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  1. Such a shame he gets an injury just as we have a particularly hard run of games. Oh, same thing happened before, just a coincidence I’m sure.
  2. He was a brilliant footballer. I was a child when he went to Man United and lived on Doe Royd Crescent not far from the family. I know they only got paid a pittance in those days but he managed to afford some lovely cloths and a big red Jag. I went to Maynall Rd school in the same year as his sister Margaret, wonder what happened to her
  3. I like him. He's quick,likes a tackle and on occasions has been the one to either motor forward or pick a pass. He likes to move up the field, I'd be interested to see him have a run in midfield. Might be a revelation
  4. I only started watching the Owls in 1954. Apart from 1961 and big Ron this is the best time to be a Wednesday fan. DC has put his money where his mouth is and CC has brought us some exiting times. Pease don't let us be a Leeds, Watford or Leicester. That does not work. Yes 69
  5. They came to stifle and put 4 or 5 across the back. If you had a cotton reel you couldn't have threaded it through. We never gave up and our fans didn't either. Though Joao worked his socks off but couldn't hit a barn door from 2 feet. Wonder what he would be like in FF role. Overall we worked hard and got 3 precious points against a well drilled desperate side
  6. Well me and my son are gpoing to give it a go. THink it may be better than struggling to get a pint and then freeezing having to stand near a door. Be good to get their early and hopefully have a drink in a comfortable environment unlike the long wait at the kiosks. Totally agree £15 is very expensive and there should be some tangible incentive to use the lounge. But if all the comments are correct should get excellent service !!!!!
  7. Massive problem if we had him. Could only field one player cos there would be no room for anyone else on the pitch because his ego would be soooo big
  8. Whelms lowish. Play players in their proper position and we'll be fine. Those "supporters" who let the club, our traveling fans, the players and themselves down. Should be banned from all games.
  9. From home in Stocksbridge 07.30. To Hillsborough to pick up my mate and his son. On to Winkerbank to pick up my son. And so to Wembley, find our £25 car park opposite the stadium. Then to worship the Owls all day come what may.
  10. Joao played in not his best position, never stopped running,always available and showed a quick mind in his passing. Lopez was also outstanding loads of energy and always available. Agree we seemed to not want to shoot when it was clearly the best option
  11. Last night king Carlos in his interview on radio sheffield said a player, who he refused to name, signed in the summers would not play in the position he wished him to. He wanted him to play just off the striker, but apparently the player has declined as he does not want to play there. Surly a player plays where the manager tells him to, or do they dictate where and when they play. Funny old world
  12. I think the problem here is one of trust. As yet DC has not had time to show what he is capable of or the kind of man and owner he will be. Everybodys concerns on here stem from this. Only when we know him,over time, will we be able to male valued judgements.
  13. Agree the guys done well for us and has stook to his guns in the face of pressure. Give him a chance at getting us up
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