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  1. Joey Pelupessy

    He is brilliant at joining the goal celebrations,from the off Joey joined in and fist pumped the kop,love his enthusiasm.Like others have said lets see what he does when some of our so called big performers are back.Big step up for him in a side that were reall struggling.
  2. Whats happened to stream?had to pop out and now I've got Queen of the South.
  3. Hope Mr C didn't see the St Johnstone strip on the telly last night,a mixture of our last couple of shirts,pin stripe bodyfrom last season , with this seasons white sleeves.He'll probably like it.
  4. Leeds fans and friends,not two words you would normally associate with the West Yorkshire Champions.
  5. Just a question,what happened to Connor Wickham?,not seen him mentioned for ages.
  6. Adam Reach

    Wow ,still at it 24 hours later ,you really do hate him don't you,might be time to find a new hobby.
  7. Adam Reach

    Took a while but here they go again,same old faces.
  8. Not enough at the moment,I wake in the morning and still know we haven't won.
  9. What a strange statement Mr Starling,I take you just mean Wednesday don't react, as every week managers come out from Klop to managers right down the leagues saying the fans drove us on.Suppose Brighton ,Arsenal,Card...........etc had nothing to do with just a tiny bit of encouragement.
  10. So you think that's going to help in the situation we are in at the moment with all the players missing?,the player in my thoughts has done ok in the past in big games in the past,ie the lane.don't get me wrong I sometimes feel like it myself but in our position I just have to get behind them.
  11. Agree Crookesowl,the drama queens on here think this is bad,you should have been following the Owls as long as some on here have including me.Won't be long before this topic gets hijacked by the usual,'look at me I post more clap than you' brigade. You know the one's,see their names as starting a post regularly and ignore,not you Mr Owlstalk by the way. Had a few head in the hands and shakes of the head this season but then remember I'm an Owls and shout encouragement,difficult as it is. It's very uncomfortable sitting there hearing people getting stuck into our own players,the other night was bang out of order, made the lad just lose all confidence.
  12. The Carlos obsession continues

    Wow,how could someone spend all that time typing that out,need to move on some on here .Pubs open on a Sunday now all day.
  13. Hillsborough in the snow

    Can't beat the old electric cables in the snow trick
  14. Reach best player?

    Amazing isn't it,he's been dragging this lot around for months and nothing from the usual suspects,soon has he has an off game,they are back with the smart a--- comments. Put him back in with Hutch ,Kieran Lee,Bazza,Hoops and Nando alongside him and he might just have a bit less to do.