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  1. In fairness, Watford are better than us. I'd have taken a point today before kick-off. Frankly, the fact that Chansiri retained Monk has horrified me. But what I've seen in the first two games will hopefully prove me wrong. I agree that we need more recruits, though.
  2. I'm one of the people who've wanted Monk sacked, so I'm happy to give him credit for today. We're better than the second half of last season, on that showing. I thought we might lose this one, so I'm glad of a point.
  3. Pay the man, and damn his impudence. Never mind what all these penny-pinchers say on here.
  4. We can't afford not to get him. We're short up front.
  5. Yes, spot on. People are talking about the effect of the points deduction, but even without it we'd still probably go down. This team's bobbage, and we have a manager who registered 4 wins in half a season. Personally, I took it as read that he'd be gone in the summer. Few managers could survive a run like that, and it looks like we're topping ourselves.
  6. Which is why we're probably doomed. There's no vitriol towards him personally, ST. People don't want to be proven right, it's just they're rightly worried. Everyone wants the team to survive and progress, but they feel DC has made a terrible mistake retaining Monk.
  7. Imagine if the Blades had never set Wilder on... Imagine if Cellino had never left Leeds... Imagine if Hooper hadn't got injured just before the playoff semi... Imagine if Ten-Bellies hadn't stabbed us in the back... Imagine if Taylor Swift had said "yes" when I asked her out...
  8. Surely a manager is judged on his latest endeavours. Sir Alf Ramsey won us the World Cup, but it didn't stop him getting his cards. I accept that he can't go on the pitch and play for us, and you're right to say that it was the players putting in duff performances. But it's always the case that the manager carries the can for that. There's no doubt that things took a turn for the worse when Fletcher got injured, but Monk had no answer to that and Fletcher's now permanently absent. Nothing is certain in sport, and Monk may turn out to be the greatest manager who ever lived. But, playing the percentages, the odds are that this season will be a continuation of the second half of last and we will be relegated as a result. Frankly, in our current predicament it would require a top Championship manager like Colin to keep us up, and surely even you wouldn't assert that Monk is at that level PJ.
  9. My criticism of the Siamese Cat has always been about managers, rather than gambling, money etc. He clings on too long. It cost us a third shot at promotion, and now it's likely to see us relegated. I'm pretty sure that most fanbases up and down the land would be surprised to see a manager who'd achieved 4/23 keep his job. Cue Tom Jones. "it's not unusual to get sacked by anyone ..."
  10. He's gawt ee gaw As Alan Hanson would have said.
  11. You master of the understatement, you.
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