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  1. Good luck Ash,nice to see you have a good club to go to,they have had some great FA Cup runs recently. Shall be looking out for you on Quest.Lets face it if it all goes well you can look back on OT ,hope it goes well for you as I would for any ex Owl.
  2. Loved the comment about that kid bouncing our players off him and knocking them out of the way.
  3. Just thinking that bulg watching Tumblings antics against swans,cheating git,trying to get players booked.
  4. Loved the second one,Ayling ,er ,I've got Reach,oops ,sorry boys.
  5. Strange thing with Mr Murphy is,when all the team piccies ,videos come out he always seems to be in the thick of it,ala,the xmas bash and last week giving Oss the big finger to the fans,nice touch.He must have something about him around the squad.He suddenly started to get involved in a more central position so I think Garry Monk might just use him popping up from the middle a bit more. Lad played well today and worked his butt off.
  6. Do you think watching him we seem to have Dom Mark 2,that was Doms first few games,heart in the mouth at times but great pace and determination.Plus Dom always seems to have his back if he slips up,nice to see .Well done Wednesday today and to the boss who made some great calls.Got a way to go yet but Liam will now know he has to up his game.
  7. Funny that one long run,he took off,left the rest of the team behind seemed to look up for support didn't see any and thought testicles I'll just keep going.Then about ten minutes later he turns up on the left wing chasing Ayling down ,brilliant.The lad must be buzzing again tonight,another interview would be interesting.
  8. Well Ted,being aware is usually a good starting point before posting.
  9. Going to take my shirt back to club shop,Atty 2010-2020 leading scorer.Then get him to sign it.Then raffle it for charity.And before you all start I'll get more than ten bob.
  10. Keep it going ET,however I think you may need to get out more.
  11. Just thinking about it,hasn't that guy from Citee got more than our lot on his own.
  12. Cheers for that ,saw the appearances earlier on,very interesting.Sometimes you forget what really went on in any spell of footie and only remember the current situation.Nice touch and somewhat suprising the big fella ,like him or loathe him,ends up as top man. Any more ET,love it.
  13. To be fair if it wasn't for Cam it could have been six,ref should have given a pen and lets be honest we got what we deserved in the end.Anyway.we are still up there and now have to start another unbeaten run.Not many could come out of that performance and think they played well.
  14. Got to say it looks like Herr Borner has spurred Tom Lees on to show he is still the man.Brilliant to see ,we are very lucky to have them both .
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