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  1. Swampo

    Late Night Rollcall

    I'm anxious and can't settle but it's only 7pm here so I've a good excuse for not being asleep. Can't wait for the game to come around.
  2. Swampo


    Bloody hell Mick, if you're going to do something like this, do it in the off season. Seriously, take care and get well soon.
  3. I'll be doing the 4am Kick-off at home and have to be at work for the Wednesday lunchtime KO but I'll be taking the day off for the Final and am game for a get-together for that.
  4. Swampo

    Vancouver area fans Boxing Day

    The only channel that has the Championship is Bein. Here's the "guide" http://www.livesoccertv.com/channels/bein-sport-connect-canada/ Rotherham game is not listed. Also, I see the Newcastle match is not listed. Was hoping for another meetup for that one.
  5. The London Pub in Vancouver with a select gathering of Vancouver Owls and some Geordies on the other side of the pub. Was nice to finally have a lunchtime (for us) game on TV. Made my Christmas
  6. Swampo

    Vancouver area fans Boxing Day

    This event now moved to London Pub 700 Main St Vancouver See you there
  7. Swampo

    Vancouver area fans Boxing Day

    I'll be there (but you knew that anyway). Will try to get my son to come too.
  8. Swampo


    I like the hooped socks
  9. Sounds a bit too much like Aussie Rules to me
  10. Swampo

    What time and where from?

    Thursday 11am local time. Vancouver
  11. Swampo

    Ottawa Owls

    There's this on twitter https://twitter.com/owls_ottawa/status/734748156886417408 But maybe that's him?
  12. 4,706 miles each way for me. (Vancouver)
  13. Swampo

    New club crest

    Very familiar feel, my only MINOR improvement would be to have "1867" on there too.
  14. Being so cold that you lost all feeling in your feet.
  15. Years ago I was driving some quiet road in the Cariboo area south of Prince George in British Columbia. Not much traffic on the roads. My car had a custom plate of "SWFC". I become aware of a car behind me for a while, he reaches a good place to pass, pulls out and comes level with me and starts honking his horn. I look across, the passenger is giving the thumbs up and holding a hand written sign saying " Up the owls". Then speeds off up the road never to be seen again. Been in Vancouver 20+ years, know of about a dozen owls but only ever met one blunt in that time.