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  1. Whilst looking through his adult mag "Big Boys Get There Rods Out",12year old Taz(not Needy Sadboy Tas) felt his Y-Fronts growing steadily larger.Young Taz's (not Needy Sadboy Tas) mother shouted up..Taz! (Not Needy Sadboy Tas)"There's someone at the door to see you and he's saying he's better and generally superior to you" explained the mother.Taz(not the Needy Sadboy) was furious about this intrusion and obvious web of lies.The interruption had also caused the unexpected vinegar stroke to "cum" to fruition.Taz(not the needy Sadboy) hurled himself down the stairs with his trousers still round his ankles."Are you still reading and doing things with those men magazines?" asked Taz's (not Needy Sadboy) mother. "Who's at the door!!?" Screamed Taz(not Needy Sadboy Tas from The Dressing Room).The door opened and who should walk in but 1960s band,"The Seekers". "What do you want?" growled Taz(not the Needy Sadboy)."We hear you've been doing things with the magazine 'Big Boys Get There Rods Out' and we've also come to tell you that we are better and more superior than you" explained The Seekers. "Impossible!" Sniggered Taz(not Needy Sadboy Tas). "We've come to warn you that if you don't stop being a pretentious p***k, people are going to just pretend to be your pal to satisfy your inflated ego." explained The Seekers.Taz(not the Needy Sadboy) who had a striking resemblence to Kevin off The Harry Enfield Show, was stung by this criticism but being the arrogant bully he is, wouldn't admit it.The Seekers had now got Taz's(not the needy Sadboy Tas) attention. You see, this is how Taz(not the needy Sadboy Tas) became an ATTENTION - SEEKER. Any similarities in names and plot lines are purely coincidental. ..
  2. Was it you and your mates doing the "David Brent" on the North for the Cardiff game during Milan's speech?
  3. Here is a purse of money....which I'm not going to give to you.
  4. If I admit to being in love, sorry, head over heels in love with Satan and all his,his little wizards, you will hang me in a vat of warm marmalade....AND remove my testicles with a blunt instrument (sieve).
  5. Yep, I agree.Next season could be just the same.We need to be patient.I get the feeling on here that people think Wednesday will win the league in a canter with Nugent and Wickham scoring 20 each.Love to be wrong.
  6. Lets give Gray a chance mate.If it doesn't work out, so be it.But lets remember, even Mourinhio and Wenger would struggle on the budget we have/going to have.
  7. Cant you just donate the money anyway and see what happens?
  8. Is this thee Jane Harrington?, Jane "Bury me in a Y-shaped coffin" Harrington?
  9. I chopped his head off, that usually does the trick.
  10. "I would shake your hand, but fear it would come off".
  11. . Don't tell Shandypants about Lesley and Lee!
  12. ...Birdbeck and Birdbrain,should get on like a house on fire!
  13. Only do the occasional away games but they always seem to get it right.More staff(who can add up),better food,not much waiting,bigger area etc..Our set up is embarrassing tbh.Earlier reply is right,I won't buy anymore till sorted.
  14. Said on another thread we can win this game 2-1.More confidence in away games than at home.Norwich were nowt special at our place.
  15. Norwich game is tomorrow night mate.
  16. See what you mean but had a paper round as a lad and never put papers in wrong doors.This DID pay "peanuts" but I always had pride in doing it right.These girls don't seem to give a s**t!
  17. "Now we've moved on to elementary dressmaking.."
  18. The famous BlackAdder line..."Some beans add some beans..,what does that make?..."
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