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  1. Yes and was crap. Worst goalkeeper ever to wear an England shirt.
  2. Team full of bottlers. No spine. Snowflakes. Be glad when a lot of the contracts are up. Start again.
  3. Chutney.................4.......maybe5 Pages...............Owlstalk
  4. I agree with most of what you've written but get your tin hat out
  5. What we are saying is that a professional football player cannot kick a dead ball from point A to point B. Even after numerous attempts
  6. I’ve got nothing against Dawson but it’s a team game.
  7. Just been on the the referees discussion on SKY. Dermot Gallagher said "cant understand why he's not given offside"
  8. Didn’t get to see the match last night but read through various threads about falling over, punches been thrown, ref being a tossa, just genuinely want to know if any of this was picked up by the Sky commentators and pundits or was it just glossed over?
  9. You're really quite emotional arent' you? Westwood made an error it happens. I'm sure he's aware. Hope he gets over it....I have. He cannot keep making them. He has saved us in many matches but that's what he gets paid for. a bit like strikers scoring goals.
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