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  1. Owls fans will do better than that. They'll get old Sh*thouse in a headlock and cut his hair off.
  2. That's true, but it's the antics which they employed over the course of the season to get to the play-offs which people don't like. Regarding third place, well the league is a much fairer test. Over eight months MK Dons finished third, and that's why people feel it's harsh. IMO MK are the only team in the playoffs who can feel aggrieved at not going up. The rest of us would have been staying down anyway, and we've got a free hit. Let's hope Sh*thouse Ainsworth doesn't prosper in the final, whoever High Wycombe play.
  3. Fair points, and under certain circumstances the things you say may well bear fruit. What we know about Wednesday is that: (a) we're not great against teams who sit back and shithouse (b) if you can stop Bannan, you can stop Wednesday (c) we're not great at defending corners and free kicks (d) we've always got a mistake in us at the back Being at home isn't the issue as things stand, because Sunderland already lead us and will sit back, defend, shithouse, and stop Bannan. They did play as well as they can on Friday but their approach will be quite different tomorrow because the onus is on us. It'll be us who need to burn the petrol, not them, because we're already losing. They'll attempt to stifle and frustrate us as much as possible, with Neil using his experience and shithousery to full effect, and bide their time until we drop a clanger or concede from a set piece. So what we need is a lucky break early on which will throw Neil's plans into confusion. A goal for us would bring them out and then the things you say would come into their own. Under those circumstances I'd fancy us.
  4. Yes, psychologically it's all changed for Leeds today. They're in the bottom three for the first time. The pressure will be unbearable, and Yorkshire Television will be in despair. Everton will cheat the drop - they always do. It's between Leeds and Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnley now. Let's hope that Burnley's experience in these situations will see them over the line.
  5. I'm not though, Inspector. I'm just being honest. If you look at things dispassionately then it's a reasonable conclusion. As I wrote, my heart says yes but my head says no. I desperately want us to win, but I fear that Neil's experience will do for us.
  6. I think there's a difference between ardently supporting the team and thinking we'll win. My heart says we will triumph tomorrow, my head says we won't. I mean, we'd all support the team vociferously even against Real Madrid, although in our hearts we know that we'd get thumped. Mind you, there are a few on here who'd think we'd have a chance, even against Real... "Hillsborough will be packed, we can do this..." In truth, Alex Neil shouldn't really be at this level any more than Baz should be as a player. He's far more experienced than Moore, and the confidence which accompanies it. In a sense, Neil for Sunderland is like Jonesy was for us in the Mind the Gap season. Someone who'd managed at a much higher level, who knew how to handle the big games, and wasn't scared to try something different to flummox his opponent. What happened on Friday wasn't just about our being defensive, it was about Neil tactically completely nullifying us as a threat. If we take our blue and white specs off for just a second, realistically we're very lucky to have come back here only one goal down. Re-watching the highlights, there's only one team in it. Blind faith is what sustains the overwhelming majority of fans the world over, as there are only a handful of clubs which can consistently deliver what the fans want. So we'd best cling to blind faith and hope, for once, that lady luck smiles on us. Ye Gods, we're long overdue. UTO
  7. Fair points. Yet, strangely, organizing the defence is probably the easiest part of the team to deal with. It's at the other end where managers usually have the problems. So from the point of view of defending dead ball situations specifically, Moore must shoulder at least some of the blame if we're being fair. And that's a problem which has dogged us all season long. However, I will also defend Moore in other aspects of our play. In truth, there have been two Wednesdays under Moore. There's Moore's Wednesday in the first half of the season, and then there's his team in the second. The bulk of the clangers dropped in defence occurred in the first half of the season in his play-it-out-from-the-back phase, made worse by a group who were unfamiliar with each other, as you say. In the second half of the season that's been much less of a problem, so to his credit he did change for the better. Whatever happens on Monday, I feel I'd like to acknowledge that fact.
  8. No, he can't. That's quite true. But I was referring more to what's happened over the course of the season, rather than Hutchinson's blunder specifically. Talking about the first leg, if we're honest Sunderland deserved to take a lead into the second leg, based on the game we saw. OK, it was a clanger which gave them their goal, but they hit the woodwork too and by contrast we were very poor on the night.
  9. I think the number of people on this site who would rather be proven right than see the club go to the final must be very small. In my particular case my heart says we will but my head says we won't. I was the one who did the Moore emojis, as it happens, so I don't think anyone can accuse me of not wanting him here. And if we falter on Monday I won't say anything different to what I'm saying now, namely that it's the giving away of silly goals which has cost us. It's our persistent inability to defend set pieces, and our over-elaboration at the back. Kick it, head it, Row-Z it... I guess if it is to be the goal at Sunderland which ultimately sinks us, then it will be fitting.
  10. I haven't thrown in the towel. It's eleven against eleven (we hope) and of course we have a chance, especially at home. But past experience inevitably forms our opinions. It's our defending, or lack of it. Like I said earlier, we're just one more clanger away from being in this division again next season.
  11. The problem is our penchant for giving away silly goals, something which has dogged us constantly under Moore. IMO that's what will ultimately cost us. We're now only another clanger away from being in this division next season.
  12. Ultimately it comes down to this. A team's results are a combination of two factors, namely the manager and the players. Each contributes to the club's success, but in differing ratios at differing clubs. If you compare our squad to that of, say, Rotherham, then it's clear that Warney has made more of a contribution to Rotherham's season than has Moore to ours. Would the Millers have gone up under Moore? Probably not IMO, as they'd have shipped far more goals. Would we have gone up under Warney? Possibly, because the defence would have been better organized.
  13. Hope so. But for that clanger we'd have got a draw out of it. What we need, for once, is a bit of luck. We're long overdue some.
  14. Listen, I'm the most negative poster on this thing. I think we've a God-given right to be chapions of Europe, nay, club world chapions. Not footling about in the Third Division play-offs and arguing about tactics and players dropping clangers.
  15. I don't see that happening with Neil in charge of them. Under Johnson, perhaps. We've better players, but they've a better manager.
  16. It depends what you mean. We ought to be because frankly we're lucky only to be one down. But a goal's a goal, and from their point of view they've something to build on. So they will be.
  17. He was still playing. And there were definitely no redheaded women there either.
  18. With Wycombe it's not just about Shithouse Ainsworth's cheating tactics. They're a big, strong, physical team, the kind we struggle against in general. We've failed to beat them in two attempts for a reason. Anyway, we'll do well to get past Sunderland. They're a good team with a canny manager.
  19. In that part of the world you support either Newcastle or Sunderland. So that's two clubs for 1.1 million people in the Tyne and Weir region. Our region has 1.3 million people shared between six clubs. We've got more teams sapping supporters away. Even without Rotherham our crowds would be significantly higher.
  20. Neither do I, you're right. But I wouldn't fancy our chances anyway, not as a promoted side. We'd have a lot of work to do to have any hope of challenging. But at least relegation would prevent Leeds establishing themselves as a PL team again. And they often blow it, run out of steam and/or lose play-offs. Even if they ought to go up, it doesn't mean they will. We're far from guaranteed promotion this season, and what we absolutely don't want is Leeds (or the Blades) to be two divisions above us. Come on Everton!
  21. I guess you mean that the ill fortune which typically blights this club may have made a return. Yes, it wouldn't surprise me...
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