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  1. No Bannan, better tempo,

    So would we mate
  2. The Three Pillars of Failure

    I remember being on the Lepp when Roger Wylde nutted Lincoln City’s goalie in a 0-0 draw and got away with it. Mind you the goalie didn’t go down and start rolling about like a t wat. Them wert dayz.
  3. The Three Pillars of Failure

    What amazes me is that people’s yardstick of what’s good at Hillsborough at the moment is the shiiiiite that’s gone before. its like Monty Pythons 4 Yorkshireman sketch
  4. Hypotheticaly Speaking

    More chance of whoever it was on here getting that date with Rachel Riley
  5. He's reached rock bottom and started to dig
  6. Carlos Inners!

    Fair play to you fella or lass for sticking to your belief. Seriously.
  7. SWFC Chairman

    We’ve a room booked. You can bring the wine
  8. It's absolutely certain to happen...

    I think these two opposing opinions polarise the feeling at the moment. I think I understand both sides of the argument. Both posters want what’s best for the club but it pulls in different ways and different personal feelings clash. Its hard watching the club you love being manipulated by what is ‘ modern football’ Sky has a lot to answer for
  9. Who’s paying? Or are we going Dutch?
  10. Your full of it. We’re good
  11. Carlos - The Truth About The Signings

    Don’t usually see eye to eye with you but I think you nailed it.
  12. Yes I thoughtyou were just full of hot air. Thanks for the confirmation
  13. So give us your sage musings on how we should move forward old boy, instead of picking holes in everyone else’s thoughts.
  14. #RIP Bill

    Class post on what is a difficult day for you. RIP Bill Condolences to you and your family.