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  1. Forced Palmer to drop back into defence in the final, whose legs we consequently lost in midfield. Pitted Palmer against Wright. Selfish. Got a whiff of Uncle Jack's money, and followed the scent. As someone earlier wrote, a modern footballer thirty years ago.
  2. Yes, that's fair. People always over-analyse when things go wrong. The situation's gone very sour, but it probably isn't anything to do with Chansiri or Doyen specifically. Their malign influence is more chronic, rather than accounting for the acute collapse in form of recent times. Something's gone awry with the relationship between players and manager IMO. Whether there have been unguarded comments and/or they've lost faith in him is anyone's guess. But it's evident on the pitch for all to see. As evident as it was even in the friendly between Gers and Wednesday when Carlos' number was up. Once a manager crosses that particular bridge he can't retrace his steps, sadly.
  3. The brutal truth is that Chansiri owns this club and can do what he likes with it. We can't force him out, and the only way he'll move on is if someone agrees to buy the club off him. We're an unattractive proposition as it is, but we'd look a darn sight less attractive in the Third. And once you go down, you never know when you're coming back. Like you, I'll take the medicine now too, but with someone who can keep us up. Results like yesterday's are when a team's given up on a manager, and once that happens you might as well bail. Otherwise you're simply staving off the inevitable, and with each passing week the situation gets worse.
  4. With Chansiri, I agree. What we think doesn't matter one jot. But Mandy and Colin had a powwow, and decided that due to the reaction of a section of our fans it would probably be better if Mandy looked elsewhere for a manager. One bloke, who sits in the North Stand, rang up RS and said that the sight of Colin made him feel physically sick. I mean, he's never been an oil painting, but it's not as if the bloke in the NS had to stand directly in front of him.
  5. Brentford scour the European market in order to get bargains. As for the Blades, well what's happening there is a fairy story. If it were as easy as that, then everybody would be doing it. They're just fortunate to have the best manager we've seen in this city in my lifetime, and luckier still that because he's British he's not been poached. We had our chance when Mandy wanted Colin, but unfortunately a sector of our fan base scuppered the deal. They couldn't see that Colin wanted to use us as a stick to beat McCabe with. What better way to settle old scores than to promote us into the PL with the Blades languishing in the Third? Clangers are Us.
  6. Long-term, you're quite right. The problems here are far more deep-seated than simply who's sitting in the dugout. But in the short term it usually does have an impact when the manager is changed. We can't go down at any price, so if dismissing Monk prevents that then so be it. Results like yesterday's usually indicate that the players are no longer playing for their manager, and when that happens then there's really only one option.
  7. It's about the character of the manager, which is then reflected in his team. But even if a manager has the right mentality, like Wilder, Warnock or Megson, he then has to be able to bring in the players he wants. We're hobbled in both instances. Which is why we're bobbage and heading for the drop.
  8. I agree. It's perhaps fitting that a section of our own fanbase thwarted our attempts to get him last time, when we could have used him to get back at McCabe. What a clanger that was. He'd sort this shower out, old as he is. He kept the Millers up.
  9. Has Warnock taken over at Epswech yet?
  10. Sleepwalking??? We're hurtling towards it like a rogue elephant. Down, down, deeper and down.
  11. Knowing this club, the short answer is "no". Everything King Shitas touches turns brown and smelly, so fear the worst. We're bob, and we know we are.
  12. Aye, but they'd got Wilder managing them. Monk ain't Wilder.
  13. I could feel my hamstrings going as I approached the stadium. There's something wrong with this club.
  14. I just think that we're unlucky, that's all. I mean, had Brucelosis stayed then where would we be? It was just our rotten, stinking luck that Newcastle came in for him. We were doing fine till Fletcher got injured; why him, of all people? The team's now lost momentum and any hopes of promotion with it, not to mention the looming points deduction saga. Chansiri's a pie can, but given a fair crack of the whip we wouldn't be in this mess.
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