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  1. It’s not a problem, everyone like you should be refunded or credited for future tickets.
  2. No one should be expecting refunds on seasons tickets because of relegation, those use who purchased multi year season tickets did so knowing the risks, no one would have been calling for refunds had we been promoted, it works both ways I’m afraid. On a separate note multi year season tickets should be banned to prevent this from happening, and anyone wanting a refund on the last season should have been sorted long before now.
  3. Not everyone with a different view is a Moran.
  4. We’re going down to L1 to fester amongst the likes of Cheltenham and Crewe Alexfookingandra and you long for a neg button, do you sit there pulling yer head off whilst furiously bangin the big red down arrow? Each to their own I suppose but personally I’d be longing for championship footy next season.
  5. One of the most overrated players we’ve had, constantly bottles it in big games when he’s needed most. He’s played a big part in our downfall and hopefully some mug takes him off our hands.
  6. There’s more chance of us playing in the ESL next season than the championship.
  7. The premier league are total hypocrites, they shafted the then football league, this is no different but on a bigger scale. It’s been coming and sooner or later will happen due to the owners of the big 6, the only concern for them is making money.
  8. Do you seriously believe he sat and watched that s hit?
  9. How low have we sunk, how we lose is now much more pleasing on the eye?. We may as well pack up and call it a day if that is now the level of our ambition. When we're leaving Hillsborough in August having been beaten by Accrington Stanley we will have a warm feeling inside as the pleasure from the eye glows around the body and eases the pain of paying £42 for L1 passy out from the back football.
  10. Moore can't take credit for the Cardiff win as he was at home.
  11. Fingers crossed because he’s another ******** poor manager, just because he’s slightly less poo than Pulis and Joss doesn’t make him a good manager.
  12. This fookers 3/4 full and we’re still going down.
  13. Old Erik, he makes Geoffrey Sheard look a professional and creditable businessman. If it looks and smells like bullshit it's bullshit, genuine deals get done behind the scenes and announced when complete, none of this agreed to buy b* llocks.
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