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  1. Or could be like most of our "exciting" signings, start off like a house on fire then slowly disappear. Another one with ridiculous sleeve tattoos, mean nothing and look pathetic. Even my grandma's thinking of getting one.
  2. Would you take him back when he gets sacked by the Barcodes? Listening to the fans talking about him , never heard so much hatred and anger.
  3. Gaza, sorry for your and your families loss. Think I know him from way back. Just can't pin the name to the face.
  4. Not too sure what Biggs has done. Just writes the news that everyone knows already.
  5. Can we have our £14 million back? Think players should be on a "sale or return" transfer basis.
  6. Think that is more appropriate. Two peas in a pod. A clown of a football owner and, as stated, Pulis a master manipulator. Would be glad to see the back of both of them.
  7. That's me at the bottom of the picture. She just couldn't get enough of me
  8. ..and the Donny prat , "we're little Donny". Same old clowns every night, Brian the Blunt, Pitsmoor "I'm famous on Twitter", twathead, At least Mick and Richard Owls talk sense, but the programme is now geared for geriatrics and wanna be celebrities.
  9. This mythical £350 million worries me. He has not had that kind of money to finance the club. Smoke and mirrors. Think he's getting into murky waters and realises he has lost the fans but doesn't seem to understand or care.
  10. We've had empty stands for the last few seasons( forget the phoney attendance figures) so it ain't going to make a difference. Still I agree with your sentiments.
  11. Can't see the players being paid for a while if more money goes to paying off another manager and staff. FFS Chansiri get out of my club, and take baby Tunaboy with you.
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