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  1. Vardy and Carlos meet in Europa Cup,hey up lad WAWAW,Vardy levelled for 3-3 in injury time,Vardy shakes Carlos hand,WAWAW.
  2. Think TP will get a tune out of some of the players we doubt can do it.Just get them to do what they are good at and not over thought out plan. Simple is the way with this squad.
  3. Not when you get caught doing it,then it goes past your s.....housery.
  4. TP probably looked at the squad and the fixtures up to January and knew that by then we still need to be in contact with the pack above us,we are bound to have to use the whole squad with all those fixtures. From January gives him 23 games to get us out of trouble and know who he can depend on,the defence looks ok,but every other department needs bodies. Maybe the guy he brought in who was Celtic scout has irons in the fire,lets hope so as we can't rely on the current squad. Our luck is bound to change sometime,we have to take advantage when it does.
  5. Baseball cap,white pumps and tracksuit not a good look for a man in his sixties ,needs a make over.Checked shirt and riggers boots ,fans will love him. Play as much poo as he wants then,or go for the Pep look.
  6. Oh no,just noticed Ryan Shotton hasn't got a club,another of Pulis brigade.
  7. Seen quite a bit of him,if you thought Hutch was an idiot watch this guy,head comes off at the slightest thing,has good spells in a game then can disappear. That nobody has come in for him probably says it all.
  8. Thank god for lockdown ,up here in N Yorks surrounded by Boro fans,give me chance to digest it all before the pubs open and cue pee taking. Problem is we used to get him on the telly friday and Monday talking footy , he use to make folks squirm in their seats,white pumps and basey cap and talking absolute testicles. Still if he keeps us up..................................................
  9. I know lockdown is boring ,but think you've hit the bottle a bit early george.
  10. TS getting a bit of a hammering on here. Looks like someone got cold feet and took it out.
  11. NO,NO,NO to Pulis,I live in North Yorkshire surrounded by Boro fans and they couldn't stand him,his interviews were cringeworthy.He had them chasing the playoffs but the footy was dire and the crowds dropped off.The bloke would probably keep us up but maybe time to look a bit further forward. Don't think I could stomach much more of Monk footy followed by Pulis.
  12. Lets face it people moan when Mr Chansiri doesn't say anything,then whinge and moan about anything they think they can pick up on when he does. Which probably explains why he keeps quiet. The thing is, like it or loathe it he can do what he wants it's his club and his brass. As for putting future managers off, hardly,managers in a job at the moment wouldn't leave to come here,but those out of work would be here in a flash.
  13. Watching him on bbc2 now ,very interesting bloke with great sense of humour even on a serious programme.
  14. Come on Mr Owlstalk moving me ,I was just about to enjoy mysellf after being peed of yesterday.
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