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  1. Based on that performance, it looked like we hadn't got out of bed.
  2. Nothing at all. You're right. We'd probably still have lost if we'd overwhelmed them. But at least such a performance would have inspired confidence for the future. I'm afraid that Bully Bullshit's out of his depth.
  3. Spot on. At the very least Preston are well-organised and hard-working. They're a good team without really possessing good players. They're a good unit, and that's the minimum expected of a team in this country. I like them, and I think Neil has done a good job there.
  4. Never. And if we played them off the park we'd probably still lose. But such a performance elsewhere would glean points.
  5. No, based on the performances. I mean you can play really badly and win, and the reverse too, but generally speaking performances make prizes. Our performances this season so far don't indicate that we'll be anywhere near the promotion shake-up.
  6. Maybe charade isn't the right word. I've no doubt that Bullen has an idea how he wants us to play, based on who our opponents are. But these games are organised chaos. It's about how a manager reacts to situations which sorts the wheat out from the chaff. I guess it's the same with TV anchormen and -women. It's when there are problems that those who've "got it" come to the fore. I don't know if Bullen's got it, because presently he lacks experience. He needs to go away and get it.
  7. I guess it depends what we want. Clearly we won't be in the promotion mix based on this performance here. Surely even the most ardent Bullenistas wouldn't dispute that. We're below par currently, and we'd need a manager who can glean above-par results to have a chance of promotion. In other words, Bruce. It's that fat, bent-nosed, treacherous b*stard who's brought this situation about. I hope he gets sacked and his nose drops off. In fact, I hope he gets impetigo on his arris.
  8. I like Bullen as a bloke. And in his former role he was very good. But he's not a manager, and we need one. Mistakes have cost us, which you can't blame him for, but the performance has been poo. That said, I think we'd have lost this if Guardiola had been in the dugout.
  9. Bullen has positional decisions??? You do talk.
  10. We've got better players than Preston, but they've got a better team.
  11. Wi loisin'. If Barcelona's team pulled Wednesday shirts on and played there we'd still probably lose. I'm off to the lavatory.
  12. I bet it's that little bleeder that shites on my lawn.
  13. Not had chance to listen to the show yet this season. Have Ecky Blunt, Brian the Blade, the King's Speech or that bloke who inhales Salbutamol been on yet?
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