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  1. This tell us all we need to know. Hopefully some of the knicker welters will finally let go.
  2. Glad you’re on the mend Tinks. Never knew I was on a forum with so many druggies
  3. I'd be delighted to see the weasley little 2 hat disappear but wonder whats coming next. This is not the end only the beginning
  4. The more I think about this proposal the more I can't help thinking that the timing of of it absolutely stinks. They've waited until Parrys in place and a lot of EFL clubs are hanging on by the skin of their teeth. Therefore the support amongst the EFL clubs is gonna be huge because most need cash and need cash now! It all seems to be pre planned to have the most disruptive effect. YMMV
  5. No I dont blame him. Its the I'm alright Jack mentality at its best. Goes with the times I'm afraid.
  6. Of course he does. Short of cash, needs it now. Never going to get into the Premiership this side of the second coming, so we're alright with our short term outlook. Screw the rest of football. Knobhead.
  7. RIP Thoughts to his family. Great servant to the club in some of the best years I saw.
  8. Just seen Parry on Sky tell everyone what a brilliant idea this is and how he’s been involved in it. Absolute Judas! The insidious little ****** couldn’t look into the camera whilst selling the EFL down the swanny. Absolute 2hat needs replacing asap.
  9. Anyone bending over to pick up the small carrot being offered will feel there trousers slowly falling down around their ankles and something blunt being inserted where they don’t want it. Absolute joke of a proposal, unless your one of the nine.........Baggins Shire
  10. Hurry up and blow! Ive got to take the dogs in the pizzin rain
  11. Very good, apart from the fact that the cardboard box was int middle ot road, they worked between 14 and 24 hours at the mill depending on who’s line it was and they got up at 10 o’clock half an hour before he went to bed but you try telling young people that today
  12. He might or might not but he’ll not score sat on the bench. No point in putting him on the bench if your not going to play him. If your not going to play him and think he’s shiiite then don’t pick him at all. Don’t really understand Monks thinking. Throwing Reach on upfront before Rhodes is an insult.
  13. I was at both those sat with rival fans ( don’t ask) nearly got lynched but it was brilliant. Can’t help jumping up when we score
  14. Hutchinson fan girls still waving their knickers at him
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