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  1. We Have the best/worst fans

    Browbeat? I never insult or swear at other posters on this site whether I agree with them or not. I have never personally criticized how you support the club, in the way that you have me, on numerous occasions. I've spoken generally, without singling people out. I too come from a family of Wednesdayites, and supported the club since the late seventies. I'm no more or no less entitled than you, and I've got just as much right to express my opinions as you.
  2. We Have the best/worst fans

    Yes, it makes you wonder what Gray must be thinking when he looks at this mess. Chansiri didn't waste any time giving him the boot, his reward for saving us when we looked dead and buried and getting us to mid-table after selling his best player. But Gray was "Chansiri's man", was he?
  3. We Have the best/worst fans

    In other words, you're not going to do anything. So don't criticize others who're trying to change things.
  4. We Have the best/worst fans

    But it isn't just me though, is it? I know a lot of other people - thinking people - who are doing the same as me. I supported the club through the dark times too, but they were dark times because we had no money. We couldn't expect anything different, and frankly some managers, eg Gray, overachieved with what he had to work with. This club won't go forward until a new manager is brought in. If you don't approve of my methods, fine, but I'd like to know what you personally are going to do to get Carlos out.
  5. DC not doing his job

    That wouldn't be a bad start.
  6. We Have the best/worst fans

    I'd say that we've got a feckless set of fans who simply don't appreciate that this club has changed so radically in the last 7 years. It wasn't obvious under Mandaric, because he knows football inside out, and there's no way that the current situation would have ever arisen under him. But now we're witnessing this new system in all its horror, one in which we have not only an absolute owner but one who also knows nothing about football. He thinks it's possible to run a football club like a family business - with Carlos one of the family. But the situation is made far worse by a set of fans, many of whom who simply don't understand what really matters when influencing our fortunes. They seem to think that "singing your heart out for the lads" will change things for the better, when the only way to achieve that is to force Carlos out by whatever means possible. It's ironic that we've finally had an injection of cash, yet with our chairman and a section of our fans the future now looks bleaker than ever.
  7. Stick With Carlos

    Chansiri views Carlos as one of the family, so he'll only get his marching orders if Chansiri is forced into it. The swine's digging his heels in, and it's time we dug ours in too. It's a trial of strength, and he's acting this way because he knows that we're a feckless set of fans.
  8. Yes, I'm afraid that there is a sizeable section of the Wednesday crowd - whom we shall henceforth refer to as "the Meek" (ha ha) - who are holding out their trousers while Chansiri pours custard down them. Mind you, it is the pantomime season after all. "He's behind you!"
  9. Better if the whole Wednesday crowd are sitting at home on their sofas at 3.00 pm ... Captain Chaos would get the shock of his life. He wouldn't be able to sack Carlos quick enough.
  10. 21,000

    Apparently not, having seen the attendance last night. How's still turning up going to get Carlos out? Explain that to me. Basically, you can't forgo going, even though you know that it will change nothing. If you love something, truly love it, you do what's best for it. And what's best for it at the moment is a change of manager. But it isn't "supporting the team" - namely chanting - which will change this situation. There is only one man who can change this situation, and that's Chansiri. Chanting isn't going to get Carlos out. Only a loss of revenue - or fear of losing it in the future - will do that.
  11. 21,000

    In the end, fans can boo and wave all the banners they like, but it's not attending which will force the issue. If pay-on-the day fans don't attend it hits revenue, and if ST-holders don't attend it will scare Chansiri that they will not renew. If you love the club and you want this nightmare to end, the best thing you can do at the moment is stay away. I miss going, but I'm not putting myself before the club.
  12. By January it will all be over anyway. Surely to God Carlos isn't going to be here next season???? If not, why involve him in January? Surely it's better to dismiss him and let the new manager oversee the January window.
  13. He can't believe that, he's just saying it. If he were to say "That's it, we'll never go up now" he'd be digging his own grave.
  14. People say we lack pace. We do. People say we lack height. We do. People say we lack physique. We do. People say that our players are overpaid. They are. People say that our players aren't young. They're not. All of these things are true. But they were also true for the last two seasons, seasons in which we finished 6th and 4th. So obviously something has happened between the end of last season and the beginning of this to bring about this downturn. I wonder if it might be Carlos' tactics in the play-offs which knocked the fight out of the players? If so, the easiest solution is to bring in a new manager whom the players can believe in again.