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  1. For all his faults he did make the stadium one of the most prized and modern and charismatic in the league using 1966 World Cup FA money . Like most directors/owners he got the flack when things went bad and plaudits when they were going well. I can stand looking at the North stand but not when it has Chansiri's name emblazoned every where. The cash wasn't splashed out on playing staff because his projected attendance figures came nowhere to the clubs expectations. Still don't think I've seen a better ground for floodlit games even now. Maybe hindsight is 20/20 vision but I was so proud of our club and ground, now I'm only proud of the fans.
  2. Eric Taylor must be turning in his grave thinking what this clown has done to our club to feed his own personal vanity. Always get into the South Stand late on so I don't have to see his name plastered on the North.
  3. Pearce and Howe will be on our side, but it says it will be an Independent Enquiry.
  4. Did well that season and finished 8th. Average attendance 23106, Man Ure ended up 4th but were first for most of the season.
  5. David Layne can't remember against who. Shooooot, am I that old.
  6. Used to love the Central League and Northern Intermediate League, both seemed like there was something to play for in end of season positions. The derby games were always well attended and sometimes better than the senior derbies.
  7. Wonder what the "real" attendance was at Hillsborough yesterday if the non attenders with season tickets weren't counted. Looked like 18/19000 tops. Talking in the pub after one of the guys said most clubs do it. After watching Southampton and Brighton on TV and seeing hundreds and hundreds of empty seats and still showing near capacity attendances it's time to go back to just giving footfall figures. Our lass after the Bolton game last season when there was just over 14000 but given as 20000+ said what would happen if a meteorite struck the stadium and decimated everything " would it be given as 14000 deaths or 20000+ " Last minute goals are strange in tied games. If we had scored an equaliser it would have seemed like a win if it's the opposition then it seems like a loss.
  8. Come, this is nowt, when I were nobbut a lad this was a bitt of drizzle.
  9. If Weeds and West Brom are at the top then it shows what a poor division this is. Weeds only won half of their games and 2 in the last 5 look totally unimpressive. Think there'll be a team or two half way down the league who'll make a run for the top. Very poor division.
  10. No tickets online, have we sold out?
  11. Unbelievable from a team that stunk the Premier League out when they were in it.
  12. Wish I was the happy soul of the party. Doing okay.
  13. ...without football. Sundays don't seem the same. Udders 1 - Owls 3.
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