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  1. I think its more a case of lack of pace in the team that allows the opposition to push 10 yards further up the pitch meaning we have little space in midfield to manoeuvre forcing us into long balls upto fletcher who is often isolated on his own. Would like to see foristieri and joao up top and see how well they can work together. Also think fletcher has a use as he handles the physical side of the game well and you still need players like that in this league
  2. Isnt lazaar that guy who claimed to have worked on crashed ufo’s at area 51 in the 80’s ?
  3. Never trust a manager with a west country accent. Just like you should never trust a goalie who wears tracky bottoms instead of shorts
  4. Like i say it was only a rumour. Suppose ill have to pay the £699 plus vat to find out
  5. I’ll go with chansiri is now offering an evening cooked meal with and by doris the tea lady. She’ll give us the ins and outs of all the training ground gossip and which biscuits the foreign players at our club like ( I’ve heard foristieri is a garibaldi fan ). All for a super discounted early bird price of £699 plus vat for the first 5000 customers
  6. Its called bummers crescent. He’s usually there after 9pm. Go down and ask for engelbert humpyajunk. He’ll sort you out fella
  7. Emerging players like penney should always be introduced to the first team gradually. He did well when he came in when things were going well but didnt have the experience to turn things round when things weren’t. Penney is still a great prospect and in a year or two could be a top championship defender but we really need a 1st choice LB so penney can learn the role and develop.
  8. Good player on his day but shybo attitude. Needs to be the main man or just sulks and has no influence. If we can get any more than 6 mill then we’ve got a good deal
  9. absolute disgrace of a footballer. Needs to be paid up his contract and told to f off and never come back again along with half the current squad. Will probably play for the dutch national team after he’s rinsed us for all he can get and he gives a poo about improving his natural game
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