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    Carlos will play right into their hands, we will go 1 up, CC will change it to defend his lead and they'll come strong late on because they look fitter and stronger. CC thinks this is just another game.
  2. Not sure I'm looking forward to this

    We'll get hammered, we may have the better players by far but there is no way we have the players up for a scrap. I don't see us matching their work rate and commitment either.
  3. 8 games in

    8 games in and almost like for like in the previous two seasons. No standout sides, anyone in the top 6 at xmas will be in with a shout of automatic promotion and almost anyone could make the playoffs. We're a manager and centre midfielder short of going up automatically.
  4. The United allocation is exactly the same as we have received from them in previous seasons. Rightly so.
  5. I'd replace him with the best man that applied for the job, watch this space regarding financial matters.
  6. Yep due to work, by the way what was up with the result today? I'd have taken a 1-1 all day long, what i'm getting at is this is typical Carlos, and it's not good enough for promotion.
  7. I don't think for one minute he'll go but he's no where near capable of getting a side promoted.
  8. I don't comment on games i've not seen, ive used my season ticket once so far but i've been today so see fit to say it how it is.
  9. Today is exactly why Carlso needs to go, he's a bottler. A side with real promotion asperations would have gone on to win that after taking the lead, Carlos ran out of luck today trying to protect a 1 goal lead. He did the same against Forest and the same against Brentford who hit the post with minutes left. We will never be promoted whilst Carlos is the manager because he doesn't have the b()()locks for it.
  10. Good owd Carlos and his tactics.
  11. Carlos who took off a striker for Boyd with the intention of holding onto a 2-1 lead. A much better performance yes but we won't get such a easy opposition for quite a few weeks.
  12. Ryan Kent

    If he can keep the bench warm and sit in executive boxes for 90mins he'll be the perfect signing.
  13. Because he's blown his budget, he needed promotion within two seasons for a reason.
  14. Carlos haters

    Take a look at the table, that's about where we'll finish.
  15. Who'll be gone by Aug 31st?

    Past caring, we are a total shambles at the minute & are being completely mismanaged both on and off the field.