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  1. Athelwulf

    BBC strike again

    What have Yorkshire Television ever done for us? Lol
  2. Athelwulf

    Hunt the 1st to go - more to follow

    Yes, I think you're right there.
  3. Athelwulf

    Number of pre-season fixtures...

    Aye, she does a bit in that photo. He he.
  4. Athelwulf

    Number of pre-season fixtures...

    It's Mansfield's chairman's wife, Carolyn Radford.
  5. Athelwulf

    Number of pre-season fixtures...

    Mansfield Town's looks an interesting fixture ...
  6. Athelwulf

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Yes, the injuries which many of our players have suffered here are about this club, and not about them. If Fletcher had signed for someone else, then he'd probably have been fine. I'm amazed that those who live close to the stadium aren't all in leg irons. Scoring goals is the hardest thing to do in football, so getting rid of too many strikers might not be such a good idea. Were we to have an injury crisis up front this season - and you wouldn't rule it out - we could well be wintering down the bottom end of the table ..
  7. Clubs develop players here to sell on and play in the PL. That's how they survive. But the way they develop them isn't suited to a good England team. Martinez said that many of those top Spanish players wouldn't have made it here because they're not big enough.
  8. If the French win it, we'll never hear the end of it. It doesn't bear thinking about. France isn't a country renowned for its modesty at the best of times. I know quite a lot of Frenchies, so I'm bracing myself, mobile switched off. Ha ha.
  9. Athelwulf


    Have we had an official warning about FFP? I was under the impression that one was issued before the axe actually falls.
  10. The bottom line is this. We don't play a thinking game; never did. It's too quick, and the ball doesn't do enough of the work. We put too much emphasis on size and work-rate. Like Martinez said, players in that crack Spanish side probably wouldn't have made it here because they weren't big enough. The question is, what do we do about it? Get as many England players out of the country as possible to countries like Spain? Send promising youngsters to be developed overseas in Portugal or Holland? Our smaller clubs develop players to play in the PL.
  11. Athelwulf

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Fletcher's a good player and if he goes there then he's not strengthening a rival. Pan- means all, but in this sense it means United. So Panathinaikos means Athens United.
  12. Athelwulf

    Can we all agree on this one?

    Yes, it's all about the cue ball.
  13. Athelwulf

    Team for 18/19

    Me and thee, Tom. Assuming we both don't get injured en route to the stadium.
  14. Athelwulf

    Signings or no signings

    Down, down, deeper and down.