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  1. Jimmy Boombox

    First Game Sweepstake

    Reading away.
  2. Jimmy Boombox

    Danny Williams

    Great player. Need to do our utmost to get him in.
  3. A winger who could consistently cross **
  4. We don't need a overhaul. I think a change in system will do it. Yeah, maybe a new centre half, someone who can consistently cross and someone who can impose themselves in the midfield but that's about it. I think we should be targeting specific players who have the attributes we lack. Oh, and pace. We really lack pace.
  5. Jimmy Boombox

    So 22nd June...... 5 Weeks Time

    Oohh, see the pub league pigs are out of the woodwork.
  6. Jimmy Boombox

    The pigs are coming

    They are coming for us. They are still flipping w@nk.
  7. Jimmy Boombox

    Barry bannan

    Was fantastic. Took responsibility.
  8. Jimmy Boombox

    Fulham fans on 'dirty Wednesday'

    I want us to dive, cheat and time waste our way to a win against them just for the sake of it now. N0bs.
  9. Jimmy Boombox

    Carlos interview

    I'm sick of "this is football" or whatever. Brighton, bar Knocheart and the centre halves, are w@nk. Newcastle have invested heavily on players who probably won't make it in the Premier League. Huddersfield are up there by hard work. Do the basics and you get it right. We pressed teams last season and we don't do it anymore. Fair enough, it works away against the bigger teams (sometimes), but not every game. testicles to passing it between our defenders and slowing it down - we're not good enough to do it. You know what, if we attack and miss out on the play offs then fair enough, give it a go, but at the moment we're stumbling along to nothing.
  10. Jimmy Boombox

    Rotherham V Fulham

    We've had so many opportunities to sure up our play-off place. We've un-workable them all up. We deserve nothing.
  11. We have he players and yet we stick to a system which is clearly not working. It's ridiculous. We've been told that teams are setting up to defend against us more - well, you know what, find a way to beat them. The good teams do. We'll be 7th tonight. We were play-off finalists last year. I doubt we will be this year. The better teams find ways to win despite injuries and how other teams set up.
  12. Jimmy Boombox


    We don't create chances. That simple.
  13. Jimmy Boombox

    Rotherham V Fulham

    From the beginning of the season I've maintained that Carlos has to ensure that we reach the play-off final as a minimum. Anything less and he has to go.