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  1. Console yourselves with this. He's better than what the Blades have got.
  2. Rhodes had enough of playing that role at bonny 'Boro. I think that contributed to his loss of confidence.
  3. Big improvement. We're not going to move up the table playing these sorts of sides. OK, we know van Aken's not good enough, but that's not Pulis' fault. We'd have taken a point from this sort of fixture 3 years ago when we were going for promotion. I feel much better about this club than I've felt for a while after that performance.
  4. If we can hold on for a draw, we'll have done well. We'd have been happy with that when we'd got a quality team.
  5. Swansea are at home and they've got a better team than us. We're going in the right direction whatever happens tonight.
  6. I don't care if it lands with snow on it as long as we don't go down to the Third. Spend £100 million, beggar the fans, then get relegated... No thanks.
  7. Yes, you're right. There's no doubting that they know the British lower-league market. I think that in the PL it's difficult to unearth British gems, and I reckon that it's overseas where clubs need to look. I once read/heard that Brentford have a room in which people continually scour the foreign market. Basically, it's all they do. I bet they'd already got a list of overseas players lined up had they gone up, and they'll have one for if they go up this time. Nobody can question Wilder's knowledge of the lower leagues her
  8. You need to be able to use the European market effectively too. That's why I think Brentford would have done OK, because they have an in-depth knowledge of it. That United seem clueless in this regard is really Abhorrence's fault, as it's his responsibility to establish the scouting networks there. We need to do the same.
  9. Got you. So, basically, next season 16/17 drops out, and 17/18 is effectively wiped out by the stadium sale if you're looking at 3-year tranches. That means that our financial position is basically what we spent in 18/19 plus (or minus) what we've done financially this season.
  10. It's about opinions. Bruce and Pulis can point to past promotions and success in the PL, in other words what Chansiri aspires to. And both had to be persuaded to come here, especially Pulis. And Bruce did OK in the transfer market IMO. It isn't a view shared by many on this site, but I think we're lucky to land Pulis in our current situation. Like Bruce, he tends to manage parachute clubs. Personally, I'm pretty confident Pulis will build a team here that can achieve success. What I'm far less confident about i
  11. You're right, of course, but I think it's a case of who says it and when. I'd say Bruce and Pulis making statements like that is more likely to be taken on board by Chansiri. Also, in the early days Chansiri was still boasting that he was going to do things "his way", which hasn't worked. We're in a very weak position and Pulis was always lukewarm about this job, even when he was approached before. It's only my opinion, but bearing that in mind, and how he is, I'd be pretty sure he'd want control. Paradoxically, the weakness of our po
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