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  1. pickledegghiderman

    Simple chant for big Dave

    What about chim chimeney, chim chimeney, chim chim cherooo we call him big dave cus we cant say nuhiu !
  2. pickledegghiderman


    Pace and movement up top. What we’ve been lacking for so long. Took some stick for probably being played out of position. Lets hope we get a few more performances out of him this season
  3. pickledegghiderman

    Rumour time

    He understands the diamond formation. Just ask harry redknapp
  4. pickledegghiderman

    Hi everyone

    Should have just had it on ya ar*e instead
  5. pickledegghiderman

    Ruthless but controversial

    This is why 5-3-2 would probably suit our squad much more than a rigid 4-4-2. Hunt and reach as wing backs, hutch lees and van aken in defence with venancio and loovens as capable back up, bannan and another in the centre with foristieri playing in front and 2 from rhodes hooper and fletcher up top.
  6. pickledegghiderman


    Nothing against him, hope he gets his career back on track.
  7. pickledegghiderman

    Bannan and Jones

    Gets slated because he isnt as agressive as Hutchinson. Not sayin hes a world beater but his record speaks for itself.
  8. pickledegghiderman


    Him and hooper are the best strike partnership at the club. Fletcher when fit is probably the best striker in the division. Whoever plays up front must partner fletcher
  9. pickledegghiderman

    Adam Reach

    Think it suits bannan too as he seems to drop too deep when played central in a midfield 2
  10. pickledegghiderman


    Foristieri should have started in front of abdi to who clearly isnt fit enough yet
  11. pickledegghiderman

    Bit of faith restored

    Think it just goes to show that we do have a good sqaud who is capable but still seem to have the same weaknesses as we have for the past 2 seasons. Abdi still doesn't look fit enough and hooper and fletcher are the best two strikers at the club so would like to see them as the front pairing with foristieri behind ( if were gunna keep him). Hats off to the sunderland fans too
  12. pickledegghiderman

    Give pudil some credit

    Played well to be fair to him
  13. Sorry pal, had to neg you for knowing all their names
  14. pickledegghiderman

    Summer 2017 non-mega transfer thread

    Maybe its his friends who like to go out and have a gamble , a drink and a good time on a weekend, maybe he just wants to be like us regular joes who can do what we want without having to worry about the consequences of our actions. Maybe a fresh start away from all his problems could re focus his career. Suppose we'll never really know. One thing i can say is that to dismiss a bloke because he's suffered with depression shows the way in which society treats people with mental illness. Hope caulker gets his career back on track and fulfills the potential that he's got