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  1. We weren’t very good but it was all I knew and I was young and daft and loved every minute of it. Wish I could say the same about football in general now.
  2. Connor Wickham......hope he doesn’t turn out to be the new Jordan Rhodes
  3. And with this cynical but admirably truthful statement ( and this is a serious question) Would you rather spend this time watching attacking, free flowing if slightly Kamikazee football or Dire, lack of effort, let’s not lose football? I know it’s like Izzard....cake or death. I’m in the cake camp by the way
  4. But NEXT.........NEXT Oh it was not so tragic and heaven did not fall but how much at the time I hated being there at all Next next
  5. You’d still not get served and miss the second half
  6. He is, in the VHS with Misty Buff. Never realised it it was so popular. thought I was the only one. Go figure.
  7. Mines a little worn at the finish now..............
  8. Obviously your interpretation of success is different from mine.
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