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  1. No one to blame but himself. he knew the restrictions before he started, his answer at the time was "don't worry we have friends". As stated in that FFP article, he's spent £126 for every £100 coming in, he gambled and failed big time and now want fans to dig deep and bail him out. Heart warming to know we call all chip in and cover the cost of Abdi's wages whilst he sits in the stands until the end of the season.
  2. I don't think many will TBH.
  3. Season ticket renewals will be announced shortly too, so he’s wanting us to invest in club 1867 and renew season tickets at roughly the same time. Why should we pay for his continued miss management of our club.
  4. Kameron

    ‘We will just replace him’

    They’re having too many poor games, we need a total overhaul.
  5. Kameron

    Agnew on recruitment

    Given our issues with FFP why is anyone surprised? It will be the summer when contracts expire when the major changes come. Unless we get a very decent offer for reach I would expect much movement during this transfer window.
  6. This squad is simply not good enough to get us promoted, we have not improved since the playoff final defeat. We have some very talented players but we are disjointed, lack pace all over the pitch and in key areas are physically not strong enough. If selling any number of players despite who they are allows Bruce to start rebuilding then it needs to be done.
  7. Kameron

    RIP Playoff Hopes

    The result today was fair as was last Saturday where we couldn’t hang on against ten men. We need new ideas from a new coaching team, The recent improvements are down the removal of joss and not down to what bullen has done. Bullen is part of a failed culture and needs to back to his level with the academy.
  8. Kameron

    RIP Playoff Hopes

    We’re improving but we little chance of making the playoffs. We need a new man in ASAP and Bullen needs taking away from the first team. He’s part of the continued failure of the past few seasons, he simply isn’t good enough.
  9. Kameron

    Are We Going S*** Or Bust

    Not sure how we’d get these supposed signings past the football league, they’re effectively controlling what we can and can’t do. We can’t just ignore it because we’d end up with a points deduction, either way we’re fo oked for at least two seasons.
  10. Kameron


    Paxo next manager?
  11. Kameron


    No it's John West.
  12. Kameron

    Official - Club up for sale

    I’d say so yes, it’s quite clear he’s blown what he was prepared to put in so he had an amount he was prepared to spend. He’s gambled and lost, the reason there is no long term plan is now clear, he’s wanted out for a while.
  13. Kameron

    Official - Club up for sale

    lots of supporters called this 3 years ago and were shot down in flames. It’s was very clear from the off he needed promotion within two seasons and to be fair to him he almost pulled it off. He came with a set amount of cash and it’s obvious he’s about run out. The FFP is a slight red herring, yes it’s real but someone with serious amounts of cash could have done much more to ease the pain. Basically he’s rocked up at a casino with a load of cash and lost the lot, no one to blame but him self.
  14. Kameron

    Official - Club up for sale

    Good riddance, hopefully he finds a buyer sooner rather than later. It’s time to get behind the players now and create a more positive atmosphere for them to play in, the last thing we need is another relegation.
  15. Completely, actions are required not words.