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  1. I would always like to see us bringing in more hungry lower league players trying to prove themselves than old has beens looking for a final payoff.
  2. Excellent read. I really hope it works out well between SWFC and SB. Let the good times roll.
  3. I’d like to see steady progress with the first team but most of all I’d like to see some better structure to the club with regards to the youngsters and our ability to bring them through the ranks. Training facilities need to improve. All round progress not just the first team. Flounce over
  4. I used to enjoy the cushion throwing..............so much more fun than the modern day pointing malarkey
  5. Here comes Chansiri right out from the cheap seats....... stop it now
  6. Too late ........she already got a free shot...
  7. If this is a photo of Colin coming, how has he been married for so feckin long?
  8. Fooook this lets get back to the handbags
  9. With all due respect to everything thing that’s happening at the moment LBGT.......LBT ..........BEST......and anything that anyone maybe offended by.....I quote direct from the actual programme.
  10. They are all puffs and lessers.......
  11. It wasn’t cat it rhymed with hussy.......ffs
  12. Only on Owlstalk can we get from selling the ground to cat. Sorry ladies. The Gentleman have no decorum. I include myself I’m in the garden doing the walk of shame.......police are on there way.
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