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  1. Does anybody believe the crap these players give out. Just trying to win some friends and get some Brownie points. If the players feel pressure playing in front of 15/18000 at Hillsborough, how are they going to cope playing in front of 30000 in The Prem. Great reply from Mcguigan, hits the nail on the head.
  2. Nip down to Carrickfergus on coast near Belfast. Pics of the Queen everywhere. most jukeboxes filled with Loyalist songs like The Sash and Number One Platoon.
  3. Don't care if you believe me or not, those ARE his earnings. Also, don't ask me how I know. I just do.
  4. You mean £50/60 K. If he accepts £30k then get him signed.
  5. 32734, 13000 more than the previous home game. Great times even though the game was poor but so much tension. The great TC ending up with 24 goals.
  6. Now I may be ( am ) a bit of a thicky but how do you download a profile pic? Thx in advance and for no insults.
  7. Sounds like we played to a full house every game in his tenure. In fact out of 49 games we only had 11 over 20000 and 1 touching 30000 against Blunts. Always hate ex pros talking about the past and talking rounduns.
  8. Doing a good job on Radio Sheffield. 😁 Not the same level as when Curran walked out and joined the Blunts. I think their fans made him realise his mistake.
  9. FFS, haven't we suffered enough without having to think about this turd taking us over.
  10. Amazing that they injected cortisone as a matter of course to get players to play in games. Not bothering about the future problems it would cause. Prendo was definitely NOT a battering ram type forward. he had agility, awareness and knack of being in the right place to score. Don't think he ever played in the top flight. Wonder if he had gone to one of the big clubs how his career would have progressed. Also an extremely nice bloke. Spoke to him when I was getting his autograph and he talked to me like a pal.
  11. Yep, Ronnie and Reggie Entwistle of Cleckheaton. More importantly, what were the miners considering?
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