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  1. Frazzlebeak

    FAO Those Clapping Seals

    You pick and choose like a dictator Neill. I’m out
  2. Frazzlebeak

    FAO Those Clapping Seals

    Why are posts disappearing? If we are being censored I’m out.
  3. Frazzlebeak

    Reinstate Stuart Gray

    Again whilst I never thought he would set the world on fire....he deserved a chance and didn’t get it. We will never know what the outcome would have been.
  4. Frazzlebeak

    Howard Wilkinson

    One word......desperation. Fans are anxious and with good reason. Not defending, just saying.
  5. Frazzlebeak

    FAO Those Clapping Seals

    Stop Trolling and have a look back
  6. I’m not defending anything at the club but we need to find away to stop in this division which hopefully will give us some breathing space to move forward. I can’t see it happening this season but we need to NOT make a bad situation worse.
  7. Chansiri knows we won’t get promoted. He’s trying to let us down gently.
  8. I’m not his biggest fan but jeez.........hardly culpable for today.
  9. Frazzlebeak

    What are we good at?

    Me neither. You sound shocked. Where have you been?
  10. I must admit I don’t understand the playing it out from the back and it sounds like the players aren’t comfortable with it. Reason for this is they simply aren’t good enough on the ball. Square pegs round holes. Question is.......is this the managers idea or the chairman’s
  11. Baker can’t believe how shiiite Pelupessy is
  12. Frazzlebeak

    The pen incident

    tug defending
  13. Getting Jack Shiiite from the ref