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  1. What ruined Rhodes was his move to bonny 'Boro. 'Boro were bobbar by PL standards anyway, with a manager who played him as a lone striker in a defensive outfit. How many strikers in world football could have thrived in that environment? There are only a handful of clubs in world football who could afford such a player. And if a club has that sort of money, then it doesn't have to play that formation in the first place. Colin did the same and played with a lone striker when United went up in the mid-Noughties, because he was scared of opponents running straight through them.
  2. Strikers thrive on confidence, and Rhodes' confidence was shot to ribbons at that time. If he felt he was going to miss it, then he was right not to put himself forward to take a penalty for us.
  3. To have any hope the first thing we've got to resolve are our defensive woes. Rotherham weren't better than us, for instance, but they were better at defending. When they came here in February they'd conceded around 18 league goals. If you cant defend free kicks and corners at this level, you've no chance. And the grievous, needless goals we shipped giving the ball to our opponents cost us dear.
  4. I can see a way in which we can possibly do it next season, but we'll have to be much better at defending. If you can't beat the stiflers/sh*thousers, then you've got to make it count when you're playing the rest. We need to get someone in to deal with the defensive side of things.
  5. Out for me, but it's a futile debate because he's staying. Far from "hating" Darren Moore, I like the bloke. I think his recruitment was really good, and the toxic atmosphere previously at the club has now been dispersed. It's far from all bad. But his inability to play against teams which close us down and/or shithouse will ultimately be his undoing, and ours. Expect even more of the same tactics employed against us next season, as other teams emulate Alex Neil, with things finally coming to a head in the New Year and another season wasted.
  6. The thing is, though, that Rob Staton was being naughty because he was asking questions which he knew Cook couldn't answer. At least not while the season's still alive. How can any manager in this day and age bad-mouth his players when there's an important match coming up? No manager can, and that's why Kewk kicked off.. OK, if Chesterfield miss out on the play-offs then Hoggles won't need to ask Cook why results have been bobbage. Cook will tell him, and he'll let the players have it both barrels. He'll be so hoarse he'll have to use sign language. But I'm sure he'll be gargling with some "linctus" to alleviate the symptoms.
  7. I'm happy with that scoreline because the Blades have a good record against Forest at the Lane, I think. I remember Keith Edwards once remarking that when United play Forest at the Lane "something always happens", meaning in United's favour. It looks like it's happened again, but I can't see it being enough to save them. Roll on the second leg. ...and roll on United's elimination.
  8. Disappointing end, but it's Forest's to lose now. The Blades were extremely lucky.
  9. Yes, because the managers the fans have wanted were realistic candidates and weren't top-of-the-tree. Those sort of managers wouldn't come here in the state we've been in over the last decade, and let's face it there aren't many of them anyway. Most managers have a spell of success but then fade, and those who don't are in big demand. As for Moore, well he has achieved nothing so far, and there's nothing to suggest that he will in the future either. With the Moorists it's really a question of blind faith. At least Cook has had some success.
  10. When the old man goes blind, and he ain't got sore eyes yet.
  11. Blades fans I know are all delighted that Moore's staying. You can't get a better endorsement than that.
  12. I wanted him too. It's pretty clear that the problem is the playing staff there, and there are so many out of contract at the end of the season that they probably don't care whether Chesterfield go up or not. We know all about that from last season, when we were going in the other direction. How can Cook start criticizing his players in that interview when he needs a performance from them on Sunday? Hog Staton surely knows that - and Cook knows that Staton knows that - so I understand his anger.
  13. You see, this is where our opinions differ. I've never regarded criticism of Moore as being from haters or racists. The reason I say that is because of the criticism previous managers have had on this site, which frankly was far worse than Moore has had. There is a race police on this site. I'll give you an example. A few months ago we were discussing managers, and I said something like "Well, look at Coco's injury problems". Now Coco is the pet name for Carlos, after he dressed up as a clown to give a team talk. I was referring to the terrible injury problems we suffered while Carlos was here. One policeman gave me a mid-Atlantic "Just wow", another inquired "Who's Coco?". At first I didn't catch on, then it dawned on me what they were thinking. Yeah. As if... So there are people on the site just waiting to pounce, and analyzing every word.
  14. If anything, I think the reverse is true. I think that there are a group of fans on this site who are so desperate for Moore to do well, because of who he is, that it blinds them to his faults and/or they go easy on him. If Tony Pulis or Dave Jones, unpopular managers that is, had been in charge of those two semis they'd have been absolutely slaughtered on this forum. Pulis got more criticism than Moore before his first match.
