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  1. I live up in North Yorkshire among the Middlesbrough fans,to be honest hey are not looking forward to the trip.especially the thought of Adam Reach coming back to bite them on the bum Can't imagine this is going to be free flowing as Jos will set up to combat them.But one of many good test to show what we are about,bring it on.
  2. hodgybysea

    Joey p

    Here we go ,blame game.Enjoyed the match,plenty of energy and for a change we didn't play ourselves into trouble from the back.Shows we can mix it up when we want. Some good performances from a lot of the players,very encouraging.And of course there is always Adam Reach,price going up.
  3. Do you want cream on your humble pie.
  4. hodgybysea


    Agree with Jonesy,with a bit more experience Cammy will chase the defenders out ,roll it out of the box to gain 10 yards,which would see the likes of Fletch move wide to get a better way to attack the ball.If it drops free at least we would be more compact to pick up the loose ball. Teams try to shut the City keeper down to stop them playing out but their keepers still don't mind knocking it long. Cam looks like he is playing to orders and as a young keeper ain't going to challenge Jos just yet.Lad is still doing well by the way.
  5. hodgybysea


    Going to be a cracking player,but,who would have thought a year ago we would have run out last night with 4 youngsters from our academy in the team.Must give all the academy coaches and players a huge lift,well done all ,lets keep it up.
  6. hodgybysea

    Daniel Pudil

    Poor old Daniel,always looks knackered but keeps going,great ball from back to front for Fletch that started the pressure for the second goal.A good performance all round from him and for his troubles gets smashed in the nose by a flying elbow.
  7. hodgybysea

    Why did we sign Hector?

    Would that be the same Daniel Pudil who got stuck in last season when we were struggling and helped see us to safety?.
  8. hodgybysea

    Onomah And Reach.

    Nice to have all these options,going to test Jos in a way.He can go to away games knowing he has Joey and Ono to block up the midfield with our creative players set free.Must say when the big lad came on he certainly covered the ground at a rapid pace,the futures bright.
  9. hodgybysea


    OP just can't leave it alone ,not a peep out of him at the end of last season when Atdhe was knocking them in.Sums him up perfectly,3 years and 9 months,?,stalker of Atdhe.
  10. hodgybysea

    Adam Reach

    Drugs are bad for you,prime example for all you younger watchers.l
  11. Wookie,please stop talking sense,this is Owlstalk don't you know.
  12. hodgybysea

    Your team for #SWFC vs Ipswich

    Not sure Marco Matias will play,that would be 4 games in ten days for someone who is notorious for getting injured,might not be worth the risk after the shift he put in against Millwall.Those left out in midweek will raring to go after seeing that performance.
  13. Watched Boro v Blunts in my local with Boro fans,they were at bit nervous as the boss didn't get it until 5 mins before the game.Just one camera,no replays and some bloke just talking his way through the game.Bit like being at a game. He's told me Wednesday are on tomorrow but I'm going anyway despite a two hour journey.
  14. hodgybysea

    [Rubbish thread title]

    58 years an OWL,some on here think things are bad,this is nothing to what we've had in the past.As above still get the buzz when entering Hillsborough.Supporting Wednesday or any other club is unconditional,you either do it or aren't really into it. Looking in from a far,I see people with thousands of post whingeing and moaning about everything and anything ,try getting out more. Whilst giving Mr Chansiri a good kicking on here maybe those who always know better should scan down the list of those queuing to take on our famous club. We have some excellent players here and they will play there hearts out,footballers don't go out to play badly,but not everyone plays well every game,those who have played the game know that. 3 points Saturday and we're on our way.
  15. Quite interesting ,then Buttercup turned up,stopped reading.