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  1. Paul cook or Paul Hurst

    I bet he's got a liver like a Portuguese Man of War.
  2. Paul cook or Paul Hurst

    Cook's always got laryngitis.
  3. Van Aken's a quality player, but he's not very good at defending at the moment. It's just a different game in Holland, that's all. Those lads have got the skills, which most of his height don't possess here, but the game's played at an ambling pace. It's a shame he got injured, because the more he plays the quicker he'll adapt. What did Brighton quote us for Dunk? We couldn't afford a ready-made ball-playing CB of that stature.
  4. not less than 18 stones
  5. All true. Plus what's happened this season is in part due to the sale of so many STs last time. Chansiri had already pocketed the cash, so he didn't care. I'm pinning my hopes on our not selling so many next time, so he'll have to take the fans' views on board more.
  6. Yes, but we could use this to our advantage. He doesn't take a blind bit of notice of what we think, but he does seem to take notice of his son. And wasn't Rhodes a present to him? Chansiri's son could be a useful conduit of influence in this sorry mess. Impress upon him the need for a manager who knows this division, for instance. Stress the importance of it being someone who speaks English as a first language, albeit badly. Underline the significance of it being someone who hails from Barnsley with a head like a set pot. Chansiri's son can be our advocate and plead for us, do our bidding.
  7. These advisers are about as much use as a one-legged man at an *rse-kicking contest. They propose, and Chansiri disposes. Until they're gone, we'll never progress. Bob, bob, bob, bob, bobby Lay a little log for me.
  8. Passion from Jos the Boss.

    Yes, and what many forget is that we're not Real Madrid with a squad of galacticos. People say "these second-string players are pants", but how in God's name can you have two Forestieris in the squad, for example? It's difficult enough to keep one happy, let alone two. How many times have fans said in the past two years "we miss Lee", "we're missing Bannan", "how long's FF out for?", "we could do with Hutchinson back", "we're not the same without Hoops"? Plenty, except this time they're all out at the same time.
  9. Passion from Jos the Boss.

    Yes, we're lacking the creators. FF would have made a big difference in the game on Saturday, especially in the closing stages.
  10. Passion from Jos the Boss.

    passion really means suffering so does patient Jostle says we've got to be patient We've been patient all flaming year
  11. From the horses mouth

    One is quite right. A wad of £50 notes.
  12. From the horses mouth

    Either that, or he's got a 50p piece stuck up his arris.
  13. It shows that no matter how much you spend, if the chairman makes the wrong calls you're in peril.
  14. Yes, we need another manager. Is it all Jos' fault, and does he deserve to go to soon? Probably not, but we still need a new manager. If you're winning 1-0 against a relegation rival - at home - and you concede like that in injury time, then change must come. This team's bobbage compared to a full-strength outfit, but we're not going for promotion. It's about keeping the opposition out until FT.
  15. Just want Carlos back

    Carlos left us. He wasn't sacked, nor was he hounded out. He left because he wanted to better his career. He's done that before in his career. That was the explanation he gave for having had so many clubs. Once Carlos realized that we weren't going to get promoted this season, he went to Swansea. I don't blame him for that, because the players appeared to have lost faith in him after Huddersfield. The person I blame is Chansiri for not sacking him and this "family" nonsense. We'll be a very dysfunctional family if we go down to the Third. We're not great now.