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  1. Been done to death before this topic,do try and keep up.
  2. Interesting how views differ on players of clubs outside your own area.I live in North Yorkshire and it is mainly Middlesbrough fans so the local radio is about their games.The players that get most stick on the shows are Assombalonga,Wing and the goalie .Wing came from local footy and gets plenty of ''should go back to it' . Other side of the coin ,with me being an Owl ,they always banged on how good Nando and Atdhe were,probably with Atdhe cos he usually scored against them.With Nando probably as it was a cool name or something. Of course every time Adam Reach scores ,it's wh
  3. I knew I'd seen Browns technique for that corner before,and I've just seen it again,on You've been framed,a two year old girl kicks the ball and it hits her brother in the mush with the spoon kick.
  4. We took two metres off the pitch and brown still couldn't get it in the box ,what kind of technique was that.the spoon foot.
  5. Jesus you've got a problem,you don't have to come on here just to blame someone or something,I didn't know that was the criteria.
  6. Excuse me ,where did I blame him?,Master Shaw didn't cover himself in glory either ,but I'm not blaming him either.
  7. Well I hope Lee Mason is proud of himself,they just went through the bookings on Quest and Mason hasn't covered himself in glory. Having said that he showed himself to be a prat on a number of occasions this season.
  8. I'm with you WO,I was thinking this is not good last night,but hang in for a point and we can go again against Brum.As it is looks like we've rode our luck and not too much damage has been done but we can't afford to keep hoping other s failing will do us favours..
  9. I feel some wife/girlfriend jokes coming.
  10. My friend is head groundsman at a championship club,when talking to him a few years ago just before we played them in a cold spell.he said its not that simple as just switching on and off.It's very expensive,approx 2 grand a day,but you can't just switch it on and that's it.For a start the powers that be have to be consulted so you aren't wasting brass and its really needed. When there is a really cold spell it has to be on for days .If there is a big wind chill coming through the ground it may not stop these areas from freezing so you can have just a few icy patches,refs hate these more than
  11. We are too nice,the number of times we have had that thrown at the players on here.Unfortunately in modern footie most teams have the guy who gets in the refs ear .If our man is Dunks so be it,with Hutch at it and Baz at least its a start,then Patto can step in and calm it all down with a laugh with the ref.
  12. Oooooooops. Tommo not going to change it at the moment,front pair getting through loads of work and shutting down well. Bring on Jordan Rhodes when the lads are knackered the right thing to do or when DC text manager to say ,put him on now..
  13. Long journey back home,but i bet that bus ride will seem a bit shorter,the boys will be buzzing.
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