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  1. Van Aken

  2. Op You need to get out more mate,or try a hobby,maybe scrabble.
  3. Oh, I bet Mr chansiri is on here now going,oops is nigel still available .get a grip fcs.0
  4. Where are you sat on Sunday?

    La bosque bar,to be fair I've been a bit smug in there since 2012,hope its the same tomorrow
  5. Where are you sat on Sunday?

    Piggy bar in Nerja, wish me luck.
  6. A bit rich that,coming from the OP,one of the biggest whingers on here.
  7. Karma isn't it?,if they were blue and white stripes the shirts would have been here months ago.The gods obviously don't agree with DC theory that stripes are unlucky.
  8. Just got home thread

    4 points from two tricky away games,we got one from those games last season.I'll take that.
  9. Wait till Bolton draw one of the big boys at home,total meltdown.
  10. Actually modboy ,OT isn't very highly rated with many Wednesday supporters.I linked on a few years ago to keep in the loop as I live a fair way away and it's helped me keep in touch, and helped me out with queries at times. When away in Portugal for the friendlies I was with many fans but if I ever mentioned 'I saw this or that on OT' they just poured scorn on any mention of the site with some venom. As I like to pop in when I get chance I just sorted of coughed and didn't mention it again. I think if you visit just accept it is just a snapshot of a few folks who are entitled to their views.
  11. Tommo old boy,surely you have realised the last place to go after a defeat is the dreaded OT,suicide alley and the font of all knowledge on football.
  12. Jones - the enigma

    No Dave Jones or Hutch last night probably tells the story why they get a game,wide open without them.
  13. Boyd

    Saw a lot of him in the Portugal tour,not what I thought he was about from seeing him before,really puts a shift in ,and great touch and vision,going to be a big asset.
  14. Carlos haters

    Made a big effort to get it in one.Loved the pic Mrbs, class.
  15. Carlos haters

    Post of over 5 lines should not be allowed on 0T,just ends in a load of b......s.See above.