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  1. Think Forest will let us win just to get Derby relgated.
  2. Put all his eggs in one basket first two seasons and, in football owner terms, is skint.
  3. Hope Charlie Chancer appeals against this about us not being invited.
  4. Spot on, on the Leppings Lane end. Used to be down at the front at pitch level. Still remember seeing the fabulous turf at eye level, and Bronco Layne coming at me with the ball at 90 mph.
  5. Totally agree. Think they are the most overrated fans in football and can't stand their arrogance. Just saying how it is at the moment. Never got on board this "if there was only one team in Sheffield we'd get x amount of fans". Don't think it works like that. Just my opinion.
  6. 5 Championships 6 FA Cups 1 Euro Title. Okay in the dim and distant fast.
  7. Looked on Gumtree and EBay but nothing about us being for sale.
  8. Bottom line is that Newcastle are much bigger club in terms of support and trophies. Any decent chairman would have them winning things regularly and in Europe every year.
  9. Ashley is more hated on Tyneside than Charlie Chancer is here. Think if he took over a lot of fans would pack us in. I'd be embarrassed if he ever set foot in Hillsborough as owner.
  10. Thought if Pulis had been allowed to bring in his players he would have kept us up. Just an opinion.
  11. But look at similar clubs, Sunderland, Portsmouth, Ipswich, Charlton etc , they all thought they were coming straight back.
  12. If we go down it'll be at least 2023 before we get back to the Premier League. Any youngster who started supporting us in 2001 as a 10 year old will will be in his/her 30's at least by then. Just think going through teens and twenties without seeing us in the top division. At least I've seen us in the top flight many more times than the Blunts, if that's any consolation.
  13. It wasn't after the Cardiff game.
  14. The new goalie due to be signed for next season:-
  15. That would mean him losing 18% of his gross worth. So my answer is NO .
  16. Players always spout this rubbish when they're in the team. He gets dropped for a few games and the manager is the worst thing imaginable and hasn't a clue what he's doing.
  17. He daren't lose face. It is a sin in his culture.
  18. Really could make a big difference, and yesterdays result really helped. Could hinge on this for the final outcome. Run in lucks pretty good too. WE'RE STAYING UP.
  19. I was on there too, but definitely not thousands. We were in small batches down the sides. Absolute nightmare after the game.
  20. Miracle workers more like. Something reminds me of Lazarus ( NOT Mark Lazarus ).
  21. Don't think it'll be quite like this. Look at all their happy faces.
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