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  1. Its not the Steve Bruce leaving bit that does for me,more the fact that we will have wasted a six months pre season to prepare for this campaign.I feel for Delphon more than anything,he listened ,tried to put things right ,then has to go through it all again. The players have had six months to get used to him and his ways and now it looks like they are having to do it all again.
  2. Nothing is as bad as talks--t. Love how all the so called professed experts object to anyone who supports the big fella,so I take it that they know more than every manager we have had while Atdhe has been at the club and kept him here. Think I'll wait and see what Steve Bruce has in mind on this one.
  3. I live up in North Yorkshire and the general feeling from Boro fans is he's finished.Something about 2 assist and 1 goal all season.They sold Adam Reach to us to help pay for his transfer fee and huge wages,many were not impressed at the time as Reach was a young lad with plenty of potential and has gone on to be able to play in numerous positions,he also scores goals and has plenty of assists.Reach out left as opposed to Downing I know who I would pick now,Brucie probably has a wide left man in his sights as he likes Reach to roam about. Nothing against Downing though he has been a very good pro.
  4. At least baz is living in a greenhouse to make it grow faster.
  5. Ah,so we get rid of a player who gets assists and goals and plays 50 games a season,and is probably on say 25k and replace him with another player who can do the same,of which the list of better in the championship wouldn't actually cost anything like we can afford,or buy two average players on 15 k a year to replace him, but don't manage to play enough games or make or score enough goals.can't see Brucie going for that one.
  6. Well chaps and chapesses,for all those who think bazza and Adam Reach are the ones to go,they are the top two of our players of assist in the Championship,and public owl enemy No1,is actually our third player in assist.Yeah lets get rid.
  7. Come on Corset you've got to do better than that.D for dunce ,like it.
  8. First and foremost,a terrific game of football,two good sides jousting for points.The usual targets for the boo boys,George Boyd and Morgan Fox both played their part .We were going for it until the end, but when Bazza went off and Hutch had to change a bit of his role Grealish suddenly got a bit of space.Fine lines between failure and success in this league. I know some didn't really want Villa to get so many tickets,but it made for a great atmosphere,It's up to us to out shout them,and Hillsborough looks a hell of a lot better with four sides full.
  9. Ah ,so every player is going to have a bald head.That should get away from any dodgy decisions,such a simple solution.If only someone had thought of that before.
  10. At least that was a close call,anyone see the Chelsea one ,even Stevie Wonder what have called that one.For once Colin was spot on,great league ,crap officials.
  11. Aye,that's right blame the English.Don't know who the centre backs were were but they hadn't a clue.
  12. Jesus,let it go pal,I think we get your point.
  13. Made some very good points,sounds like Ameobi is their Lucas Joao.
  14. Jesus ,not much happening in Middle England tonight.
  15. On the forwards front,it's games like like last nights when you miss the players like Gary Hooper,a little nudge here and there,clever hold up play and finding space where no one else can. It's a pity it doesn't look good for him with his Owls future because his experience would be vital at times.
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