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  1. Sean didn't seem too pleased that Moore had jumped ship and come to Hillsborough, even though he's a Blade. I'm amazed that his mate Ecky Blunt didn't wade in too. I bet he strikes tomorrow night, as where Sean goes there goes Ecky.
  2. It tickled me tonight when Keith the Miller, who was talking about Rotherham's plight, suddenly went off on a complete tangent and said that he'd been looking and seen that Wednesday had done nothing for 21 years and can no longer call themselves a massive club. It was completely out of context. He then just as suddenly reverted to talking about the Millers again.
  3. Let's hope so, even if most fans will believe it when they see it. Mind you, it's the first time Channers has poached a manager, so maybe change is indeed in the air.
  4. Chansiri's an unwiped ar*ehole. He'll not get a penny more out of my ribs. Will it make any difference? Probably not, but at least I'll have the satisfaction of knowing that I'm not holding out my trousers so he can pour custard down them any more.
  5. You're right of course, WF. But is it actually Paixao who doesn't want him? I appreciate that to all intents and purposes it's one and the same, but why is that the case? Who's in charge, Chansiri or Paixao? If Paixao is more than just an advisor, then the fans need to know. Personally, if I could have anyone's head on a platter it would be his. I can't stand the b*stard.
  6. True. But of the two of them, for me it's Paixao who's the biggest problem. Cook would naturally want to choose his own players, and that makes Paxo surplus to requirements.
  7. Chansiri must have seen what happened over the road: how a club which spent very little but operated a different system got to the promised land. He must know that Cook knows the lower leagues, so why not appoint him? It has to be Paixao who's the stumbling block. Carlos could never have done what Wilder did, because he had no knowledge of players in this country, bar the very top ones. That's why Paixao was engaged, and it's the terms of that engagement which needs to be uncovered. The fans have a right to know what Paixao's status a
  8. Yes, and I think you're right mate. Bruce described him as "part of the structure of the club".
  9. The thing is, can anyone really be as stupid as that? What worries me is that, for instance, he'd like to oust Paixao but can't. Paixao for me is the biggest problem of all. Let's say Cook were appointed and we're relegated, as expected. Like Wilder, he's an in-depth knowledge of players at that level, and could doubtless polish diamonds too. But where does that leave Paixao. It's no surprise that he doesn't want Cook.
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