

    Mick McCarthy

    Just what we need another negative miserablebastard, is there any wonder we keep getting fed Shitlike this.
  9. Kameron

    Over Reactions

    At least the fixtures are a little kinder September going into October
  10. You know your in trouble when Brentford supporters are singing we’re too good for you.
  11. Kameron

    Over Reactions

    Brentford are nothing special they just want it more than us and are set up up way better, our problems are being caused by they way Jos insists we play, the players look clueless.
  12. We need a centre half and centre midfielder urgently, if money allows 2 wingbacks too.