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  1. No contradiction at all, when he can be arsed he can put in some great performances, but does nowt the majority of the time. Hopefully like many others we see the last of him come the summer, with a bit of luck we may be able to start the rebuild in January.
  2. He’s vastly overrated, occasionally great but has offered nothing for three seasons. Should have sold when we had the chance.
  3. The reason we’re short of goals is because we create very few chances during the game. We could change all the strikers in January but nothing would change. Until we adopt a more positive approach and actually set up to go out and win games this is as good as it gets. Our midfield and fullbacks are our weak links and have been since the playoff final defeat. Persisting with Hutch, Lee and Bannan has got us nowhere as they go missing when it really matters. Hopefully come the end of the season this can be addressed when many contracts expire. I wouldn’t lose any sleep if we released every single player, the coaching staff and Chansiri announced he was off, in fact I’d celebrate.
  4. So what’s the relevance in posting the league table at the beginning of November?
  5. Hi win ratio is appalling where ever he has been, the finest example of a midtable manager you will get. https://www.soccerbase.com/managers/manager.sd?manager_id=2553
  6. As I've pointed out many times lets see where we are in a few weeks once we've played plenty of the sides in and around us. Leeds was a local derby, 2 points dropped by the way.
  7. Is not the defeats that’s hard to take of course we’re gunna lose games. It’s the absolute total negative way in which we set up, it’s like having Jos back with Irvine assisting and Chris Turner as director of football.
  8. We’re a mid table championship team with a mid table manager backed up with a league 1 assistant & coaching staff. We need a massive clear out which can’t come soon enough, you can include Chansiri in that too if there’s anyone out there daft enough to buy us.
  9. We’re a mid table side, let’s see where we are once we start playing the teams around us.
  10. It is absolutely awful to watch but while we continue to pick up points fans will accept it. I’ve watched some Sh ite over the years and this is up there with the worst, it’s no Different to how Jos had us playing.
  11. Very poor ref but that doesn’t hide the fact we’ve sat back in the second half trying to defend a 1-0 lead.
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