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  1. His dislike of foreign players is his Achilles heel. The only way a club of United's size has any chance at that level is to shop abroad. Nobody doubts his ability, but can he handle the egos/temperaments/drama queens which is part and parcel of PL management?
  2. For God's sake not here, man. There are women and children about.
  3. It's the sheer humility of Uriah Wilder which tugs at your heart strings. A humble man with much to be humble about.
  4. He he. Well, I didn't say that I wasn't enjoying it.
  5. Let's not be like their fans. We'd all gladly rather be where they are than where we are. And what you spend in the summer isn't the only factor; what you were before that outlay has also to be taken into account. On paper they were bob before and they still are, in spite of that outlay. And Wilder, in spite of his appearance and habits, is still better than anyone we've had here in many a year. So it shows just how difficult it is for any promoted side to make it in that league. Once the elation of that first season dies
  6. Jesu, I never knew that's what people think about me on licenced premises... I've given Monk some stick so I'll give him some credit. We didn't concede in added time. Well done/¡bravo!
  7. Why in God's name would anyone want a tattoo of Monk on his/her arris???? I mean, imagine if you had to go to hospital and be examined by doctors. And why would anyone want to be reminded of a manager who got us relegated? I'd rather be shot with sh*t.
  8. Very true. It was catastrophic. But in the particular case of Bazzle, he's wanted now, earns a lot, and can walk away soon. In the Third we'll need height and physique, and I just think that football at that level will pass him by. ...or pass over his head.
  9. Lol. The number of games left to play isn't the issue. Who'll be sitting in the dugout is. With old Paleface at the helm our relegation is as sure as night follows day. We're doomed.
  10. True ability-wise, but he'd never get the ball. He'd be dizzy watching it fly over his head.
  11. We need to be preparing for the Third now. We need to think about what sort of players will thrive at that level. Bannan's a good player in a good team, but personally I don't see him cutting the mustard at that level.
  12. We may as well sell. Bannan or no Bannan the odds are we're going to be relegated now Monk has been retained. Let's get something for him rather than nothing later on.
  13. It's a good job Biggsy wasn't interviewing Tufty ...
  14. Yes, I tend to use Colin as a yardstick because he kept Rotherham in the division, a club in a similar predicament to ourselves. I guess the task that faced Colinho is pretty much the same as that which faces Monk. But I agree that Monk isn't going anywhere soon.
  15. Underperforming. Under the Blades and Leeds. Up sh*t creek.
  16. The problem is that we don't have a quarter of a season to find out. We don't have that luxury. With this team, and the points deduction, it would take a manager of Colin's ilk to keep us up. Is Monk of that standard? The answer is "no", hence we're going down.
  17. True. I mean, would Mandy have retained him? I think he will stay, or at least until it's too late. Which is why we're doomed.
  18. Here we come, Loggin' on the site, We keep a positive outlook, Even though we're sh*te Hey, hey we're the Monkists, Our heads are buried in the ground, And we're too busy clappin', To see that we're goin' down We're just tryin' to be hopeful, We put our trust in blind faith, And we're too busy dreamin', To look facts in the face
  19. To be fair, I gave him a fair crack last season. In fact, I wanted Monk and believed that he'd been unfairly dismissed at Leeds. The constraints you list would apply to any manager, not just Monk. I just think that he's the wrong manager for us as we currently are. I'm not saying that he should be sacked after 4 games, even though I think he should have gone in the summer. But clearly if we continue to get bob results and concede deep into injury time on a regular basis, then it's either Monk or the club's Championship status.
  20. That's a fair point. My point is that when you don't have the quality on the pitch, then you need a top manager. A good example is when Colin took on the Rotherham job. They looked in a worse predicament than us, but he sorted out the defence and got them motivated and fighting until the last whistle. We don't look anything like that under Monk. Monk may have done well with the better-class players we had several seasons ago, but I doubt he's the man for this job. It's horses for courses.
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