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  1. And big clubs don't spend soon to be twenty years outside of the top division.
  2. He’s a Shiite appointment and will be gone by May.
  3. Offer withdrawn, you wouldn’t bring the foo ker back.
  4. First thing I’ve got wrong to be fair.
  5. He got there in the end just like he’ll appoint a manager in the end.
  6. Let’s hope so because he’s been a complete disaster, we are going nowhere whilst he is owner.
  7. None from me, he knows he’s not up to it. If he wants to be a manager he has to go and learn his trade elsewhere.
  8. As much as I think they deserve a chance, we’re not the right club for them.
  9. Selecting the right players and playing them in their correct positions would give us a fighting chance.
  10. It’s what happens when you leave a part time estate agent running a football club. He’s so far out of his depth it is unbelievable. I don’t blame Bullen though, Chansiri as usual has made a complete b oll Icks of it.
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