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  1. Some of the old owls used to talk about this game in the pub and the previous round against Roma. Think we'll be the only team in Sheffield football to play Barca in a competitive game and actually beat them. Crowd was 28000+. Robin Hardy is the only one I've never heard of.
  2. Problem is that so many people think he has unlimited wealth ( okay, yes compared to me and thee) but his assets are about £600 million and that is mainly his share of the business run by his father and siblings. He isn't going to spend unlimited amounts of dosh on players. He also has to be very wary of FFP. Think yesterday was a bit of a wake up call. One thing about The Owls is that we can always shoot ourselves in the foot.
  3. Think it's great to say things like that about our players. Sounds like a 13 year old schoolgirl bitching about her boyfriend who's run off with someone else. Never understood the downing of Ati. He's the one player opposition teams really fear and he's always done a job. Great to see the looks on the Mardy white rumblezoids faces after the game. Deserve all they get for supporting a historically disgraceful club.
  4. Starting off in The Scarborough or whatever it's now called across from the station.
  5. F F S we were expected to struggle this season and we're in an excellent position for the play offs. Some people are never happy unless they have something to moan at.
  6. Wonder how much it would take to prise him away? Think I'd start at £1 billion.
  7. Keep hearing from one idiot, David,on F/Heaven about how Mr C hasn't done anything wrong, the FFP rules shouldn't exist, and Mr C is a business man who "owns" a world wide business. Fact is he has very little input into the John West organisation, it's owned and run tightly by his father with Chansiri and his siblings as directors. Personally against him from day 1 as I knew something like this would happen. He has tried to play his little business game and totally failed. Making up Mickey Mouse companies and then suddenly dissolving them. Compared to Milan M he is a total no hoper. This is what the EFL and most supporters hate. His football acumen is also shoddy, authorising £10 million + for Rhodes, £7 million for Reach and £4 million for Von (who?) Aken., but somehow has got real bargains in Borner, Odubajo and Harris for nothing.
  8. Spot on, used to be a great atmosphere at The Baseball ground but this place is crap.
  9. Well, if it's in The Sun and written by Nicco then it must be true.
  10. Poor old Fletch when he saw he was £150,000 underpaid.
  11. Thought their support was awful. Normally a good atmosphere. Think they've realised it's gonna be another season of failure.
  12. Maybe not 100% but I'm sure they didn't let them sell the ground to get out of FFP. Whatever happened we are going to be deducted points, just hope it's not relegation and point deduction. Nobody would sanction selling a ground worth about £15/20 million for £60 million and then have it cover for a previous years infringement.
  13. Think the EFL agreed to selling the club, NOT putting the cash from the sale in the previous years accounts. Don't think we have a leg to stand on. B/City got points deducted for going over the limit. We will get that and probably a bigger deduction for accounts entry. DC can do and say what he wants but he's got us into this mess.
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