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  1. You can just imagine the meeting with Mogga and their CEO a few weeks ago.Er Mogga we're a bit near the bottom of the league,Mogga,what do you expect I've got no dosh,don't worry we have Wednesday coming up in a few week them idiots always bring a few I'll stick the price up. As a Wednesday fan if we are in the poo,I don't expect other clubs to bail us out,that's up to us as Owls fans,I dont believe other clubs supporters should,it's our problem. The F.A. need to get a grip of ridicolous ripping off of fans,but of course they haven't got a bloody clue. The twenty is plenty ,was a great idea ,but what the hell happened,well chaairmen,including ours got greedy,time for action.
  2. £40 for upper tier tickets for adults,thought we were bad.
  3. Tom Lees is a superb defender,but his injury has given us chance to see we have other guys who also are looking good.Great to know that Tom is there when the others ,big Dom and a very good German guy,are injured or suspended as JB is bound to be at times because he don't take no prisoners when it has to be done.Then everyone will be fighting for a place.
  4. Footy is a simple game made difficult by the the so called experts on the telly,problems is too many believe in the testicles they speak.We look pretty strong at the back,three or four decent centre backs ,reasonable full backs.Everyone in front of them will be the judge as to where we finish this season.The manager showed at Boro he has a way of playing having worked out the opposition,doesn't always work but I think he will sort it.
  5. Ref was poor last night seemed to want to pick a fight with our players,no booking when the guy hooked Harris down when he was away,then booked a couple of ours for trivial fouls. Got me thinking,what was the ref like on Saturday?,the fact I couldn't even remember him was probably a sign he was decent.
  6. Bit of demantia might be setting here ,but were those games before the new manager and a new way of ' setting up the game plan and sticking to it ' Barry Bannan,28the september 2019?
  7. Well he has his own song and flag now so well on his way to being a cult figure.
  8. As we know we have weird visitors on the site who try to make a name for themselves,but you can bet that eventually Adam Reach will pull something out and shut them up.
  9. Got the song already rehearsed,'Parachute payments and you errrrrrr......messed it up,parachu............. . and so on.
  10. Despite all the crap that follows him about,you can't help but love him.Still a child at heart.
  11. And the wonder goals and all assist will be ........................mmmmm,lets have a think.
  12. The worrying thing about yesterday was within 5 minutes of the second half most of the folks around us had spotted they had stuck an extra man in midfield and we were getting over run. With only one in the front of the defence any good at tackling and Bazza on a yellow we never got near their midfield.If we could spot the problem what the hell was the staff thinking?. I was willing to let Bully have a go and look at it at this point of the break,I think we have our answer.40 games to go ,not in a bad position ,a cup game for a new man to get a good look at his team,Time to act Mr Chairman.
  13. Bet you are a right bundle of fun on a night out.
  14. Moan ,moan moan,tell us what piccie was the one you like best.The shirt is excellent,future retro shirt .Some folks are never happy.
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