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  1. Look, Chansiri gambled, it's as simple as that. He spent five years' brass in two, so for the last three we've been on short commons. It was a sh*t or bust scenario, and we all knew it. If it works he's a hero, and if it fails he's a villain. That's gambling. Moore signals a fresh start, and we need to back the club to offset the financial losses of relegation. Chansiri was too cocky, saying that "He'd do it his way". It's probably taken this to knock him down a peg or two.
  2. I think staying up would have been worse than going down, daft as it seems. We need a fresh start. We need to back the club to offset the financial losses, but Chansiri has to bring in a DOF.
  3. At long last our relegation is confirmed. Our struggles are finally over. I'm only sorry that it's dragged on for so long. Let's hope next season is a fresh start for us with a new squad. If we're looking to build something here then it's easier starting in the Third. And at least the Piglets are down too.
  4. The thing is, I don't think that we were ever that good defensively - or better, that we ever had very good defenders (which is a different thing). We didn't have defenders of the same calibre as Hooper, FF and Fletcher. We've never had a midfield with an ogre in there either. Our strength was our forwards, who are no longer present. Basically, we covered up and relied on them to win us the games. Now they're gone, we're all at sea.
  5. I've defended Channers, but in a relegation battle that's appalling. Doubly so, because when these players are gone we'll have to sign new ones. Who'll come?
  6. And I've got a rendez-vous with Taylor Swift in High Hazels Park...
  7. I knew that this would happen. Why does it have to be this way? Isn't going down bad enough, without our relegation being strung out in this manner? This club's blighted and the only way the footballing gods can hurt you is if you continue to believe. Well those b*stards won't get me. We're going down, probably in injury time at Durby. Accept that, and the gods can't hurt you.
  8. We got Chansiri because we were a bob Championship team. When Diamond Dave (who was a signatory of the apportionment of the Sky TV money) was here we were in the PL. I think that our choice of prospective owner would have been superior to the likes of Chansiri had we modernized in the 1990s.
  9. I've repeatedly said that Chansiri has made mistakes. All I've said is that the mess we're in isn't entirely down to him. We were a mess before he came. We got to mid-table under Gray playing a brand of football many didn't like. Had it not been for those tactics we'd have been in big trouble. The season before it was a miracle that we survived at all, and we'd been down to the Third twice before that.
  10. The thing is, Chelsea had an owner who was able to sell to big-money investors. We couldn't do that because nobody owned the club. Our board were administrators.
  11. Mind you, Boggers probably hasn't lost as much as Channers. That's Sheffield football for you. I bet the pair of them rue the day they ever became involved with our teams. We're bobbar.
  12. It's a sobering thought that Dave Allen was the only chairman who put anything into this club before our system changed and Mandy arrived, to the tune of around £2.5 million. And I still can't figure out why we went down from the PL in 2000...
  13. Very true. I mean, our system of having thousands of small shareholders and a board of administrators who put nothing in was dead in the water once the maximum wage was abolished in 1962. You'll not find anyone who'll disagree that Chansiri has made mistakes. The only point I've made is that he didn't inherit much from those before, and if we wanted quick promotion - which most of us did - then his options we pretty limited, bar gambling. And the thing about gambling is that you're a hero if it works, and a villain if it doesn't.
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