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  1. Calculator?,they'd struggle with THAT!.Theres an abacus at the back!
  2. Yeh, spot on mate.The two girls in the bar dont even look as though they dont know what day it is!
  3. Have to admit its only occasional but its still poorly run.
  4. Good read that mate but just before my time unfortunately.Its always amazing how you can remember details of games from thirty years ago but I always forget to put bin out on Wednesday night!
  5. Is it me or does anyone else think the service at the food bar area is appalling?.This is at entrance "Q" so dont know if its the same anywhere else.Basically, if you go well before game starts, you should be ok.However, if you go on say 35mins into game, youll struggle to get back for second half.As for going at HT whistle, forget it.By time you get served, nearly everythings gone!.Dont like to moan about this but when you need two girls to sort out one pie at around 2minutes, somethings wrong.Honestly, they make Jim Royale look like Linford Christie.So to the new owners, please get some more and quicker staff please.By the way, the burgers in there are barely edible though to be fair, the pies are sound.
  6. Totally agree.Always thought the roof was too rushed and not designed properly.All them restricted view seats going to waste.Surely it could have been done without the huge pillars.Dont think Arsenal or Liverpool have any pillars on there kops?
  7. Remember playing for Monteney in the early 1980s against Mansell.Think it was 10am on a Saturday morning.No recollection of result, sorry.
  8. Best bit of skill all season though disappointed that he didnt try the Van Basten!
  9. Totally disagree with that.Should be 40points clear,been in both cup finals and getting manager of the year..
  10. Going on 15 match unbeaten runs in that 90-93 period was normal back then.Shame we struggle to win 3 in a row now.
  11. Some gentle sarcasm and stretching the truth in my quote aswell!
  12. Apparently, Steve Evans is Brendan Rodgers best mate and it turns out Rodgers "might" be a secret Owl.
  13. Had the 93 team all been in there prime (mid 20s), would seriously push top three.
  14. Sure that Gerry Armstrong is involved in this aswell.
  15. Love the thought that somebody went and checked this out!
  16. Sweaty Tramp Enlists Vagrants Eating skills.
  17. Rodgers supported Wednesday since 66 cup final.As a young boy, he wept when he saw Owls players doing a lap of honour, despite defeat.Had an affection for us ever since.
  18. Anyone read the Sun newspaper today?.Steve Evans reckons Brendan Rogers sent him a pick me up text message after we beat them.As if Mr Rogers would knock about with that T**t!
  19. Make a sentence out of the following words....Million fifty spending we're says Evans Steve.
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