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  1. ...with having Bruce as manager. many think it's Ashley taking the wee wee out of the fans. One comment in their forums sums it up:- Joe Kinnear, Alan Pardew, Steve Bruce. Joke appointments from the man who brings you cheap tracksuits and white socks thrown on shop floors. fizz right off. I never wanted Bruce in the first place but even if I did he should never be allowed to walk under the hallowed portals of Hillsborough as manager again. If it goes pear shaped for him he will come out with some platitudes, given by his agent, to make out he really didn't want to go and feels Hillsborough is his first choice.
  2. Can remember when we signed Tommy C for £100,000 and everyone thought football had gone insane, but now it really has. He'd probably cost £45 million plus now.
  3. Just check Forbes. They have lists of the worlds wealthiest people and company assets.
  4. FFS can't some of you get to grips that Mr C is no way a billionaire, the whole company assets aren't worth a billion. His father who holds most of the shares and most of the family wealth is worth £800 million Also wondering how this buy would affect FFP which is far too complicated for me.
  5. Think Forest and Stoke could surprise a few.
  6. Don't think we can manage another £50,000 a week player and certainly not Downing.
  7. True, Palmer is more than adequate. One of those players who when they've gone everybody will be saying " what a great player he was".
  8. Can't believe we want that much for Rhodes. I blame Chansiri for listening to Football Heaven and the fans wanting him to drive us back into the Prem, then spending £12 million on a player who has since scored 30 goals in his last 130 games. If we can get shut for £3 million and save on his wages I'd be more than happy.
  9. Forget it. If we can get £4 million for him I'd snap the clubs hands off. Anyone looking at his record wouldn't pay anything like £14m. He's 30 next, not a regular, no great goalscoring record and throws a strop when things ain't going well.
  10. Think it was Happy Harry Haslam. Maradonna's club wanted £600,000 for him, the cheapskates wouldn't pay. Shame we weren't offered him, would have made a healthy addition to the squad.
  11. Shoooot! Now feeling really old. We painted his name, with brush and can, on Weir Head dhan't 'Cliffe ( Carbrook, posh part ). Real excitement, Blunts were never in our League for buying players. Not sure he really fulfilled all his promise but was one of my favourites. Good photo at top. Just wished we had Eric Taylor back, that guy used to know how to make deals, a real Owls through and through chairman.
  12. Apparently gave one of his " loyal subjects " 35 years for criticising him.
  13. You couldn't see me but I was prostrate on the ground in obedience and adulation to whoever it was. Been going to Hillsborough 60 years and that was one of the most embarrassing things ever.
  14. Used to love the " Ritchie the Bush Kangaroo" song. Remember Peter when he joined the plod, just didn't look right in the uniform.
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