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  1. A Fan zone similar to the one being created by Tranmere Rovers which could also be used as a function suite
  2. Many teams in this division and League 2 employ a long throw specialist to augment their attacking options. We have not had anyone like this since Leigh Bromby if my memory serves me well. Should it be one of the qualities we are looking for in future signings?
  3. Good he will cause disquiet in their camp instead of ours
  4. This league requires uncompromising tough players and touch players are a luxury.
  5. I am not a big fan of Berahino but I think there was a case for retaining him. We invested in his fitness and it is fair to say that it took several months before he was anywhere match fit. Yet even despite this he had a decent goal to minute ratio as well as a high shot accuracy. It seems we have got him fit only for another club to take full advantage of this. Seems a strange investment to me.
  6. We need to sign better players than those we released to get a better side. I fear we have little money available to do this.
  7. Decision can only be judged if we get someone better in. Thank you Sam come back and manage us one day, we need your leadership
  8. I would not have offered NML a new deal, offered very little after a bright start, injured for part of his stay here and then poor on his return.
  9. Some suggestions that the FA should review the size of the goalmouth. The argument is that since the size of the goal area was first introduced, the demographics of the population has grown so that goalkeepers are taller and occupy a greater percentage of the area between the goal posts and therefore making it more difficult for players to score. What do you think?
  10. Should the EFL instruct all clubs to impose automatic life bans on anyone who chooses to invade the pitch at any of their grounds?
  11. I can see a case for DM to be given another year. He changed the squad with little financial backing and the second half of the season mounted a challenge to get us into the play-offs. However he is tactically naïve when the game is in progress. Last night was a classic example. We were being muscled out of the game and he replaces Byers with NML (a touch player) when he had the option of Dele on the bench who would have provided some force. Then he brings on SB (another touch player) who is dependent on the service he gets which had not been good for most of the game. I o not like to see anybody sacked so I would err on the side of him being given another year.
  12. The question is whether you could get a better player in the positions he plays. My answer at this time is no so give him another contract, he has proved his fitness and shown he can guide younger players to be more astute about their game. One more season for Sammy please.
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