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  1. A point against Colin away from home's not at all bad. Monk's doing well, and we're not below-par. I'm optimistic. This isn't Monk's team, he didn't have time to prepare for the season, and we're not a team which does well in the first half of the season anyway. I see us getting progressively stronger, not weaker.
  2. Yes, true. These Latin players are prima donnas and are susceptible to flattery. It's all about soft-soaping. Danny Boy called the Italians fancy Dans. 'Arry put Di Canio's picture on the boardroom wall, alongside that of Bobby Moore...
  3. No, it wasn't all Rhodes fault. I do rate Rhodes, or at least Rhodes as was. Karanka did for him in my view.
  4. The problem is that our "main man", the man we spent a fortune on, doesn't want to be here. Rhodes may as well take to the field wearing a T-shirt to that effect. I'm not unduly worried at this stage; we're usually pretty bob in the first half of the season and improve in the second. Monk's not been here long and doubtless is still assessing his squad. We were shocking in the first half of last season and came back strong in the second. We're not a West Brom, and we're deluding ourselves if we think we are. They're an ex-PL outfit, and in my opinion they could have stayed in that division. Wednesday are one of around half a dozen teams who might get 6th. That's the sober reality of it. We've got to get behind the team at Hillsborough and really pile the pressure on the opposition. Win our home fixtures and the rest will take care of itself.
  5. The reality is that we're not going to win game after game, at least not away. Those who're aspiring to top two will be very disappointed, because it's not going to happen. We're one of those sides which could make the play-offs, along with several others. To be fair, that's pretty much what Monachus said when he was appointed. This isn't his team, and he had little time to prepare. He probably does even know his best eleven yet, and his caution at Fulham indicated that he's not really sure where we stand yet. Three points from two games away ain't bad in my book. It's the home games where we've really got to turn it on.
  6. They always say "win your home games and draw away". Well two draws would have gleaned 2 points from the last two. We've just got 3. We're not going to win game after game, especially away from home, because we're not good enough for that. We've got to concentrate on winning our home games, and if we win one from two away we'll be OK. It's the draws that kill you.
  7. We've only managed to win two of our last ten games against Hull, so it isn't a club we do particularly well against anyway. I can't say that tonight's result really surprises me, it being midweek and all. We're not top two material, and never have been since Chansiri's been here. And unlike the Blades, we've never had a manager who can get us much higher up the league than we ought to be...correction, we did but Chansiri sacked him when he first arrived. But we can make the play-offs IMO. And we usually improve in the second half of the season.
  8. Hull are a bogy side. We got hammered there when Bruce was manager last season too.
  9. Well, only a buffoon would have taken the job at Newcastle. Following Benitez is a hard gig for any manager … unless you're Pep Guardiola … or Pep Wilder.
  10. My concern was that Bullen would get a few wins, and then drop off when the potential managerial candidates were picked over. For me, we're doing as well as we would have done had Lead Belly stayed.
  11. It's about opinions. Di Canio may or may not have wanted away, but I just think he lost his head that day. I mean, Big Ron recalled one game in which he was convinced that the fragrant Paolo was going to drop the linesman. Fortunately he didn't, but it was a close call and an illustration of his temperament. Harsenal knew he was our best player too, and they were winding him up. It's worth pointing out that our demise was sealed by the loss of both Italians, not just one. Wilson's so-called "Fancy Dans". Fergie was a bluff northerner like Danny Boy, but he knew he couldn't afford to lose Cantona so he got on his bike. And Di Canio's dream move was to … er … West Ham. 'Arry put di Canio's picture on the boardroom wall. He understood that when dealing with the Latin races flattery and soft-soaping is the way to go. It's like telling FF that he's lucky not to be back in Buenos Aires eating dog biscuits. This may well be true, but such an approach is unlikely to garner the best results.
  12. International politics is a dirty business, and always was. Western governments fight proxy wars because sending their own young men and women into the field is simply too unpopular and costly. The West backed Iraq as a buffer against Iran after the Islamic Revolution there 40 years ago. Then, when Iraq attempted to dominate the region (and the oil in it), the West checked them. Now the Iranians are having a go. Once they get the bomb they'll be invulnerable. Every Islamic extremist on earth will head there. Iran will be one big training camp, spawning terrorists to send to our cities.
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