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  1. No way, Joe Cocker by a country mile. Just watch him at Woodstock.
  2. Always called the scrubbers Blunts as a kid and we were the pigs. Seems we now call it them. The Portsmouth Fans book says we are known as the pigs so not sure when we started to call it them. Still totally immature. We have a much better honours list which is more to the poing so to give you an example since 1900:- FA Cup wins -- O's - 2 ( losing finalists 2 ) - B's - 2 ( 1 ) Champions - O's - 4 - B's - 0 Top 3 Positions - O's - 8 - B's 1 (1900 ) Europe - O's - 3 - B's - 0 League Cup - 1 - B's - 0 Nuff said so they can call us pigs all they like I don't care but the history of the clubs says it all. By the way i'm 61 so seen a lot of ups and downs but never seen our club in Division 4.
  3. Saw the 2 youngsters who have been kidnapped by Brentford a couple of times in the development teams. They really looked as though they had unlimited potential. Just wondering if there is any kind of sell on clause or is it just goodbye and thanks for the £30 fee?
  4. Can anyone remember a beer mat with picture of Star headline " Bert sees red as Rolls is daubed". Apparently some Blunts invaded the South Stand concourse and painted black on Bert McGee's Roller, gouged Tony Toms car and stuck a dead Pigs head on the Penistone Rd railings. Not sure what kick clowns get out of ruining things, just saddos.
  5. Away allocations at 99% of EFL grounds are crap. Just a few like MKD where you get a decent allocation.
  6. Looking at their support over the last 10 years and it reminded me the first time I went when we lost in the FA Cup in front of 6000+ fans. They have had some big crowds but mainly from away support. Bolton must have taken well over 10000 on a 21500 attendance, and other big crowds near that against Lincoln, Mansfield. but generally only got 6/7000 home fans. Blunts attendance was 18200 but apparently there was trouble outside the gates so they let them in down a side stand. They had 15000 attendances against Coventry and Pompey.
  7. Not sure what's happening with our away support. We've always had decent away crowds but at the moment there are many more. Can remember in the 60's and 70's taking a few hundred to some of the grounds and having reception committees waiting and being near riots. At that time there was no CCTV and mobiles so unless the police were there it was easier not to get caught. Now most of the time it's posturing and silly banter. Have to say there are many more clubs with bigger fan problems than ours.
  8. Most teams sell out the first Saturday away game, think Wolves much closer so they probably treated it as a Derby game. Both Sheffield clubs are lucky to have such support, 24500 Owls against Pompey, 26500 Blunts against Millwall, neither big crowd pullers. Never understood why people with tickets who don't attend are included in the attendance.
  9. Remember them giving the Blunts 8000 tickets, then when those sold out another 2/3000, so they can do it.
  10. The Star ones were brilliant with every team included. As the Star is on its last legs I doubt it.
  11. Hate these we are the best fans kind of thing. To me the guys who go support Hartlepool, Accrington etc are the best. We've had some great seasons in the last 50 years but despite one of the biggest capacities in football haven't hit 30000 average. Think back a couple of seasons when the ground was emptying just after half time and the toxic atmospheres . We DO have great supporters but the BEST, I'm not sure about.
  12. Ooops, big mistake Saw shirt and thought it was the new one.
  13. So where's all the money coming from for the vast outlay and signing on fees being paid out? Things will get worse and worse under this clown.
  14. Think they'll stop taking bets on our getting promoted soon. No one to stop us.
  15. Man City relegation game 1970. Slashed it down too.
  16. Class act, would have loved him here.
  17. No sniping, just teasing, intended but it's all relative. Good comment earlier that if someone asks same question in 50 years time no one will remember Waddle, Sheridan, Nilsson etc.
  18. Has anyone mentioned Ernest Blenkinsop, Ellis Rimmer, etc. Guess "of all time " is misleading.
  19. Last season in the Championship was much worse. Atmosphere was toxic and the attendance figures were ridiculous. Why do teams include non attending ST holders in the figures. We are not "miles ahead" of other teams at home. The atmospheres at quite a few smaller clubs was brilliant and noticeable on EFL highlights. Not sure about next season, if we start off well then the crowds will come in droves. If not then we can look forward to a long hard season. Anyway I still think we will get automatic promotion. With Sunderland going up, which they will, there are only 4 major clubs in that division and nothing in them to fear neither the clubs coming down or promoted from EFL 2. My curse though is that I can't keep away after starting to go in the early 70's and have withstood some horrendous seasons and some great ones.
  20. Just look at the distances Sunderland have to travel to away games. Can you imagine night games in London or Portsmouth for them.
  21. and what about those corner flags.
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