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  1. When we are all optimistic and think this is our season, things always go pear shaped. So let's all be pessimistic and fear the worst. That's a sure sign things will turn out well.
  2. Just look at their history. Another Charlie Chancer ******** up. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Don't know a Blunt from that era who didn't love Sammy. Wasn't reciprocated.
  4. Great shame. Top man and great sense of humour.
  5. Think the nearest to St P's is Arsenal 2.5 miles. Spurs is 6.5 miles QPR 5.3 miles. Hillsborough is 3.6 and Blunthole lane .09 from Sheffield Station. Not sure how much DTaxis charge from town to Hillsborough.
  6. Think we need to get Cheerful Charlie's name on top of the West Stand to cover the Presto up.
  7. Gone to Bournemouth. This was one signing I was really getting excited about. Big future. Shame.
  8. "Dooley, Dooley Fair " - apparently was the big song in the fifties "Bronco, Bronco tearing across the Hillsborough plain" Ah well nice to reminisce about happier times.
  9. If a club the size and potential of Newcastle are having trouble with sponsorship, what chance do we have? Just need to keep our heads down and out of the politics and support the players on the pitch.
  10. keep hearing that they hate us. Just wondered if there's any reason for that. Can't think of anything. Also would the clowns going on Football Heaven and saying we haven't done anything wrong, or we've been proved innocent of this and that, please S T F Up. Until everything comes out in the decision we don't know what's gone off . Also pointless sacking Monk and getting another loser. Give him at least till half way through next season and see how things are going.
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