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  1. hodgybysea

    Well done Nuhiu

    Ooooooh,look who's back on minus7 ,the Glen Loovens fan club leader.
  2. hodgybysea

    Which Kit?

    God, anything but that horrible little number.
  3. hodgybysea

    Well done Nuhiu

    You really need to let it go fella,your obsession is going to make you ill.
  4. hodgybysea

    Well done Nuhiu

    Some games though managers stick him on near the end when we are under pressure to help at defensive set play,we always need Fletch or Atdhe in the defensive areas as we are a bit light weight in and around the box.take the WBA game ,Nuihu went off having scored,Sam Winnall comes on and misses the defensive header and they score.
  5. hodgybysea

    Well done Nuhiu

    At least he is still here and available,so must have a good attitude or a succession of managers wouldn't keep picking him.Managers pet hate with most players they ditch usually comes out later ,good player but his attitude stinks quotes follow. As we don't see a lot of our supposed better players we don't even know whether the even have an attitude at all.
  6. hodgybysea


    No ,just asking a question to the man,nothing wrong with that is there?.
  7. hodgybysea


    Really?,what kind of a weirdo are you?.So which player would you like to replace him,maybe you could gives us all the benefit of your superb footie knowledge.
  8. hodgybysea


    You forgot,pigs out.
  9. hodgybysea


    You really need to get out more,its good for you.
  10. hodgybysea


    Credit where due to Luton,had a plan and stuck to it ,it was up to us to break them down,but they defended very well.Should be interesting replay.
  11. Looks like they were enjoying themselves in most pictures.Clem had probably asked Nicky Weaver to point out Abdi to him.
  12. hodgybysea

    FA Cup - Mick on Talksport

    I was in the Lep for that Everton replay jammed against the wall right at the front,if I remember there was a quite a big crowd,took me ages to get the bus back to Stocksbridge. Great days.
  13. hodgybysea

    Well Done to all

    The four lads at the back put in some shift,don't think they missed a minute of a punishing schedule, they did very well,only two goals conceded despite two big pressure games away. Might need a bit of a rest for a few days until back in action again or maybe wait until the next league game.Tom Lees back to his best?.
  14. Well done to Bully and the players what a turn round in 12 days ,big effort and unbeaten. Also a massive well done to the fans,magnificent at Boro and the Hawthorns and what a turn out today,shows what we are really about.
  15. Love that football,you knew when you headed those footies. I know the weather has been tropical in Sheffield, but that tree in the background looks pretty much in leaf for January.