  15. True. So what's the problem? Well, with better defending we'd have been top two, so problems against the likes of Alex Neil or Gareth Sh*thouse-Ainsworth (pronounced "Shittus") wouldn't have mattered. When teams let us play we're very good, when they don't we're bobbar. Moore can't deal with those who close us down, which means we'll have to do better against the rest who don't stifle us. If he's staying then that's the only solution. I hope and pray we don't have a hangover next season. If we don't, then we have a good chance IF he can sort the defending from set plays out, and we Row-Z it instead of pretending to be Franco Baresi or Paolo Maldini. Attacking teams always concede more, obviously, but it's the type of needless goals we've let in which is the sickener. It'd be worth bringing in a defensive coach.
  16. Pulis would be as unsuited to this team as he was early last year. IMO Monk under different circumstances would have been a good manager for us, say with Carlos' players, but unfortunately the team he had here wasn't really good enough for the brand of football he wanted to play. But Monk was a good tactician. I remember his coming with Leeds at the beginning of Carlos' second season. He picked the biggest midfield I'd ever seen, and doubled up down the flanks. He said in his press conference that he'd picked a midfield specially for us. They triumphed 0-2, and were the first team to employ those tactics.
  17. No complaints from me about Sunderland going through. Just make sure that Sh*thouse Ainsworth doesn't go up, that's all I ask. And give him a haircut while you're about it.
  18. I'll not enter into the arguments about forward play, but I think it's at the back where I'm most worried. All teams concede goals, especially if they play attacking football. However some of ours are inconsistent with a team aspiring to be promoted.
  19. That's my worry - a hangover. It happened with Carlos after 'Udders. Personally, I'd make a change. This squad is good enough, and a new manager would re-engergize the players. This season's failure would be forgotten. Sort out our defensive frailties, and with a bit more tactical nous we'll do it.
  20. Mandy was astute when he brought Dave Jones here. Someone who'd managed at a much higher level, but whose stock had fallen in recent times. As is the case with Alex Neil. That's the profile of the replacement I'd like. We all knew what Neil would do at Hillsborough, and he did it. An experienced manager would have had the confidence to try something completely different, to throw Sunderland into confusion. What scares me about keeping Moore is not just his tactical and defensive shortcomings, it's also the prospect of a hangover, as occurred with Carlos.
  21. Sssshhhhhh. How dare you say such things about Moorinho. The man's above reproach.
  22. I've never said that Neil is a genius or a master tactician, I've just said that he's better than our manager. How long had Dave Jones been out of work when he came here? Both he and Neil had been successful at a much higher level than this and probably were only prepared to drop to this level for certain clubs. Preston are in a higher division than us, and how a manager does is also linked to the players he has. Unless we put Moore in charge of exactly the same Preston team in the Championship it's impossible to make comparisons. Sunderland's record may be a tiny fraction worse than ours since he's been there, but our players are different to Sunderland's and we've played different teams at different times. So I don't see how you can compare the two managers that way. In a head-to-head there was clearly only one winner. The margins weren't fine, DJ, because we were rubbish. We were below par because he stopped us playing in both games, and there's no evidence that we'd learned anything from the first game either. Your opinion is as valid as mine and I respect it, but to my mind we were outthought.
  23. I think that since Channers has been here he's brought some very good players to the club for the level we've being playing at, and this season it's been no different. The problem has been his managerial appointments, however, and not knowing when to stick and to twist. We were undone by a better manager last night, one who had the nous to tactically nullify us. Alex Neil is Sunderland's Dave Jones. Someone who's managed at a much higher level and has the confidence which goes with that experience. I'd like us to make a clean break and go for someone like that, and that's probably what Mandy would do too in these circumstances. The Moorists need not worry, though, because it won't happen. We''l probably have to wait until next January for that.
  24. Yes, Mandy wasn't worried about the media and their favourites. I remember when he sacked Megson and was questioned atb the press conference: "Look, guys, I want to get promoted here". He knew when to stick and to twist. He'd definitely never have kept Carlos after Huddersfield.
  25. Yes, but those freebies and loans are coveted by many other managers in this division. Messi and Ronaldo could be freebies or on loan...if you could afford their wages. Just because a player is a freebie or a loan doesn't mean that he's bobbar. We've got them because we can afford them when many other managers in this league can't. As an interviewer said to one of MK's players at Easter after the game; "You've come up against arguably the strongest squad in the division today". We need to get away from the idea that this is a poo squad lucky not to be fighting relegation. It simply isn't true.
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