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  1. Yeah reachy ,get stuck in like they did in the old days,and join the other idiots that have managed 7 very costly red cards .
  2. Mariner didn't even give a foul,and then those idiots commentating defended the tackle.
  3. Funny thing today as I stuck on bbc radio,just caught the end of them discussing lucas at Reading,whoever it was said the only problem with him was his body language stinks,you can tell how he's going to play by it.
  4. Correct,I never understood the moaning about the deal,good business ,we can't lose one way or the other.Bazza has probably done us a favour really as he could have refused to sign and we would have had no chance of any brass
  5. I think subconsciously I must have started to accept the inevitability of it all when I started to look at who I'd prefer to go up and down from the Championship and Division 4,and the ones i'd prefer. It's still Division 3 for me ,League one was invented to make sound like you're not as bad as you actually are.
  6. Totally agree,was thinking that on every time we had men on the ball,I was actually shouting at the TV,for gods sake someone move for them,only not as polite. Watch City ,I know that is an extreme case of how it's done,but everyone is on the move all the time. The number of our players who just stood there behind Norwich players without trying to move and help was crazy. Don't know if it's fitness or just brain dead,but like Owli said ,it's what we were taught as kids.
  7. To be honest the boy wonder,has struggled since his return to the side,but any young fella would probably be finding it hard with all that's going on. Chance for him to come off the bench and show what he can do without the pressure of starting against a very experienced Norwich side.
  8. Been done to death before this topic,do try and keep up.
  9. Interesting how views differ on players of clubs outside your own area.I live in North Yorkshire and it is mainly Middlesbrough fans so the local radio is about their games.The players that get most stick on the shows are Assombalonga,Wing and the goalie .Wing came from local footy and gets plenty of ''should go back to it' . Other side of the coin ,with me being an Owl ,they always banged on how good Nando and Atdhe were,probably with Atdhe cos he usually scored against them.With Nando probably as it was a cool name or something. Of course every time Adam Reach scores ,it's wh
  10. I knew I'd seen Browns technique for that corner before,and I've just seen it again,on You've been framed,a two year old girl kicks the ball and it hits her brother in the mush with the spoon kick.
  11. We took two metres off the pitch and brown still couldn't get it in the box ,what kind of technique was that.the spoon foot.
  12. Jesus you've got a problem,you don't have to come on here just to blame someone or something,I didn't know that was the criteria.
  13. Excuse me ,where did I blame him?,Master Shaw didn't cover himself in glory either ,but I'm not blaming him either.
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