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  1. Just look at the distances Sunderland have to travel to away games. Can you imagine night games in London or Portsmouth for them.
  2. Good call about Peterborough, and as some one else said it's the little teams that can be worrying.
  3. Hope they beat Wycombe, one less club to worry about next season. With their support and size they'll be hot contenders along with Derby who'll probably be just behind them support wise. Ipswich are fast improving and there will be some surprises. Barnsley won't be pushovers depending what happens pre season, neither will Charlton and Pompey. Still it's all hypothetical just hope DM throws precaution to the wind and we batter everybody. At the moment I feel another play off looming.
  4. Great point. It was quiet and I put it down to nerves which affected me too. Made up for it after the goal.
  5. Hope so, thought we'd do it this season. Depends who stays and goes, and what we can bring in.
  6. Moore was given the cash to pay wages, massive signing on fees for which Chansiri broke the bank for and still failed. Tactically clueless.
  7. Think Derby, Barnsley, Pompey, Charlton, maybe Sunderland etc will be thinking the same.
  8. See what you mean, just heard so many similar things before.
  9. Heard this so many times, especially from Big Ron when we got promoted. Maybe we are similar to Leicester, Palace, Brighton in terms of potential, but not the big clubs. We can always get the occasional full house but like the next 3 home games after the BDM which were 13K,11K and 12K. It's best not to worry about the future whatever happens will happen, I'm just happy to go to Hillsborough and watch my team whatever the crowd is.
  10. I thought he might be a Blunt on the wind up, 40,000 on Monday, BDM 50,000, sounds like a crank to me. We are not arrogant, we haven't averaged 30000 since the 1966 Cup Final seasons, we average 11,000 less Sunderland, who are massive in crowd numbers, in EFL 1 and only a couple hundred more than mid table Ipswich. When we do something to be arrogant I will be the first to get on the arrogant bandwagon. It will be worth it. Too many have been brainwashed as to our status. We are a big club in a big city, but not massive.
  11. That's the problem with grounds like Sunderland's, incredible support and the noisiest fans in the division but the atmosphere gets lost. That's why many of us would prefer to stay here. The acoustics have always been brilliant.
  12. Nothing to do with Hull it was due to projected attendance. Any further tickets required would have been allocated. Attendance at that game 70000, couple of seasons before they had 86000 against Brizzle. Amazing the fans both Bristol teams took.
  13. Just realised they were for the EFL 2 play offs.
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