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  1. I’ve no idea how he ate the craap the Indian served up last night. I would’ve put it in the toilet and cut out the middleman. Took one for the team for me.
  2. Where’s Neil’s one man stag do going tonight?
  3. You've got a proper hard on for him havent you ?
  4. Do you not have a chip pan at the big house?
  5. I think this is at the very heart of SWFC moving forward. The recruitment of players and selling of players has to improve drastically. To be honest a blind squirrel would do a better job in this department.
  6. The buck always stops withe manager at any club but I can’t see anyone pulling any trees up with some of the players we have. And I’m no Monk fan by the way.
  7. Yer need to see what Asteeners built his gates around, then you’ll understand
  8. To be fair to Monk he looked very frustrated during the Sky interview after the game, and was honest about the game. Played well first half and should’ve been in front, just didn’t take the chances. Awful individual decision making cost us second half. Fair assessment.
  9. Youre going nowhere til you've straightened that gate post my lad.
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