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  1. I'm finding it a hard listen to be honest, the insights are good but he's not a natural. To be fair it's his first time.
  2. Hands down our most competent first half in yonks....intent, work rate, urgency. Well done so far.... WTF was happening with that injury time...!!!
  3. If Wolves are looking after their properly they’ve already been on the phone and told him to come home on the final whistle.
  4. My money is on plenty of fast feet running down blind alleys with no direction and even less emd product. Not his fault either.
  5. Looking at the line up…and trying to muster the mental fortitude to watch it unfold live.
  6. Genuinely surprised its not higher. It's been that chaotic.
  7. I'll just add that the results and the league position wouldn't have been an issue for me if I could see what he was working towards. As it stands, I can't see a single redeeming aspect of his approach, it's cobblers......
  8. Disagree.....I feel like the victim in this scenario.
  9. Used all my login's and Neil's to vote "Go" and very quickly please.......
  10. He's not the solution to any of our problems. Too raw still, he's like a headless chicken with tricks.
  11. Moore has form for playing people out of position (I mean, well out of position....) in fairness it's the only form we have.......
  12. To be fair, some of these team selections and tactics have got "Thai bloke that knows f@ck all about football" written all over them........
  13. Moore is a disaster, nobody could convince me otherwise.
  14. Too busy singing "we are f@cking sh!t" according to Dom.
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