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  1. Yes, basically from a structural point of view it's like a kick-about. We look all over the place. Moore's not a manager/tactician IMO.
  2. Strikes me our lot should stick to their day jobs then.
  3. As we're a team in Third, I'd say our choice of possible replacements is limited. And I don't see Old Six-Fingers dropping to our level.
  4. It's the way we shilly-shally at the back which is the problem. We always give the opposition a chance. That is Moore's fault.
  5. Yes, I noticed that too. It's the first time I've seen him behave that way. I thought that he cut a sorry figure.
  6. Yes, we've needed a holding midfielder for years. But you're right that our defenders aren't good enough to play the way Moore wants. And even if they are/were, you need players in front of them in space to receive the ball.
  7. Basically, we're where we are in spite of Moore rather than because of him.
  8. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/october/darren-moores-post-match-reaction2/
  9. That's fair. I don't know what's exactly going wrong at Ipswich, I'll hold my hand up to that, but my point is that Cook is a manager who has at least achieved something in the past. As for Moore, when he was appointed his lack of pedigree didn't concern me but it's his tactics which I just can't agree with, at least not at this level. Lowe tried it too and decided to change.
  10. I'd have Cook in the dugout in preference to Moore. Cook at least has some pedigree.
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