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  1. He was a lot of other things at school as well. Still is to be honest. Did you go to Wath with him or Hogwarts?
  2. Bannan and Hutchinson in middle. Simple as. Lee wouldn't get anywhere near any other top 6 midfield. I don't understand the love in with him. He's not good enough. And I know I'll get 'shot down' by you experts. Why we constantly move our best midfielder to accommodate him is the only criticism I've had of Carlos all year.
  3. I didn't give any real kudos to Helan and Atdhe whilst I was actually at the match (boast post) but having watched it back their contribution was immense, took so much pressure off the back four. Atdhe covered more ground last night than he has since Christmas
  4. A shocking performance but a wonderful climax. What a team.
  5. That was just absolutely sublime at the end. The players looked as elated and as delighted as we all felt. Carlos is King. We love you all. Even Palmer. What a team spirit. Wawaw.
  6. I was that incensed by their ridiculous biased comments especially 'if anyone can turn this round it's Brighton' that I felt obligated to ring in. Didn't get through tho I imagine because I sounded like a drunken emotional wreck when speaking to the boy who took my call. Great story.
  7. He runs about a lot. So did Billy Whizz.
  8. If anyone can't make it but can get a ticket today or Tuesday morning sales I will gladly pay over face value or pay face value AND make a charity donation of your choice. Pm me please if so. Cheers
  9. Belgian Lad will return rejuvenated from his spell over near the west coast. He's the future. Hunt is another fine example of a player not good enough to be a right sided attacking player so gets stuck at full back. It happens to the best of us.......
  10. It's a thread about goals down our left and yet there has to be a Nuhiu criticism in it. Some people are obsessed. Just childish point scoring amongst 'the haters'. Change the name to Atdhe Talk.
  11. It's Nuhiu's fault we all know that that you soft Tizer drinkers. Calm down enjoy your weekends and get a Basrad grip x
  12. Lee was dreadful last night. He's brilliant at mincing about and pretending to look busy tho. And I've never seen a midfielder so reluctant to shoot. Other than that I'm a fan.
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