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  1. Leeds got promoted because of Bielsa. Bielsa went there because of Revie, whom most Leeds fans don't remember. They'd have stayed down under our managers.
  2. I have the same problem on a Saturday night. In fact most nights, come to think of it. I tell my wife it's vertigo.
  3. We might as well. We've nothing to look forward to.
  4. A merger with Sheffield FC is the only one worth talking about. You see, it's the Arabs' dosh we need, not bigger gates.
  5. Dedgers is unlikely to sell any time soon, and neither would any of us if we'd pumped that much into the club. What he'd get back would be a fraction of what he put in. If he changes I'll back the b*stard. I don't like him but I'm realistic to know that he's what we've got and we're saddled with him.
  6. I think the problem was that Channers thought we'd finished mid-table under Gray in spite of his tactics, rather than because of them. The fans wanted entertainment, so he thought all he had to do was spend big on forwards and bingo, we'd go up. The tragedy is that we never dared use our forward strength for fear of conceding goals, as we lacked a midfield enforcer. Huddersfield was a fifty-fifty call tactically-speaking once Hooper got injured.
  7. Carlos had to go because if you lose two playoffs the players lose confidence in you. We now know that others were heavily influenced in recruitment, which lead to our imbalance. Carlos never dared let the dog out because of that. If we could have got Guedioura, things may well have been very different.
  8. Relatively speaking, Barnsley have always been better than us...and the Blades, and Leeds too. In my lifetime they've played mainly in the second tier, which for a club with such constraints is a tremendous achievement. If the Owls, Blades and Leeds were as relatively successful as Barnsley then we'd all be permanent fixtures in the PL.
  9. Very true. The thing with this squad is that it lacked balance. If you lack an animal in the middle it puts strain on your defence, which in turn affects the keeper. We never got the best out of that group because of the haphazard recruitment. Compare that with the team Tufty built. Not great individuals but pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle.
  10. Well, let's put it this way, if they quit we're in the brown stuff. Like they were saying on Biggs' show the other week, we can't have a team entirely of young players. That season we got to the playoff final, Barnsley were in the Third with a young team and looked like going down to the Fourth. They brought in some experience and went up. If we can keep those two and add some youthful verve, we'll have a chance.
  11. Can't see many of those released pulling many trees up elsewhere. They cut sorry figures and their best years are behind them. Invertebrates who couldn't keep us up in spite of the absolute bobbar down there with us. Eff off, and don't come back.
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