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  1. Sheffield Wednesday - V - Aston Villa OMDT

    Great OMDT Lord Snooty, and sorry to hear about the suffering you endured the night before the Milwall game. But I'm not sure it was actually a good enough excuse for failing to service the needs of fellow Owlstalkers. Some on here were left gagging for it all night (for an OMDT that is) while you were off doing what you felt you had to do. You are not forgiven for the omission. Difficult match today. Probably the best we can expect is (yet another) glorious 0-0? Or can lightning strike twice and we smash Villa like we smashed Derby. Difficult to see where goals will come from unless Lucas puts in another stunning performance. To be fair to Jos, he posibly did not play any strikers the other night assuming we would hardly miss them, given their scoring rate this season. COME ON WEDNESDAY!! UTO!!
  2. Like everyone else, I had t go to the original source to check this is Ban Fide, because I assumed it must be a typical Owlstalk wind up. Unfortunately it is not. Jos is keeping us on our toes and making sure the opposition can not prepare tactically for us!
  3. So Question 11 on the survey .......

    What do you mean? You forgot about that when you were writing the questions?
  4. I filled it in without a name or any ID. I wouldn't have done it at all if it had been identifiable. Such poorly worded questions it can not possibly provide helpful information. Unprofessional and clearly nothing to do with the club. Come on - own up. Which one of you is responsible?
  5. Player ratings

    Once we got one goal we were settled and there was little doubt about the result....but only because Dawson kept us in it at one point - great saves. We won, which is great. It will bring some opportunity for more positive thinking. But it wasn't a great performance overall. It makes you wonder how bad Reading were, as well as how improved we were. Shame that once we got three we stopped playing. That mentality must be wiped out. Need to be professional to the end.....and Adthe could have had his hat trick which would have made the night complete. Dawson: 9 Unexpectedly fantastic. Deserved a clean sheet, and nearly had it but for a freak goal. Hunt: 6 Poor. Gave ball away lots. Vernancio: 8 Solid Pudil: 8 I thought he was pretty good. Sometimes others pass back to him when he had no options available. Loovens: 7 Occasional errors but largely solid and I think we miss his communication and leadership if he is not there. Fox: 7 Good game.....by his standards. Boyd: 6 Even though he scored it seemed like he was not willing to put in much effort. He only scored because it was gifted to him and it cost him minimal effort. Skillful player....but not impressed with his performance. Reach: 9 Excellent effort all over the pitch. Doesn't nesh out of things like he used to. My MOM. Joey: 6 A good tackle here and there, but wasted possession. Lots of work for him to reach his potential now he has stepped up to Championship football. Nuhiu: 9. Brilliant effort throughout. And great skill at times. Loved to see him score two. Wish he had got three. MM: 8. Glad to see him out there being creative and running hard. But I still doubt he has the mettle for a full on Championship competitive match. Just expects things to come to him sometimes.
  6. Nuhiu or Joao for Swansea?

    Nuhiu surely will always be a better choice than Joao just because of his effort. I started the thread just because I was struck for a moment (no illicit substances involved!) about the idea of them both being flawed potential heroes and both employed here at the same time as each other. Clearly Fletcher and Hooper are both better than these two also-rans, but with them both injured it comes down to choice between the two jokers in the pack (especially with Rhodes struggling as he is). But yes it also raises the question about who else Carlos might have his eyes on, and a fit Bannan would be a possible target. But what about a fit Tom Lees?
  7. So what do you think? Which of our two great strikers would Carlos like to poach for Swansea? Nuhiu or Joao? Both skillful footballers. Both providing great comedy moments for the neutral by-stander. Who would Carlos be most loyal to? Who might he prefer to recruit?
  8. New back room Staff?

    Yes he was. I am pretty sure it was him jumped off the bench to instruct players to make sure there were two at the back with their striker when we were taking a corner and too many had gone forwards.
  9. Rumour

    Now you've whet our appetite you'd better spill the beans now.
  10. Will Pauli step up to the plate as interim caretaker OMDT writer until Snooty is found and reinstated? This could be his opportunity to make a come back after being ousted last Summer following what I guess was a bloody and hard fought coup behind the OMDT scenes. Or was Pauli too badly injured by those events to take on the mantle again, even for a short while?
  11. I just wonder what Lord Snooty was offered that has tempted him to go and write the OMDT for Swansea, which is what we can assume has happened here. Was it a substantial fee or merely Carlos' charisma and charm?
  12. Sheffield Wednesday 2 : 2 Hull City

    Need a win. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!
  13. As we remember, it was Carlos' original remit to deliver attractive attacking football. I would say he achieved that in the first season, but since then that intention seems to have been completely forgotten. Sideways and backwards now, even more than we did under Stuart Gray.
  14. Aston Villa - V - The Wednesday OMDT

    Great OMDT M'Lud. I was hoping for something a bit more sleep-inducing but your whistle stop tour through the events of the week and then sudden u-turn into a pleasant quiet garden were far from that. And the statistics of Villa's success against us could be enough to keep me awake all night.I'm off to my comfy bed now, and hope you get a good night sleep in your new accommodation! Tomorrow is a new day, with the opportunity for a glorious victory for the Owls. I think we can do it.
  15. On the SKY EFL News page there is an article with statistically the best XI players in October. Adam Reach makes the team. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/11109786/sky-bet-championship-best-stats-xi-of-october-leeds-wolves-and-cardiff-players-feature Well done Adam Reach. He makes a valuable contribution most of the time, and his recent goals have obviously led to this recognition.