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  1. Jesus,let it go pal,I think we get your point.
  2. Made some very good points,sounds like Ameobi is their Lucas Joao.
  3. Jesus ,not much happening in Middle England tonight.
  4. On the forwards front,it's games like like last nights when you miss the players like Gary Hooper,a little nudge here and there,clever hold up play and finding space where no one else can. It's a pity it doesn't look good for him with his Owls future because his experience would be vital at times.
  5. Ten minutes before kick off leave it to the fans,we didn't need all this rubbish years ago,we made our own atmosphere.Hi ho when the guys come out and that's it.
  6. Larger target for the old bottles of wee wee.
  7. I'd hate to think where would be now without Adam Reach ,he's carried a failing squad for the last 12 months.He's bound to have a few off days ,you can't keep the energy levels up forever.
  8. Live a fair way from Sheffield , Monday night and on Sky,and not going to get back till late.................loads of dosh for a ticket................................let me think.............................................................,I wouldn't miss a Sheffield Derby whilst I have breath in my lungs.Going to be a fantastic night.Brucie will have the boys fired up for this,and a chance to show world we still have fantastic support.Can't wait.
  9. 'Don't use as it an excuse for trying to be a referee',or something like that,what did Joe say.
  10. Murphy tho,he was asked two questions on talkcrap and answered ,'well I don't know the full details bla bla bla but', sounds like research ain't his strong point. Then asked about Brucie,he repeated the same old rubbish Managed Sheffield United,we are in a relegation fight,really,and then admitted once again he didn't know the details. No sign of an apology to the Bruce family,the mans an absolute tool.
  11. Well Murphy will be on Talkcrap this week,bet they block any questions to him about his comments.
  12. How can the same competition have different rules ?,crazy.There were so many dodgy decisions yesterday were allowed to stand,and teams went out.
  13. The way things are going in the Windies there won't be any cricket to watch.
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