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  1. But at our level that's pretty much what it is. Let's face it, there are few managers who are universally successful, and those that are wouldn't touch us with a bargepole. It's trial and error until someone eventually clicks. What we really can't afford is to go into a relegation scrap with this team. Not only is it brittle, but it also has young, inexperienced players. And Moore's no stranger to relegation either. If you're in the brown stuff at Xmas - and on current form that's where we're headed - then you need top-of-the-table form in the second half to get out of it. I wouldn't fancy our chances one jot of cheating the drop.
  2. But is it because he's nervous about the system we play? If I were a keeper and my defenders were trying to play it out from the back in the Third, I'd be nervous. We looked nervous in that home thrashing by Norwich under Jos, and our players were experienced at that. Our young lads will retire into their shells instead of expressing themselves, scared to make a mistake.
  3. In terms of the team, we go again. In terms of our opponents, they're Wigan. In terms of night, it follows day.
  4. I reckon he'll be sacked around the festive period. Chansiri isn't known for being trigger-happy, and he usually tarries until the season is lost.
  5. Good points, and I think they highlight the problem we've been facing. Playing out from the back requires skilful defenders who can place a ball, they require vision, and also the ability to pass and move. It's rare to find those qualities at this level even in players who play in more advanced positions, let alone at the back. They also need to be cool under pressure, and the understanding between each other and the keeper needs to be almost telepathic. That's a big ask in the Third.
  6. Very true. But I think that playing out from the back, at least at this level, makes defenders/keepers nervous. We looked it in the Championship too when jostling Jos was in the dugout. I just think you play your football where it hurts the opposition, not where they can hurt you.
  7. I was referring to the spell under Jos. There was nothing narrow about the loss to the Canaries that day...
  8. Playing out from the back is ridiculous at this level. Playing out from the back didn't do much for us in the Champ, either. The players involved aren't good enough. If I were a keeper with that "philosophy" being played in front of me, I'd be nervous and dropping clangers. It's lucky that we didn't concede 5 minutes before, or there's a good chance we'd have come home with nothing. Plip-plop.
  9. No. I said in a later contribution that it's about success and financial clout. Citeh have financial clout, true, but they've a long way to go to match Man Utd's record.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a win under his belt tomorrow. I mean, it's written. It's classic Wednesday. It's Catterick/Everton, Wilko/Leeds, Colin/Cardiff. He wanted the job here, Channers didn't fancy him, so we're bound to get our hooters rubbed in it.
  11. Yes Vic, Biggsy is all things to all men. He's a man with no firm opinion about anything. Definitely maybe.
  12. Success and financial clout. Ironically, if a club could challenge for honours even were its home stadium empty every week then there is no bigger indicator of its great size.
  13. It's not about support - Newcastle get similar crowds to Arsenal and Liverpool, but there the similarity ends. Twenty-odd years ago we were biggest of the clubs cited, but since then we've fallen behind the likes of Sunderland and many others too.
  14. The thing is, though, that Wilko could never have had that sort of backing here because of the system we then operated. Leeds had an owner, Leslie Silver, who was pouring cash in, whereas our board couldn't. Atkinson wanted Strachan, but we couldn't match what Leeds were offering him, even though they were in a lower division. Even his Man Utd ex-team mates were surprised at what he was on at Leeds.
  15. You don't have to be a genius to work out that, based on recent performances/results, were they to continue then we'd have no chance of promotion. The worry is that this is Moore's team, yet he doesn't seem to be able to make it function correctly. There's no doubting his ability to attract players, but it's looking increasingly likely that he lacks the wit to manage.
  16. Yes, we did need him. Had we got him, then things may have turned out very differently for us. At the time he didn't want to come north...but then moved to bonny 'Boro.
  17. Very true, OT.. At this level, or in the Champ as we saw with Jostling Jos, opponents will simply harry and pressurize you and force mistakes. In the Third you play football where it hurts the opposition, not where it hurts you.
  18. Spot on. Our defenders just aren't good enough to play that way. Get rid of it lad!
  19. This division was never going to be easy, because the lads playing in it give 100%. Many have come from non-league and they know how lucky they are to be playing professional football. They might not be great technically, but they make up for that in effort. So we need to match our opponents with endeavour. We were just off it today, and they had the run of the ball in front of goal but we didn't. Channers can't be blamed for today's result.
  20. Bobbar result, but probably it will stop us resting on our laurels. This league was never going to be easy, because the lads playing in it value the fact that they're footballers and give 100%. The fact that Morcambe are new to this league is probably why they played as they did...but others may now emulate it. I remember when we were going for promotion under Atkinson in the 1990/91 season and we were strolling it. Then Colin rolled up at Hillsborough with Notts County, played as Colin does, and they drew. Thereafter getting positive results was far more difficult.
  21. We were after Guedioura when he was at Watford, but he wouldn't come here. He was the midfield beast which we needed and I've often wondered what might have happened had he signed. What he's like now, I don't know, but at the time he was just what we required.
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