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  1. Way over my head. I'm sure Mr C has a cunning plan, as long as it doesn't include DTaxis.
  2. Don't know if it's the same idiot who let them off at the Derby game, but if not the one who fired one at Bolton needs to needs stopping. We have an excellent reputation at away games for support but this kinda thing is going to get us tarred with the same brush as the knuckle draggers at Sheffield 2. Great to see Liam get a call up. Been underrated far too long. Always does the job he's asked to do.
  3. Amazes me that a load more objects were thrown on the pitch, including bottles, from the corner of Old Trafford than Monday, but even though it was plainly on TV there doesn't seem to be anything being done about it. Can't believe the Blunts moaning. Nothings been said about their pissed up scrubbers in town before the game and on the way to Hillsborough. How many times have they been the main trouble causers at Derby games?
  4. Thought the atmosphere in general was flat. Guess it depends where you sit. If you're in the middle of the Blunts it sounds like they were loud and the same for us in other parts of the ground. Don't think Sky will be bothering with many more Sheffield derbys after the last three.
  5. Star has headline "Controversial Ref For Steel City Derby". Thought it was gonna be Trevor Kettle. Turns out it's Peter Bankes.
  6. Don't think we've anything to fear on Monday. Our team is more than good enough to get something from the game. Been in much flatter atmospheres this season but expected more with the feelgood factor back. Other disappointment was that only 22000 turned up with rock bottom prices and a beautiful evening. Some on here were predicting the home ends would be sold out. Been watching Derby games for 50 years and can very rarely remember many games going with form or for the favourites. Prediction 2 - 1.
  7. Amazing all the old jokes about M-in Laws. Never had a problem and you haven't too. Commiserations. RIP.
  8. I bet if the Blunts had a similar posting, they would be miles in front us for world wide support, have more fans in every big city and country, have as many stories about the fans. Real nonsense posting. But fun. Apparently Accrington also have a worldwide fan club with fans coming over from different parts to watch some of their games. They had one on TV who had come over from South Korea. Daughters boyfriend, a Blunt ( how could she ) works round the UK and always says how many Blades he meets but never any Owls . Can remember when I worked in London used to meet up with our fans in The Marquis Cornwallis in Russell Square. wonder if that is still ongoing.
  9. Can remember the 2007 3rd Div playoff when Bristol Rovers took nearly 43000 to Wembley against Shrewsbury. Think that's the largest play off support although Oxford United also took 35000.
  10. Excellent interview with Sam on Praise and Grumble last night. Came across clearly about his depressions and other mental traumas. Sounded like a real good, honest guy. Going to give him an extra cheer the next home gain. Does anyone remember Rahail who used to come on regularly. Remember once getting in his taxi and talking about the Owls all the way home. Hope he's okay and also Brian the Miller. Sad news about "Haggis" of Mexborough, another member of the family gone. Only 50, so sad, condolences to his family.
  11. Was going to say exactly the same about underdogs.. Even Bradford beat them so no problem - Chelsea 1 - Owls 3
  12. Hi Brad, that game was the following season remember it well. Birmingham were promoted and were taking thousands everywhere. The 70/71 game was when the Blunts got promoted and I was in the South Stand in a near 48000 crowd when we were averaging 15/16000. The Kop was just red and white. As someone pointed out that kind of thing will never happen again.
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