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  1. Only proper legends should be pinned on dressing room walls so the obvious choice has to be Lee Bullen.
  2. It's a brilliant way of cleaning money.
  3. Now would be the perfect time to get rid, the transfer windows is open and a replacement would have a couple of weeks before the next game. However then reality kicks in and he’ll still be here at the end of the season.
  4. Now is not the time to put a bottler in charge.
  5. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/december/owls-v-burton-postponed/
  6. Cut em some slack it’s just sheer emotion, winning away at second bottom Crewe in the third division is a once in a lifetime experience. We are gradually consolidating our mid table position so fans going OTT with the celebrations is to be expected.
  7. Maybe Bullen wants to use him to collect rent payments from his defaulting tenants.
  8. It’s been stated numerous times, football is over complicated by idiots and the modern game is full of them. We need to go back to basics, ditch the GPS bra’s and software and return to some hard graft and stamina building to improve fitness levels. I’d also take out the heated armchairs the pampered two hats sit in and go back to benches and old school rubbing oils, the lazy fookers would warm up properly then.
  9. A side sat 7th in league 1 is clearly not good enough for the level it’s at never mind the one above.
  10. Dizzy heights of 7th in the third division having just secured an exceptional draw at home against the mighty Wycombe Wonderers. We're in a worse state now than what we were back in 2011. Moore is abysmal and a few improved performances doesn't change that, injuries have forced his hand in recent weeks, wait until he has a full squad to tinker with again.
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