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  1. hodgybysea

    [Rubbish thread title]

    58 years an OWL,some on here think things are bad,this is nothing to what we've had in the past.As above still get the buzz when entering Hillsborough.Supporting Wednesday or any other club is unconditional,you either do it or aren't really into it. Looking in from a far,I see people with thousands of post whingeing and moaning about everything and anything ,try getting out more. Whilst giving Mr Chansiri a good kicking on here maybe those who always know better should scan down the list of those queuing to take on our famous club. We have some excellent players here and they will play there hearts out,footballers don't go out to play badly,but not everyone plays well every game,those who have played the game know that. 3 points Saturday and we're on our way.
  2. Quite interesting ,then Buttercup turned up,stopped reading.
  3. hodgybysea

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    Typical reply,"footballers don't give a flyer",are you some kind of expert on every footballer.No you are not ,I know and have known a few players and it's not all about football.They have wives and children,they don't like moving from club to club,it can ruin their family life.Money isn't always the be all and end all to every footballer.
  4. hodgybysea

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    And that's the thing,I don't have problem with Fletch,when ever he has played he has been decent,if you look at his supposed wages you would think we maybe could have got someone better.Then look at Atdhe for the cost and you think he is a bargain,always available and gives his all. My lad loves going to Hillsborough,he doesn't pretend to be an expert on football but talks sense when after a game,he loves the big fella and really can't understand when folks around us give Atdhe abuse, even when he is just warming up. They maybe footballers but they still have feelings,some people should remember that.
  5. hodgybysea

    Lee Cattermole

    Living up here and having quite a bit knowledge of the lad, doesn't really strike me as someone we should be looking at,not a bad player but a bit of,how should I put it?,D.H..
  6. hodgybysea

    Team vs Norwich

    Back again,how we have missed you,idiot.
  7. hodgybysea

    Guess the year for this one..

    The only one moving looks like a Hutch tackle in the making,without the opposition player being there.
  8. hodgybysea

    Wildsmith in the air and his own box

    You wouldn't want to be coming out for crosses yesterday,blowing a hooligan and swirling wind too.Best to stay at home and deal with it.
  9. hodgybysea

    Mauled by a Minority

    Saw the OP name and avoided,even on the international break.
  10. hodgybysea

    Joey Pelupessy

    He is brilliant at joining the goal celebrations,from the off Joey joined in and fist pumped the kop,love his enthusiasm.Like others have said lets see what he does when some of our so called big performers are back.Big step up for him in a side that were reall struggling.
  11. Whats happened to stream?had to pop out and now I've got Queen of the South.
  12. Hope Mr C didn't see the St Johnstone strip on the telly last night,a mixture of our last couple of shirts,pin stripe bodyfrom last season , with this seasons white sleeves.He'll probably like it.
  13. Leeds fans and friends,not two words you would normally associate with the West Yorkshire Champions.
  14. Just a question,what happened to Connor Wickham?,not seen him mentioned for ages.