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  1. Maybe your right.Get in early, spend all remaining cash on Pies and drinks.Yeh, a fairly weighed up scam...
  2. Hope not, don't think we've ever got in before 2.45!
  3. Its my mate's sons birthday on Saturday and his wife has arranged through the club, for his name to come up on the scoreboard.Has anyone done this before?.He's wanting to know if its before game starts or at HT, or is it random?.Cheers for any help.
  4. Had a half season ticket on there once and tbh,I dint like it.Distinct lack of atmosphere but each to there own eh?.
  5. Thought Laura was pretty hot aswell though not a patch on our Audrey!
  6. Hollywood in talks with director David Fincher(no pun intended) about doing screenplay for the movie rights for the above mentioned story.Honest...
  7. Charlton always win at our place so i'm more confident of gettin summat at Norwich and Watford.
  8. Owlstalk readers will be delighted to hear that ive stumbled upon yet another"true"story.Archives show that a descendant of Nature pioneer and all round good guy Gustav Smith may have invented the Great Crested Aardvark.Crustav Smithonian, a great great distant cousin of Gustav and naturalised Pig farmer became disillusioned with the whole Pig Farming and decided instead to start inventing things.His wife, Anastav pleaded with him to persevere with the Pig genre,but Crustav's mind was made up.His six year old son, Justav Lee, was so distressed by the whole saga, that he tragically took his own life some 40minutes later.It is unknown how it was done but further extensive research shows that he may have thrown himself under a stampede of charging Llama's.His wife, Anastav, distraught over her son's death and the end of the Pig Farming, promptly packed her bags and emigrated to Burkina Faso.Crustav, although himself devastated over the appalling events, pressed on with his idea of inventing something.Hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months turned into years, years turned into deca...., you get the picture.Torturous days were made worse with ex wife Anastav sending letters saying she was now married to a Burkina Fasonian gentleman and had numerous children with him.To make matters worse, the Burkina Faso gentleman was also very rich and was unnaturally large in the trouser department.Crustav wasnt sure whether the Burkina Fasonian gentleman was well hung or that he just had big trousers.Crustav ignored the cruel letters and ever more determined, kept on at it, day and night for many more months.Then one sunny day in 1846, it came to him whilst making biscuits in the makeshift kitchen.The Pigs, who despite always ending up being butchered by Crustav, were now down to the very last one (Pig).Crustav couldnt bring himself to kill the last Pig so he gave it it's freedom.The Pig, however, wanted to help Crustav, despite murdering his entire family."Get off my land!" Screamed Crustav.The Pig (who shall remain nameless) remained grounded.Crustav who was now mentally ill told the nameless Pig that he could suit himself.Anyway, this is where it"finally"gets interesting.Crustav (now mentally ill) is hearing the nameless Pig talking to him.A smart and very cunning plan is brilliantly construed. They sent a letter to Burkina Faso requesting the presence of his ex wife, Anastav and her Burkina Fasonian husband, who we shall call Martin, and to bring the 45 Great Crested Aardvarks (which I forgot to mention) with them.Anastav and Martin, intrigued by the mystifying request agreed and arrived 48hours later.As they approached the tiny hut that Crustav and the nameless Pig were living in, the adventurous plan was about to be conceived.As the door opened, the Burkino Fasonian (Martin) was decapitated in one swipe.Anastav screamed and tried to run but the nameless Pig had already locked the door.Gustav calmly walked over to Anastav and whispered in her ear "Where are the 45 Aardvarks?".Anastav was too frightened to speak."Tell me where the Aardvarks are and you get to live" hissed Crustav.Anastav managed to tell him and the nameless Pig that they were in the Transit down the old path.Anyway, Crustav and the nameless Pig found the Aardvarks and profited in a hugely successful career in Aardvark breeding.It is unknown what happened to Anastav but DNA found twenty two years later suggests she died horribly.Gustav Smith, leading pioneer and all round good guy, is aware of his descendants deception and very rarely talks about it.Shandy, I hope this clears things up.Until next time....
  9. For younger Owlstalkers...Undertaker versus 1-2-3 Kid, Lez Luger (The Narcissist) versus Adam Bomb, Shawn Michaels versus Randy Savage.Followed by tag team battle of Money INC versus The Smoking Guns.Special grudge match of Tatanka versus Bam Bam Bigalo.If enough time, Evel Kineval jumping over some Aardvarks.
  10. . Derby day games will include the Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks specials.Maybe Evel Kenieval jumping over some buses afterwards?
  11. 70s re-runs of classic Wrestling matches.Dave Kirby versus Jim Breaks to start with.
  12. The KGB(Kinky Girly Boys) are now defunct and any stories shown by fellow Owlstalkers are completely and utterly safe.
  13. Having done EVEN more research into the Trent fishing incident on May 18th,1979, have discovered lost documents believed to have been destroyed in The Great St Petersburg fire of 1988 relating to the incident in question.The documents have actually turned up in Batley, North Yorkshire.Extracts from the documents reveal that ex wrestler Jim Breaks was turned by the Russians in September 1974 whilst touring with Rollerball Rocco, Catweasle and Mick Macmanus in a tag team round robin tournament against Russia's most feared tag team units.Mr Breaks and partner Mr Weasle, beat Russia's Brezhnev twins on a technicality when Mr Breaks forearm actually made contact on Billy Brezhnev's head.As the bout was not sanctioned and the referee was suspicious that the bout was real, the match was awarded to Mr Breaks and Mr Weasle.Pandemonium in the crowd ensued and the referee and Brezhnev twins were pelted with Onions and Kitkats.The now defunked KGB ushered the wrestlers out of the ring in double quick time.An extract I saw stated that Mr Weasle, Mr Macmanus, and Rollerball Rocco were extradited back to the UK while the Brezhnev twins and the un-mentioned Russian tag team (The Kiev Chickens) were never seen again.Mr Breaks was held in a cell for three days before having any human contact.The KGB were impressed with Jim (Mr Breaks) and wanted to turn him.Mr Breaks dint need much persuading. Earning only £2 a bout and having no wife or kids, Mr Breaks jumped at the chance of being a traitorous scumbag.The KGB were well aware of Gustav Smith's Bullfinch sanctuary in Sacremento, California and wanted it for themselves.They paid Jim 20,000 Euros to infiltrate the sanctuary, Kill Gustav Smith and Lee Leiutenants.The KGB would then kill all the Bullfinches and send over 30,000 Nuthatches to murder the 65 Siskin guards.To cut a long story short, Mr Breaks paid the admission but couldnt go through with it.He kept the 20,000 Euros and with the help of Lee Chapman, they faked his death (Jims) and made sure the KGB knew it.Chapman and Joe Montana airlifted him over the Trent woods and dropped him from a great height thus causings Mr Breaks confusion and mutterings.The moral is that Jim Breaks truly is "Special" Older readers will see a joke in the last bit.
  14. Klas Ingussons best game in the Wednesday shirt..rip mate.x.
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