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  1. You’re right. I’m out. Just hope Ron’s in a ward on his own
  2. Christ on bike. You slate somebody for telling other people what to do and then do the same thing. If you don’t understand this then I suggest you go back to school. Apparently teachers enjoy a challenge these days and you are certainly challenged.
  3. Do you understand this yet?
  4. Exhibit B Don't listen to Phil king emilianko BS he's just a troll
  5. Exhibit A Who doe this Richard think he is? Telling fans not to applaud what they want. Utter spanner
  6. Is being condescending not allowed? I’ll repeat it once more for the terminally stupid. I’ve done it once read through the previous posts with your teacher and he will point the post out to you. Got it?
  7. You do sound like a school boy
  8. Yes that’s the one. You’ll sleep tonight in your own little world. Enjoy.
  9. I’ve done it once and it took me ages to paste between threads because my internet connection is even slower than you, so I can’t be bothered to do it again because unlike L’Oreal you’re not worth it
  10. You’re really good at this aren’t you.
  11. There you with the irony again. Crack on Grandad
  12. I did but you’re to thick to read the posts. Crack on kid
  13. I can’t be held for your inability to read. Have word with your teacher.
  14. I gave it you. You chose to ignore it. Horse, water etc.
  15. I give in. Turd polishing is not my bag.