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  1. There's always one who can't help themselves................................RIP Mr Ashton
  2. I'm with Hootie on this one,Jack Hunt made loads of unselfish runs on many occasions just to open up the space for Ross Wallace, who, when he got the time and space,delivered a great ball in.Maybe he should get assist for assisting Ross to get his crosses in.
  3. Just a moment Owlstalk,I read some of your stuff and don't answer with detrimental phrases. You don't agree but it's unproven who will be right or wrong,if the worlds full of businesses waiting to make money out of broken clubs I would be pleased,but I fear there are a few Bury and Boltons around the corner. I would like to have as much confidence as you,but it would seem we already have club Chairman,right down the Pyramid, already calling out for goverment help. That's my polite response thanks.
  4. Are you watching what's going on in the world right now?,football clubs are going to be right in the brown stuff now money that has been splashed about ain't going to be around and owners are going to have to foot the bill.The chances of anyone buying a club now is virtually nil. In short we are going to be relying on Mr Chansiri for quite a while,might be the right time for some to wind their necks in a bit.
  5. You can debate ,slag him off or praise him all you want,try to pick holes in anything he says, it's his brass,he makes the decisions. I think football is going to be in a very awkward place for quite a while with whats going on in the real world,I can't see anyone buying clubs in the near future so like him or loathe him we better get ready for him being at Hillsborough for a while yet.
  6. Saw the title and moved on,Jesus,still banging on about Carlos ,you really need to get out more,hang on forget that bit.You need to forget him.
  7. Showing your age tibbs,you may have to explain to our younger members.
  8. To be honest this seasons shirt is a belter,for me anyway.I might just invest in another one.Can't wait ,hello darling like my new jim jams.
  9. What if the Chairman knows more than the manager,and it's his brass.
  10. Teams further down the pyramid are going to struggle bigtime,a lot of these players will be on contracts until June.With no gate money and other match sales coming in they are going to be in it deep.
  11. Car washing for me snowy,never been so bored in my life.
  12. And that is why I still go,great piccie.No matter what or how we play ,every time I walk into Hillsborough i still get the goosebumps.Team might be crap,beer and bogs its a stadium with great history and I love the place..Probably a bit older than many on here but been there with over 60.000 on a number of times.No sport today,just a reminder of what we miss.
  13. To be fair i think their boycott started around the 40th minute
  14. Jesus,footballer shouting at his teamates shock horror.I've never played in a team in my life who didn'n t have at least one who did my head in with the constant whining and whingeing. That's footy folks,problem is the one moaning is usually one of your better players so you just put up with it.
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