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  1. Have you looked at Google's 'Building Maker'? http://www.sketchup....ldingmaker.html or this: http://sketchup.google.com/yourworldin3d/index.html http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/cldetails?clid=ef60bef93837d1cfb9518994fc27d890
  2. Why didn't you just contact the club you TARD!
  3. Has the pope died yet? http://www.clicklancashire.com/sport/wigan-athletic-fc/1212977-ex-wigan-athletic-keeper-kirkland-leaves-sheffield-wednesday.html Ex-Wigan Athletic keeper Kirkland leaves Sheffield Wednesday
  4. http://www.bostonsta...oston-1-4044187 "The UEFA A-licensed coach, who played for Sheffield Wednesday in the Premier League, has a simple plan." MASSIVE.
  5. The photos on the Britain from Above website, launched today, have gone through a painstaking process of conservation and cataloguing. Among the photos is an aerial photograph of Wembley in 1935, where West Brom were beaten by Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup Final http://www.itv.com/n...5-fa-cup-final/
  6. http://www.swfc.co.uk/page/News/0,,10304~2818473,00.html Doesn't really show much more than the marketing image samples.
  7. Original article: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/3875429/What-hope-is-there-for-football-brSheffield-shamed-by-finger-yobs.html
  8. There is this: http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/oct/17/the-fiver-relegation-finger-yobs?&CMP=EMCFTBEML853 CAN YOU DIGIT? "What hope is there for football?" asks the Sun today. It's not often the Fiver agrees with that particular arm of the fourth estate, but this time they've got a point. Struggling clubs facing closure, endemic corruption at Fifa, greedy, corpulent clubs at the top swimming in filthy lucre but still wringing every last drop of cash out of the game at the expense of the rest – it's a right old pickle and no mista … what? Oh, they're on about something else are they? "Sheffield shamed by finger yobs" is the full headline, over a picture, captioned "CITY SICKERS", of a Sheffield United fan offering single-digit epithet and a Wednesday counterpart going for the double, presumably immediately following each side's goals in Sunday's Steel City derby. In short, doing what every single set of fans do to every single other set of fans after every single goal in every single match played every single weekend in every single city, town and village in England. And Scotland. And pretty much all of Europe. And the world. And, until we discover intelligent life in some distant galaxy who taunt opposing fans at sporting occasions by wiggling their antennae in another fashion, the entire span of existence. "Football was again dragged into the gutter …" begins the article, an object lesson in pointless, won't-someone-think-of-the-chlldren hyperbole. Of all the scourges that afflict football, finger yobbery (presumably a subset of the equally invidious hand-and-wrist yobbery) comes fairly low down on the list, somewhere between the lack of hot water in the away-end toilets and any half-time "entertainment" involving a man in a giant foam suit. "The gruesome twosome's vile gestures came 24 hours after the Sun reported that Alex Ferguson had issued a plea to Manchester United and Liverpool fans to show more respect towards each other," continued the paper, apparently attempting to link "finger yobbery" with chants about disasters in which a total of 119 people died.
  9. I'm cross posting this so sorry, but its hard not to when there are about 300 threads all on the same subject... Nice story from a mate of mine - sure some people on here will remember it as well... not me though, I was 1. "Brilliant...it really captures that day....it was electric..... Boxing day and no buses running....I managed to get a lift to city centre and walk up to the ground.......it was packed an hour beforehand....I was on the kop with my mates...(16 at the time)... In the weeks running up to the match All the piggies had been saying that it was going to be a boxing day massacre in their favour cos they were top of the league and we were about 8th...... After the match, by the time we had managed to get home to my dads club they were handing out printed card badges (safety pin on the back) saying “boxing day massacre 4-0” It was magic.....my dads club (a kind of working mens club) had about 4000 members and it was packed that night with wednesdayites singing their heads off.....strangely hardly any piggies turned up for the rest of the week...from that point on we went on a 19 match unbeaten run and got promoted...piggies didn’t J Great times.............still got my badge!" I can't bloody wait!
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