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    Bumped into him on a number of occasions,each time I just looked at him and thought,christ this man is a world cup winner,surreal,he is just a proper bloke.
  2. How funny, Mr Popular.What a card you are.
  3. Their second goal

    Done a poll already have you?,well done.
  4. McCarthy on Carlos

    Doubt very much that Mick would say anything nice about anyone he disliked,tends to say it as it is.
  5. Two exclamation marks, not needed.
  6. Brilliant,a poster who cannot even use a capital where needed slagging a footballer off.You couldn't make it up.Maybe you should have a look at yourself.
  7. Big moments for a little country like Kosovo,nice to see Adthe playing his part and getting some game time.
  8. Nobody knows what they are doing

    Sounds like a lovely girl
  9. Just a rumour...

    Farrell got mates,very much doubt it.
  10. Van Aken

  11. Op You need to get out more mate,or try a hobby,maybe scrabble.
  12. Oh, I bet Mr chansiri is on here now going,oops is nigel still available .get a grip fcs.0
  13. Where are you sat on Sunday?

    La bosque bar,to be fair I've been a bit smug in there since 2012,hope its the same tomorrow
  14. Where are you sat on Sunday?

    Piggy bar in Nerja, wish me luck.
  15. A bit rich that,coming from the OP,one of the biggest whingers on here.