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  1. Absolute cheeky monkey. And won't beheld liable for his decisions.
  2. Missed Fletcher big time. Too many average performances. Borner man of the match for us.
  3. Speaks well. I like him. Seems like he could be a nasty bugger too. Players seemed hungry (Murphy?). I just hope we all give him time to put a plan in place.
  4. I love Big Adthe. Definitely has a place in the squad.
  5. Great player. Need to do our utmost to get him in.
  6. We don't need a overhaul. I think a change in system will do it. Yeah, maybe a new centre half, someone who can consistently cross and someone who can impose themselves in the midfield but that's about it. I think we should be targeting specific players who have the attributes we lack. Oh, and pace. We really lack pace.
  7. Oohh, see the pub league pigs are out of the woodwork.
  8. They are coming for us. They are still flipping w@nk.
  9. Was fantastic. Took responsibility.
  10. I want us to dive, cheat and time waste our way to a win against them just for the sake of it now. N0bs.
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