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  1. hindsight - he has a great reputation, why wouldn't we sign him? Still think he'll come good if, like said above, he is played in the correct position. But to be honest, others don't deserve to be dropped and we're not exactly doing badly!
  2. If I had to choose someone to score the winner from our team it'd be him. Love Fessi, Bannan and the rest but Nuhiu deserves it.
  3. imagine the scenes when he scores his first goal in front of the kop
  4. Full time. 0-0. Great result for us. 17,000 there...for those who like to analyse attendances
  5. can't wait for the end of the season goal of the season montage. Gonna be the best ever
  6. This. Vardy's goal was good - no doubt. But when I first heard about it on Sky Sports/Twitter I was expecting the best goal in the world ever because of the reaction. Wallace and Matias's goals were far far better.
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